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2020-07-07 02:20:16

    i honestly dont get why people stopped reblogging things they like on here bc like what are you afraid of??? people thinking youre cringey?? guess what bitch! youre on tumblr! it's all cringey! reblog everything you like and do it shamelessly no one fuckin cares


    people stopped reblogging things because it is a lot easier to like things than to reblog them on mobile, and that's what the majority of people use. It's a design flaw not the users fault


    idk if most people are aware of this, but if you hold the reblog button down you can literally just swipe to the icon of the blog you want it to reblog to. it‘s quick and easy


    I just reblogged this for a second timr. Wrote this note, too. On mobile. Took seconds. No biggie.


    oh shit, it never occurred to me that people might be unaware of this!