When you’re 6 years late to the party and you wanna scream about Leverage, but barely anybody is around anymore. 


    im not sure when is this post , but im here still :) [ i think i replied to this but i just wanna say im still hyping over them like they just air yesterday, and cry.. a lot]

    OH! There are people! I know I see Leverage across my dash all the time, especially from@poppetawoppet and @telaryn and it always make me so happy!

    This is me giving all Leverage fans permission to squeal at me about anything at any time.

    (And alternatively yell at me to finish fic of doom and my fandom tr*mps hate fics)

    @renew-leverage has just started another round of a Leverage marathon. Lots of screaming potential there. I think you made this post awhile ago @kat2107 but there’s plenty of us to squee with. Especially compared considering the age of the show.

    Welcome to the party @kat2107!!

    we have just kicked off the latest round of the rewatch Leverage marathon -this week is the first week, so we’re watching & reblogging all about The Nigerian Job!


    so I'm seeing posts about a leverage marathon here, and your last few posts have been for the Nigerian Job; does that mean y'all just started? does everyone watch an episode, then post about it, and you reblog it? how's it work?

    We did just start! This week is the first week, so we’re watching and blogging all about The Nigerian Job - there was a livestream on Sunday so that anyone who was able to make it got a chance to watch and chat live with other fans; all week long, we’re reblogging Nigerian-Job-centric posts (make sure to tag your new ones with #leverage marathon in the first five tags so we see it!); on Thursday, we’ll throw up a discussion / gif requests post for everyone to leave replies on; and through the weekend, we’ll (hopefully, real life / time permitting) be giffing and posting everyone’s favorite bits of the episode!

    Next Sunday, we’ll start it all over again with The Homecoming Job (the second episode in production order)!


    How are you guys watching leverage for the July thing? Hulu and Netflix dont have it anymore which makes me so sad

  • it makes us sad too and we wanna keep encouraging people to tweet@netflix​ and @hulu​ telling them how much you miss watching #Leverage on their streaming platform + take the extra 30 seconds to go to Netflix’s request page and submit Leverage there
  • I’m going to be watching on dvd & you can too!

    each season is currently available for ~$15ish on Amazon (Season 1 @ $16.25) (Season 2 @ $14.99) (Season 3 @ $14.99) (Season 4 @ $13.34) (Season 5 @ $13.29)
  • alternately, you can get it for $2.99/ep on iTunes or for as low as $1.99/ep in SD on Amazon (The Nigerian Job is free!!) or YouTube
  • alternately, alternately, last time around, we celebrated the end of the rewatch marathon by livestreaming the first and last episodes (result: crowd-sourced Leverage Drinking Game) <> I’ve been thinking about maybe making it a weekly thing this time around? but idk that my schedule would let me commit to the same time every week unless it was sometime super late Friday night to early afternoon Saturday (I’m living on Pacific time these days)…what do you guys think?
  • cc: @callmegoddess618