Smash of the Titans follows Jason and his crew of argonauts, as they make landfall on a mysterious island, hoping to shore up on their food and water supplies. When one of the crew takes something that he’s been warned not to, Talos is released from her bronze shell… with deadly consequences for jason and his crew!

The titanic goddess tracks the men down on the beach. After swallowing a straggler she flattens some others under her sandals. Some of the men try to retreat in his boat, but she cuts him off in a narrow pass and uses the boat to pleasure herself, with one of the men still inside it! The rest of the argonauts try to fight her, but one by one they meet their end in her stomach or crushed beneath her towering body!

The full comic includes over 160 pages of hot giantess action, As JackOfBullets And RedFireDog put their spin on a mythology classic! With giantess vore, foot crush, butt crush, boat insertion, tiny insertion, and more!

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