Spray on Suit

You handler was ecstatic. He texted you the week before saying that he was chosen by a popular online kink and gear store to test out a new product with you. He didn't tell you what it was, all you know that this was ‘cutting edge’, secretive and he could not wait to use it on you.

When you got over to his house, he greeted you at the door, full of excitement and anticipation, now that he was finally able to show you what he had in store for you.

It was a spray can of latex spray that is supposed to adhere to the skin and make a custom ‘true fit’ skin tight latex suit for anyone, regardless of size or proportions. Apparently this is a new prototype from the company, and your handler had to pull some strings to get it shipped to him, under the guise of beta testing the product for the company.

He handed you a clear plastic bottle of thick liquid soap and gave explicit instructions to lather and wash up every bit of your body. As the shower was drawn and waiting for it to get hot, you stripped down in the privacy of the bathroom you were getting both emotionally and physically excited for what was coming up.

You had some experience with latex gear but only partial equipment, With gloves and masks, you even bought a clearance latex shirt that was slightly too small, even for an acceptable level of discomfort. Outside of the bathroom you hear the sound of your handler grunting and the sound of heavy objects being moved across the floor. 

Stepping into the warm shower you quickly make sure to follow the instructions of your handler and on the bottle of soap to the letter. Washing, lathering, and rinsing your entire body from your hair to in between your toes and taking extra time to double and triple check that you have completely washed every square inch of your body.

Toweling off you walk completely naked to the living room to see that while you were busy showering away, your handler was occupied  as well. He had moved all of the furniture to the wall of the living room as laid out a tarp covering most of the floor. He also changed his outfit as well. 

Instead of his designer T-shirt and blue jeans and wearing faded sweat pants and old T-shirt under a long plastic disposable smock, a gas max and heavy duty working gloves tucking into the sleeves of the smock holding that black aerosol can and a small shopping bag of contents, obscured by the plastic, of next to him. He stood there motionless looking like a mad evil scientist from a B-rated horror film. 

Walking towards him, you step on the tarp hearing the small crinkles of the tarp against your bare feet as you stepped onto it and approached him. Shaking the can you hear the sound of the thick liquid sloshing inside of there, your handler raised his arms in a motion for you to mimic the same. 

Standing there up right, arms stretched out to your side, your handler then begins to go to work. Spraying the can from your collarbone across the chest down to your opposite side of your hip, then a cross the waist then up back to your other collarbone painting a big black across X on your chest.

The room immediately filled with the smell of latex as you felt the cool tiny sticky droplets of latex pelting your skin. Once it connects to your body it tiny layer starts to foam slightly and then thickens as the spray clings to your body.

From the top of your collarbone your handler started zig zagging down your chest, starting with your pecs covering going back and forth to cover every part of the front of your torso. At your waist he moved around and went up your side coating your body from your hips to entrap your left armpit in that layer of spray on latex. 

There was a slight moment of ticklishness when the spray first made contact on there before that sensation was masked by the foaming latex. Moving from your armpit your handler skillfully ducks under your outstretched arm and continues the spray on the underbelly of your bicep and forearm up to your palm. 

At the hand, your handler took expert care to ensure every one of your fingers covered he went on to the back of your hand and doubled back over the top of your arm. It was there when you noticed something particular going on with the latex spray.

Whenever the spray came in contact with already applied coating, it started to adhere to that established layer. It could have been your imagination but it seems that the newly sprayed latex started to reach and crawl towards the latex on the underside of your arm. Once those two layers connected they were started to merge with the established layer and begin the stretch itself tight across your arm, unending some arm hairs in the process, but leaving you with a seamless layer of latex coat in its place.

Your handler got to your shoulder and wordlessly started spraying over your shoulder blades and repeating the process on your left arm and your back as you are left with an un-obscured view of your right arm.

Examining it you become mesmerized by the seamless smooth latex running from your shoulder to your smooth fingertips, it all bends and gives so easily feeling like it was a single piece of material, custom made for you. Moving your fingers one at a time to let each one flex to  touch your latex thumb you noticed that with the small squeaking sound as well as the slightest restraint with your finger movements, like you are wearing heavy dish washing gloves. 

With your focus on your right hands you hardly noticed that your handler finished coating your other arm and your back. You were brought back to the present task at hand when his hand delivered a playful spank on your ass as he leaned in close to your ear and said, “Let's focus on the main real estate now. Huh?” Has he knelt down to get a better view of his canvas as he gets ready for his masterpiece. 

Gently grabbing your ass with his own gloves he gave each cheek a gentle goodbye caress and gently separated your cheeks to insert a semi-hard silicon plug into you, then with a small pinch as he sprays a line of latex down the crevice, going over your plug. Once he saw that it had properly set onto you, he then looped under your buttocks to give each one of your cheeks an all encompassing spiral.

