After outgrowing the conference room and plummeting through twelve stories of offices, elf-Princess Nadia is out on the mean streets of the big city. A cop car pulls up, and they start shooting at the 50-foot elf, but Nadia ignores the bullets and takes out each officer by stepping on them with her heels. Then Nadia takes a trip to a pool to clean off, and has a few bikini-clad swimmers help wash her off. But seeing the beautiful women makes Nadia hungry, and she swallows the terrified women one after another. And after filling her appetite, Nadia pleasures herself with one of the diplomats she brought with her, which is enough to set off a growth spurt that makes her already-ample chest swell up.

Nadia heads back out into the city, but she almost gets stepped on by her far-larger sister. Jealous of her sister's size, Nadia heads to a nearby mall. Nadia smashes her way in and steps on a shopper, before growing even larger...

Diplomacy Sucks 3 includes over 110 pages of hot giantess action! With giantess destruction, sex, growth, vore, foot crush, and more!

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