Living Doll Procedure

“Wakey wakey , buddy….” the first thing you heard as you emerged out of a dark and dreamless sleep. Coming out of your unconscious, the first thing you recognize is that you are laying flat on your back, on a bed of some sort.

Opening your eyes your vision slowly begins to focus on the ceiling, adored with stale fluorescent lights. Feeling incredibly groggy you let out a groan as you muster the willpower to turn your head toward the direction of the voice you just heard. 

You lay eyes on your handler sitting on a metal chair by the head of your bed, from the curtains and medical equipment on the walls you could tell this is a hospital of some kind. As you focus on your handler try muster up the strength to say something,  but before you could speak he asked point blank, “What do you think of your upgrades?” While your memory was still covered with the fog of coming out of a sleep that particular comment sent a jolt of adrenaline coursing through your body.

Whipping your head downwards you saw exactly what your handler was talking about, before you was your body laying on the bed. From neck to toes it was covered in shiny black latex. 

A wave of fear and confusion brought you out of your initial grogginess as you bring your arms up to examine yourself,two black latex arms come into view. pausing slightly you saw that like the rest of your body, your arms and hands were coated completely with the same black latex material, shining under the fluorescent lights.

Trying to comprehend what’s happening and raking your mind on what caused all this, you gently bring your hands towards your chest. Your fingertips lightly land on your pecs and you could feel the latex sensation of both the smooth fingers and your chest. Lowering your palms down you run them down your chest and felt the familiar squeak and resistance of latex on latex, feeling your pecs and torso was… not quite the same as you remembered it, they weren’t just pressed tight but against your body but your body itself was tighter, more sculpted than you remember. But your fear overcame your confusion and curiosity when you got to your groin and found that there was nothing there.

It wasn’t exactly true there was a round, spherical, nub there with a white closed padlock symbol painted on it. You felt it and there was no feeling of your dick or balls anywhere in there, it wasn't under a layer of latex it just wasn't there at all. In fact as you ran your fingers around that encased numb you recognized that you were feeling your fingertips on every side of that nub, your body was registering the sensation just like how your skin recognizes touch anywhere else on your body.

Heart racing and your breath quickening you thought to yourself,  ‘What was going on?’ as you finally turn back to your handler. Who has been looking at you expectantly, closely eyeing you as you explore yourself waiting for you to eventually make eye contact with him again. “Oh come on, I know the surgery was long and leaves you foggy but you couldn't have forgotten about this, you were looking so forward to this.” he said with teasing tone and a slight infliction of concern

That comment unlocked the floodgates of your hazy brain and all of your memories came flooding back. It was a cutting edge medical procedure to adhere flexible ‘smart latex’ to someone’s body, permanently. You remember talking to your handler about it for ages, doing research on it, finding testimonials and fantasizing what life would be like after that procedure.

The last thing you remember about the topic was how expensive it was, even the basic procedure cost a pretty penny that neither of you had at the time. You two must have found a way to pay for it and you must have gathered the courage enough to take the plunge and to go under the knife. 

With all your memories flooding, you thought of one more thing you haven’t thought to check yet, lifting your right hand from your nub on your groin you bring it up to your face and press down on your cheek, the same latex on latex sensation greeted you. Running your hand over upwards you saw your covered hand glide past your eyes as you move upwards to your scalp. Smooth through and through, all of your hair was removed. You were now completely bald and while there was no mirrors around you had a pretty good idea what you looked like.

That mental image in your head, you realized that there was no way to cover this up like the other ‘partial smart latex’ procedures you were thinking about choosing. There was no way to cover this up or go back to a normal life. While you did secretly want it, the fear and consequences of the decision was the thing that you remembered made you hesitant to commit to the deluxe ‘full body package’.

As if on cue your handler begins to speak, “Yeah, we were able to find a way to spring for the highest option, because I know how much you wanted it.” as he reached over to the bedside table for his phone. With a few taps on his screen you felt a small chime resound from somewhere inside of you, causing you to give a small startled jump.

