<>notable moments from The Fifteen Minutes Job:

    Eliot: “There’s over 100 motivational speeches in Boston every day, like ‘Emotion Is Your Friend’”

    Parker, grabbing it from his hands: “oOh! That’s good!”

    I love my girl!!! She’s trying so hard to be better with emotions and she’s come so incredibly far since the beginning of the series! Her character development had been amazing and I’m so proud of her trying!

    - - - - -

    Eliot: “You can’t love him until you love you”

    Parker: “We should go to that one anyway”


    My new favourite Leverage character: the unnamed extra in The 15 Minutes Job who, when she sees Eliot pretending to steal Parker’s bag, starts whacking him with her umbrella and then, at a nod of encouragement from Parker, whacks him harder while Hardison films the whole thing with a grin on his face.

    Eliot and Parker are reading motivational seminar titles and one is called, “You can’t love him until you love you.”

    Parker: “We should go to that one anyway.”

    She wants to go to a motivational seminar with Eliot. Specifically, she wants to go to a seminar on how to have better relationships through loving yourself. She wants to take Eliot to that seminar.

    So many OT3 feels right now.

    <>It’s Sunday, Leverage Marathon folks, time for another episode! This week we’re watching the 3rd episode of season 4, The 15 Minutes Job - in which Hardison has no experience with armed robbery, Eliot gets assaulted with a purse, and Parker ponders self-improvement seminars.  Watch the episode anytime this week and then come back to tumblr and post all about your feelings, thoughts, comments, anything & everything (make sure to include #leverage marathon in the first five tags on your post).

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    The 15 Minutes Job

    Here are a few of my favorite things about T15MJ

    Reed: "Only our heroes fall."

    The entire briefing scene

    Hardison being terribly offended by CGI Yoda

    Nate: "Was that sarcasm?"

    Sophie: "A mild amount."

    The $3 banana

    The slow clap from the "construction workers"

    Parker: "Squee."

    Hardison: "Problem?"

    Nate: "Apparently not."

    Eliot and Parker going over the brochures

    ELIOT'S CAR (I cannot stress this one enough)

    Hardison: "That's Pardison. It's Swahili."

    The look Eliot gives Reed's henchman when he says, "Gimme the keys" and the guy takes a swing instead

    Parker: "It was worth it."

    Eliot: "Yeah, this time."


    Leverage Season 4 Episode 3

    The 15 Minutes Job

    I have to say I really liked this one.

    I mean the first episode of Season 4 was fantastic, but the second episode for me just fell through, it had great moments, but overall just wasn’t as good as I thought it could be.

    This episode I loved though, I was laughing so much with their one liners and cute conversations.

    Parker likes CGI Yoda, Hardison is appalled

    When it comes to Nate’s weakness, everyone is thinking Booze, but only Parker say it.

    Their target lets Parker get robbed by eliot, doesn’t save Sophie’s baby, let’s Hardison choke, and of course offers Sophie as the hostage for Hardison’s ‘robbery’.

    I also have to say I love when the old lady was hitting Eliot


    Also Eliot & Parker and their brochures-I love their Bother/sister relationship

    I also love that Parker is so proud that she didn’t stab the target, see she’s improving, YAY to No Stabbing Wednesday.


    Overall I love this episode

    It was funny, it was dramatic, it hit some major points, it hit home for Nate and his honest man/thief complex and it brought the mystery listener into light.

    My memorable moments from Leverage's "The 15 Minutes Job"

  • Weeeeee, Michael Gladis is playing the mark! (Gladis plays Paul Kinsey on Mad Men)
  • CGI Yoda? HOMG, so much Pretzels going on.
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  • :O Parker, your grifting…you’re getting really good at it!
  • Rockwell must have been some cold-ass bastard to not react to the team’s attempts at making him a hero.
  • So no matter how hard you try at burying a secret in the past, it’ll come back to bite you. Rockwell got owned.
  • … Is there hope for Nate and Sophie? Pretty please?
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