Redfiredog Giantess Comics
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2021-09-19 20:35:17

    Inari wants to devour the entire universe, but first she's going to have to grow much bigger! She destroys the rest of the solar system planet by planet, before swallowing the sun. She grows rapidly and slurps up the milky way, before swallowing the universe itself. But not even that can sate Inari's appetite for good, and so Inari begins anew...

    The full comic includes over 170 pages of giga-giantess action! With exponential growth, crush, vore, and planetary destruction, as Inari outgrows and destroys the entire universe!


    Inari joins the mile high-club... and that's just the beginning! The enormous fox goddess towers over the city of Seattle, and she takes pleasure in smashing entire city blocks with her ever-growing assets. She smashes the space needle with a single finger, to the horror of the people trapped inside. When the military finally wages an attack on her, they're pathetically weak compared to the enormous goddess, and she shows them just how powerless they really are...

    Over 130 pages of hot mega-giantess fox-girl action! Includes Growth, Destruction, Crush, Vore, and more!

    Get it now! gum.co/Vixen9