Your handler grinned like a young child with a new toy, “the deluxe version has a bunch of fun features that weren’t mentioned in the brochure, I was waiting until you wake up before I tested them out.” and his finger glide across the glass of his phone screen.

You felt something just below the surface of your latex begin to stir, looking back at your body you saw your shift. From all over at once you saw and felt the latex constrict against you revealing well defined muscular form, it reminded you of those vacuum sealed beds pressing down tighter and tighter until the person’s silhouette was left. You were caught off guard by the intrusiveness of what how the latex responded to your body, but you were too intrigued by your new form.

You marveled at it just long to realize that your body defiantly did not look like that before. Inquisitive you stared feeling up your body again, exploring all the defined muscles of your apparent new well toned yet slim build. After feeling your abs and lifting your hips off the bed to explore your perfect glutes, your handler comments cuts through and derails your current train of thought. 

“Yeah this ones the ‘swimmer’s’ form, and with a tap of his fingers he continues, “...and here’s ‘Heavy lifter’ form.” At that your body laying on the bed begins to change once again. It started all over but you noticed your pecs chest first. Lack of a better word your body mass from within you started to shift and swell, pooling within your Pecs ballooning out, with each hurried intake of breath you felt your rib cage expand outwards, Your swimmer abs swelled as well, and pushed outwards while increasing in muscle mass.

Your shoulders broadened out as you could feel your spine begin to stretch out to its fullest height then go beyond that inch by inch, pushing your latex head towards the small headboard as your feet began to extend themselves off of the bed. Your arms and legs were also affected as they began to stretch and fill out with muscles that bubbled up from deep inside of your limbs.

The entire experience was like slipping on a latex glove that was too small for your hand but still pushing past it’s intended limit, stretching it taught over your hand more and more until it reached it’s breaking limit. But the tearing never occurred, the smart latex was able to keep up with your new change, holding out until your new body finally settled down. 

The whole ordeal was unsettling and strange causing you to take a few deep breaths after it was done to steady yourself first before gathering the courage to look down past your pecs to inspect your new, New, body.

There was way more definition than before, staring at your body in disbelief you saw a body sculpted by someone that spent decades heavy lifting and pushing that body the absolute physical limit and perfection. Here you are, achieving this form in a matter of seconds. 

Marveling at yourself to take your, now massive, hands with thick fingers and starting at your huge biceps run them past your shoulders and down your chiseled chest, feeling every millimeter of  the sculpted latex muscle. That is until you reached your hips, where that perfect pelvis led to the same round nub that engulfed your groin. Realizing that the nub was still there created a slight sour note for you.

Seeing your shoulders sink and you letting out a small sigh your handler commented, ‘Oh don't worry, there’s a whole dedicated section to that part of your body.” as he turned back to his phone to tap away.

Once again you felt that weird deep movement from under the latex as the painted padlock symbol faded away and the spherical nub shifts and stirs awake. Before your eyes the nub compresses and expands upwards as your familiar dick and balls takes form, standing erect over your new body. “Glad to see it again?” your handler quipped. “I must say, it looks a little… inadequate attached to your new form. Luckily that can be addressed.” as he slides his finger across the screen. With that you felt the familiar of blood rushing to your groin, as your cock twitched and started to grow even more erect, pushing and pushing against the restraint of the latex coating. Just like your ‘muscles’. Standing before you was your cock but it was doubled in size, in both height and width.

Completely blown away by this development you stare back at your handler, looking for validation that this actually just happened. “Oh, that’s not even the best part.” as he pressed another button on his phone.

Your cock began to fill again but instead of the steady flow like a normal erection, it was a geyser, with internal latex flooding to your cock and as you noted, pouring into your balls as well. Your cock quivered as it started to expanded beyond even that proportions and feeling the sensation of your body stretching out to the limit of the smart latex. But this time since this was your cock and balls that was doing the stretching the experience was driving you wild, the best you could do was squirm in your bed as your eyes stayed fixated on your privates as the latex grew and distorted the shape of your cock, internally pushing it up taller and wider as your balls expanded outwards as well, invading the space in your lap to accommodate their new size.

