McConnell knows the prognosis, and is unsentimentally getting the movement’s affairs in order. The most important item in the last testament is filling courts with people in position to check liberal ambitions long after McConnell is gone. Pursuing this goal so close to Election Day is a reversal of the majority leader’s alleged principle in 2016 that Supreme Court vacancies should not be filled in an presidential election year. But it is consistent with his true principle: Exploit every advantage of power for as long as his party has it. The Kentucky Republican, in a loveless alliance with Donald Trump, is a skilled practitioner of the politics of decline, and for a conservative movement that is in palliative care.

    Reading books is like a “workout” for your brain and offers a range of mental and even physical health benefits.

    A 2013 study from Brain Connectivity used functional MRI technology to show that reading stimulates and strengthens neural networks. This helps explain why reading has been shown to boost memory and concentration, and may protect against age-related cognitive decline.

    Reading, especially from a young age, is also linked to better vocabulary, which can enhance communication.

    One randomized controlled trial published in Science found that reading literature boosts the so-called “theory of mind,” or the ability to empathize with others—an essential skill for healthy relationships.
    Curling up with a book may also offer immediate stress-boosting benefits, including decreased blood pressure and heart rate, according to a 2009 study from the Journal of College Teaching and Learning.

    According to science, readers also tend to live longer than non-readers. A longitudinal study following more than 3,600 adults over 12 years found that people who read books lived about two years longer than people who didn’t read, or who read only magazines and other media.



    9 Famous Faces On The Struggles and Beauty of Being Afro-Latino

    Afro-Latinos face many challenges when it comes identity, particularly when people refuse to believe that being Black AND Latino aren’t mutually exclusive experiences.

    The Latino identity denotes an ethnicity, which means that Latinos exist in every color and race imaginable – and explaining the difference between race and ethnicity can be quite a cumbersome task to take on on a daily basis. And yet, many Afro-Latinos are often forced to do so after being told they’re not “Latino enough” or being asked to choose between being Black and Latino.

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    Afro-Latinxs exist!


    Afro-latin@s struggle with being ignored by the media because for some reason people don’t believe you can be both Latino and Black. This is why there’s so much controversy when it comes to race and ethnicity. People try to paint Latin@s as this light brown or even white skinned when there are many dark skinned Latin@s. They are in all parts of South America, Central America, the Caribbean, & in North America (Mexico). Unfortunately, these folks aren’t represented in the media much and we have portrayed Latin@s in a certain way that has shaped the thoughts of others when they hear that word.


    ^ Say that. There’s the blatant erasure by the media, as well as the fellow Latinxs who shun blackness. Then there’s the serious lack of knowledge by people who still don’t understand the clear difference between race and ethnicity, and assume Black means “African American” (which it does not), so as a result they question your identity. Race does not denote one’s ethnicity/ethnicities. Latinxs do not have a specific look or skin color. There are sooooooo many brown skin Latinxs out here.

    Black and Cuban at the same damn time.

    Black and Puerto Rican at the same damn time.

    Black and Colombian at the same damn time.

    Black and Dominican at the same damn time.

    Black and Mexican at the same damn time.

    Black and Honduran at the same damn time.

    Black and Ecuadorian at the same damn time.

    Black and Nicaraguan at the same damn time.

    Black and Panamanian at the same damn time.

    Black and Peruvian at the same damn time.

    Black and Uruguayan at the same damn time. 

    Black and Venezuelan at the same damn time.

    There’s way more to be listed, but I think y’all get it now…hopefully.


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