Once he was done covering your bare ass, he went back to the plug and with a small pull you hear a bit of latex rip as a small part of the plug gets discarded onto the tarp. Catching a small glance of it from over your shoulder, it looked like the base, which meant the plug inside is acting as an extra silicone cushion and entry to the asshole. Your handler marvels at your ass as he begins to feel around your new spread hole, even darting a few fingers in to feel how much more welcoming your hole is before catching himself and realizing that there’s still work to be done, retrieving the cap to the plug and inserting it back in After your ass was re-secured, he crab walked around you to start to focus on your groin. Cupping your caged junk he begins to apply the latex spray on your groin, making sure that your balls are perfectly settled before coating them, then moving up onto your silver chastity cage, making sure to use his own thumb to cover your little slit at the head of the cage, before ducking down to focus on the small bit of untouched area that comprised your taint. While widening your stance he scooped your shiny balls upwards to get a better angle of his target. 

As he applied the aerosol latex on that small patch of flesh you noticed he was leaving the spray on that area a bit longer than any other part of your body. You start to feel the expansion of excessive latex foaming pushing into the upper most thigh, inquisitively, you look down to take a peek of what your handler was doing, then you realized what your handler had in mind. He was adding a lump of latex at the base of your taint for your cock and balls to rest upon. Making a stand to prop them up, pushing them out to be on display. 

Once he was satisfied with his makeshift stand he let go of your balls as they gently landed on the latex mound, with your cock and balls now permanently displayed, resting way out past your thighs. Crouching down at your waist level, your handler takes a small moment to bask in his design and brilliance.

From there he moved on to your legs. Balancing one on one leg was difficult as your handler gently held you in place to paint the latex onto the rest of your thigh in a spiral pattern to your knee then your handler switched methods applying consistent, even stripes, going up and down around your calf.

It took all your might not to flinch or laugh when your handler got to the sole of your foot, in fear of ruining the coat for your handler, thankfully it was a quick layer as your handler applied one coat before moving on to your toes to make sure that each one of your little piggies and crevices were given proper attention. Repeating the process on your other leg, the only thing left was your face.

Rummaging through the remainder of the plastic bag he cupped a few things in his palms and then stood up to his full height he quickly grabbed a few things from one of the sofas pushed up against the wall and made his way back to you, standing face to face. Peering past your own reflection in the lenses of his gas mask you saw his eyes, they were staring you down with his cold dominating stare but behind that you caught the slight glimpse of anticipation, which scared and rallied you up more than his normal dominating glare.  He was more excited and knew what was coming and he knew that you are still in the dark.

Looking at you dead in the eyes he wordlessly brought a thick tubed mouth gag up into your view and inserted it into your mouth in a slow but deliberate motion. Your mouth opens to accept your handler’s gift. Once it was properly secured in place he moved his hands up your cheeks, grasping your ears as he slid two ear plugs into your canals, deafening the ambient sounds of your surroundings.

Ducking down to his bag he grabbed the last two things he needed to add to you before he sprayed over the last bit of your skin on your body.

Retrieving some heavy duty goggles he stretched them over your head closing your eyes out of habit, they soon became secured over your face you opened your eyes and were greeted with a blurred and opaque view of the world, with only the faint outline of your handler standing in front of you. Leaning close to you, he speaks in a strong low voice, “Take a deep breath for me”. Following his cue, you flare your nostrils and begin to draw in a strong inhale, your nose getting bombarded with a fresh new wave of aerosol and latex. You feel your bare chest begin to expand against the restrictions of skin tight latex. Once you filled your lungs with air, your handler shoved two nose plugs well into your nostrils, sealing the scent of latex in your nasal cavities. 

Heart racing you see the blurred image of your handler going to work, shaking the can and spraying the liquid at the collar bones, going upwards in neat straight lines. Maybe because of your blurred vision and blocked ears and covered nose, but you could swear that every drop of latex that landed on your neck, and the eventual adhering and bonding to you was more predominant than at any other time during this whole ordeal.

As he makes his way past your chin the air in your lungs start to become a bit stale. All you could do is stand at attention as the master paints away.

Not long after the continuous spray shifted, instead of going up and down the front of your neck it pivoted to moving back and forth from cheek to cheek over your occupied lips and nose, sealing you in for good. 

It wasn’t long until your handler made it to your eyes, with streaks of black latex splattering across your blurry goggles, blocking out the light over your eyes. Officially obscuring your sight from the outside world. Leaving you in the dark. 

Now your lungs begin to ache.

