Kaylee's reign over L.A. continues, and the ever-growing giantess comes up with a cruel plan to assert her domination. After getting half a billion dollars in cash, Kaylee announces that she's going to be sharing her wealth with the people of L.A.

In spite of her rampage, a huge crowd gathers, greedy to get their share of Kaylee's riches. Kaylee walks right over the crowd, crushing hundreds, but some still want more. Kaylee sits down on top of a crowd and lets the survivors climb on top of her towering body, so they can get the cash perched on her enormous breasts. After teasing the crowd, Kaylee ends up smiting them, crushing some and using the rest to pleasure herself. But a greedy crowd still waits below her, and so Kaylee devours a handful of people and cars!

The full comic includes over 200 pages of hot giantess action, with giantess destruction, vore, foot crush, body climbing, internal vore, breast crush, butt crush, and more!

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