You spread your legs wider, to give it all more space and you feel one of your massive balls squeak as it slowly slides down your thighs and landing on the bed covers with a faint sloshing sound. The sensation of one of your balls gliding over your latex thigh was nothing short of ecstasy and that liquid movement you heard as it landed told you that this model was meant for full functionality. 

Once it was done you gazed upon it, dumbfounded that such a thing actually happened. You raised a tentative hand and slowly moved towards it, the first contact rested your worries while causing your heart to race with excitement. Because as you touched the towering horse cock with your fingers and then slowly grasped in your hand you felt the feeling of touch from not of your hand but from your hand as well, this massive dong was a part of you and it had the sensation of touch.

Rubbing your thumb over a huge vein you bring forth your other hand to get a solid grasp all around it and slowly ran your hands from the base all the way to the top, taking a deep breath in, savoring this experience as your palms felt every inch after inch after inch after inch of your new incredibly endowed body part. 

You finally reach the top and start exploring the plateau of it with ecstatic giddiness, it was only then that you realized what you were at this moment. You were a massively muscled bound latex beast with a monstrously large cock. 

Tearing your eyes away from your form to beam at your handler, as he coos at you, “I knew you would like that, it comes with a variety of sizes, shapes and forms” With a tap of his phone your felt your new cock start to lose its structure, changed from the firm solid latex to a soft jello consistency before melting down as the mighty tower condensing and shrinking down. You felt every moment of that change, as well as feeling the excess material sinking deep into your pelvis,as the remaining latex solidified into a more feral canine design. 

There was hardly enough time to savor and feel up this new cock before you heard the sound of continued tapping from your handler’s phone. That cock hardly had time to solidify before it lost it’s structure and began molding itself into another form then another and then another. The gallery of dicks was showcased in front of you ranging from all shapes and sizes. Some you recognized some, you knew were based on the more fantasy inspired creatures and some were unfamiliar but you were excited to explore them later.

You felt every single second of the melting and solidification of each new cock that came and went. It became clear that your handler didn't want you to test drive any of these new cocks of yours, he just wanted you to parade them in front to you, teasing you with more options and features to unpack later.

Reading your body language your handler quips, “Now lets not get too ahead of ourselves, I don't want you to pop so soon… not like that’s going to be a problem anymore.” None the less turned back to the phone and tapped away. Your giant muscles that you almost forgot about began to deflate and sink back into you as you start to shrink back to your normal, default, body proportion with smooth featureless limbs and torso. You now saw your current exotic dick melt away and shrink. Down and down until it became small, smaller than you ever saw it. Absolutely tiny and flaccid.

You didn't even need to touch it to know that nothing you could do could get your cock to stand erect in that form. Your handler paused for a dramatic minute before he caused your small pathetic cock to be absorbed into the initial nub on your groin and the white closed padlock slowly faded back onto the nub.

He finally stood up from his chair and that was your cue that you needed to do that same, “I think that’s enough fun for now and you seem like you have your wits about you now, why don't we get you checked out and hit the road. There’s still plenty more of you to unpack and toy around with.” You propped yourself up from the bed and swung your feet over the side to stand up, feeling the cold tiled floor on your latex covered feet. Looking around you see where your clothes went off to, your handler turned back from his spot at the door, “Oh with your new body, there’s no need for clothes to cover you up. Lets go” 

Obediently you followed him to the doorway towards a very long medical hallway, As your Handler closed the door he let out a teasing comment, “Obviously looking like this, you won't be able to return to your old job... we’ll going to have to find a more creative way to pay back all this medical debt we now owe from this little procedure. Don't worry though,” he said in a coy manner, “I think I know of a way you can to help pay it off” as he gave you a firm swat on the ass.