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    After outgrowing the conference room and plummeting through twelve stories of offices, elf-Princess Nadia is out on the mean streets of the big city. A cop car pulls up, and they start shooting at the 50-foot elf, but Nadia ignores the bullets and takes out each officer by stepping on them with her heels. Then Nadia takes a trip to a pool to clean off, and has a few bikini-clad swimmers help wash her off. But seeing the beautiful women makes Nadia hungry, and she swallows the terrified women one after another. And after filling her appetite, Nadia pleasures herself with one of the diplomats she brought with her, which is enough to set off a growth spurt that makes her already-ample chest swell up.

    Nadia heads back out into the city, but she almost gets stepped on by her far-larger sister. Jealous of her sister's size, Nadia heads to a nearby mall. Nadia smashes her way in and steps on a shopper, before growing even larger...

    Diplomacy Sucks 3 includes over 110 pages of hot giantess action! With giantess destruction, sex, growth, vore, foot crush, and more!

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    Kaylee 12 is now available!

    Kayla can only watch in horror while her sister rampages on live TV. She watches helplessly as Kaylee flattens dozens of people underfoot, swallows multiple people in a single gulp, and uses a tram as a sex toy... and that's just the start of her rampage!

    Kaylee 12 has 180 pages of hot giantess action! With giantess growth, destruction, vore, foot crush, train insertion, vore, breast crush, butt crush, and more! Get it now! gum.co/Kaylee12

    After her and Jeanette's rampage got out of hand, Titania is in trouble with the Feds. They give her one chance to wipe the slate clean... to go to a war-torn city on the other side of the world, and fight her way to a warehouse where American billionaire Caesar Cohen is being held by rebels. Titania grows huge and bulldozes through the rebel forces, stomping on some soldiers, swallowing others and butt-crushing one when she's at "only" Amazonian size. An APC provides a bit more of a challenge, but manages to catch and crush the APC, and interrogates the sole survivor.

    Taking out their military is easy for Titania, the only thing that's challenging is spending time away from her beloved girlfriend Jeanette. After rescuing Cohen, Titania orders one of his sexy female bodyguards to livestream Jeanette back in her dorm room. Titania asks Jeanette to tell her what to do with the two bodyguards, and Jeanette gleefully instructs Titania to swallow one of them while the other watches. Then she tells Titania to use the surviving bodyguard as a sex toy. Jeanette, who's using her newfound confidence to dominate her redheaded roommates, instructs one of them to go down on her while she watches Titania dominate other women...

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    Kaylee's rampage takes a turn when she finds out that her old friend Anna Ambani is holding a concert at the Memorial Coliseum. Kaylee decides to crash Anna's concert and drop in on her old friend. Collateral damage ensues, as hundreds of people are crushed under Kaylee's huge, curvaceous body.

    Kaylee 10 is the biggest chapter of Kaylee yet!

    Over 200 pages of hot giantess action, with giantess destruction, growth, vore, bus insertion, breast crush, butt crush, finger crush, foot crush, and more!

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    Kaylee goes to the beach! After stopping at the marina to ask for directions and causing some collateral damage, Kaylee rampages through Venice Beach. She crushes some swimmers under her enormous breasts, before smashing more beachgoers with her soles and her enormous

    behind! But then Kaylee takes a detour to the beach house of an old acquaintance, to settle a score. Him and his bikini-clad hangers on try to escape on his motorboat, but Kaylee has other ideas...

    Over 170 pages of hot giantess action! Includes giantess growth, insertion, breast crush, butt crush, foot crush, vore, and more!

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    Kaylee was just about to finish off her mom and sister, when a battalion of tanks gets in her way. After losing them, Kaylee smashes her way through tanks and helicopters, unleashing her anger on soldiers, cops and bystanders. Cruelty and domination puts Kaylee in a better mood, as she crushes fleeing civilians underfoot, chews on a pair of soldiers, and torments some fleeing troops with her pinky finger. But her enormous tits and ass are far more deadly...

    Includes giantess growth, vore, breast crush, foot crush, butt crush, hand crush, destruction and more!

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    Inari joins the mile high-club... and that's just the beginning! The enormous fox goddess towers over the city of Seattle, and she takes pleasure in smashing entire city blocks with her ever-growing assets. She smashes the space needle with a single finger, to the horror of the people trapped inside. When the military finally wages an attack on her, they're pathetically weak compared to the enormous goddess, and she shows them just how powerless they really are...

    Over 130 pages of hot mega-giantess fox-girl action! Includes Growth, Destruction, Crush, Vore, and more!

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    Night Essence is now available!

    Over 100 pages of giantess foot crush, vore, insertion, and more, in an epic collaboration between JackofBullets and Redfiredog!

    Also includes a BONUS 100-page giantess comic, The Old Gods! In this comic by JackofBullets, 40-foot tall Athena brings some warriors to Mount Olympus to toy with them, and crushes them underfoot when they fail. But when Hera finds out, the 100-foot goddess decides to take matters into her own hands...

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    Ryan is awoken by the sound of a semi-truck, which happens to be bringing Briana's breakfast. Ryan watches in horror and arousal as she down the contents, which happen to be dozens of beautiful naked women. One of them lands on Ryan, and he tries to bargain with Briana not to eat her, but that turns out to be more complicated than expected. Ryan and Jessica escape, but Briana tracks them down at his college campus. She earns Ryan's favor back by forcing him to have sex with Jessica, while he watches Briana crush dozens of fellow college students between her enormous breasts...

    Over 200 pages of hot giantess action, with growth, sex, vore, breast crush, foot crush, and more!

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