As your handler was making his way up your forehead was the point where your lungs began to burn as he made his moves, brushing the hair back and matting it down under the wet latex.

Being completely blinded by everything you can only feel your handler’s hands on the back of your head, patting the back of your scalp down, inch by inch making he’s way downward towards the back of your neck.

Eyes almost watering from the pain you try to make a mental image of the back of your neck and what areas must be left to cover…. And always underestimating how much more is left that needs to be covered. 

But soon enough he removes his hands from your head and pulls away completely. The pain in your chest persists and grows by the moment as the question ‘how am I going to breathe in this thing’ slowly creeps in your mind, with a chain of other worrying thoughts. ‘He wouldn't leave me like this’ ‘how will he know I can't hold my breath any longer?’ ‘how will i be able to tell him i need to get out?’ 

These thoughts come with the hypersensitivity of your skin against the latex. Your anxiety and emotions running wild while you start to interpret the benign pressure of the spray on suit as more restrictive than you initially thought, as every spasm from your fidgeting was met with it’s own all encompassing latex.

With all that added pressure your body begins to noticeably fidget with panic. You were just about to start raising your hands to try to feel out your new face when two strong hands grab your face and in one solid motion rip off the lid to your mouth tube. All the hot and stale air leaves your body as you take several deep breaths of relief through your mouth. You can’t see him but you know your handler is giving you a moment to catch your breath and regulate yourself before he approaches you again. 

Once you get your breath and the panicked thoughts go away you silently stand at attention, your tongue going in and out of your now ring mouth gag. 

Give you another moment to compose yourself, you soon feel the presence of your handler’s hand as he steadies your head and rips off the scotch tape that was covering your goggles. Light streaming over your eyes it takes a moment for your pupils to adjust themselves as you see your handler stepping back to examine you properly, in your new suit. A minute goes by before your handler waves his hand and gives you permission to head to the mirror to check yourself out. 

With that you finally move your legs and after the first few awkward steps, adjust your gait to compensate for the restrictive latex resistance around your joints and the mound of latex nestled on your taint.  As you walk to the mirror in the hallway you also try flexing each one of your fingers, seeing how your new range of motion is on the more delicate digits of your body. Soon enough you reach the hallway mirror, standing on the far end of the hallway you see the full torso and face that you couldn’t initially see yourself. 

You are in a perfect latex coat that covers  your body from head to toe, with no indication of breaks or seams, save for the soft, wet pink fleshy mouth, fixed open. You are able to see your tongue quietly move in and out, tasting the latex on your lips. Besides that it’s just constant black latex clinging to your body as if it was your own skin.

Looking into the mirror you see that every blemish, mole, hair or freckle is gone. You entire self was painted over by a shiny latex sheen. In this quiet, plugged and coated moment to yourself, 

seeing this new form you can't help but flex in the mirror, and oggle yourself through those goggles that are now set to your face. 

Running your fingers over your face you could feel the faint pressure of your finger tips, as you examine your now tinted goggles and permanently agape mouth. Your scalp that had your full head of hair has been sprayed down by your handler, and a smooth bald dome covers your crown. Trying to press down on it, it was impossible to feel if you could even detect any hair beneigh that layer.

Soon enough your handler approaches you from your side, who has out of his smock and faded jeans and into his normal designer clothes, to join you in your transformation. Giving yourself a squeaky squeeze on your ass he leans close to you and in a voice you hear though your ear plugs says, “You know this is just the start right? We still need to run some endurance tests on this spray on materials. Thankfully I was able to hit up some of the guys tonight for a high impact material test as well as endurance of the new material over the course of several days to a week.”

At that your body contracts in a jolt of surprise and fear. You never discussed how long this latex spray was going to stay on you. Even though you have been having a blast feeling the latex being sprayed on you, followed by the sensation of pressing down on your skin, you can't be in this suit for the entire weekend, especially what your handler has planned for you tonight…right?

Craning your head up at him, you made eye contact, staring past your own lens and into his cold eyes and you caught a glimpse of his mischief. “Don’t you worry, little one. This spray came with a solvent that safety dissolves your latex suit off of you. Just because of some … circumstances totally outside of my control,” 

he follows with a wink, “your solvent was shipped in a different package, and it’s going to be here in just a few days from now. You can handle a few days with your new suit, right?” pausing for slight dramatic emphasis, “I did ensure that your suit was accommodating with a mouth, ass and cock-slit for all your natural and entertainment needs.” Heart pounding you slowly begin the process of what is asked of you, realizing the full situation and realizing that your handler planned this all from the beginning, you take a deep breath through your mouth and give a nod to your handler. 

Slowly praying that the fabled special solvent delivery arrives sooner than later, and that your handler will use it on you as soon as it arrives.

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