Mina is on the run with her ten-foot tall android, Eva, when they cross the border to Sabrinatown. This district of the Megacity is watched over by Sabrina Endicott, a billionaire who uses giant holograms of herself to stomp on anyone who steps out of line.

After Sabrina's giant "Sab-E" hologram spots a gang of mercenaries and takes them out one by one, she chases down and corners Mina and Eva. The curvaceous android doesn't go down without a fight, and Eva grows to enormous heights. She trades blows with Sabrina before Sab-E's lasers finally pummel her into submission. Eva's not down for the count, though, and she's got one more trick up her sleeve. The android uses the last of her energy to grow even taller, but it's a race against time before her systems shut down. Can she crush Sab-E in time?

SizePunk 2 includes over 175 pages of hot cyberpunk giantess action! With giantess growth, vore, foot crush, giantess vs. giantess fighting, and more!