“No-Stabbing Wednesdays” for rcinnamonrollz.

    It’s No-Stab Wednesday! Celebrate by not stabbing anything.

    Don’t stab don’t stab don’t stab


    to those of you who made it through & succeeded at No-Stabbing Wednesdays: yay! congratulations - we are so proud of you!

    to those of you who failed at No-Stabbing Wednesdays: well...there’s always next week - we believe in you!

    azazel999 replied to your photoset“Does anyone else have a favorite bit or high…”

    LMAO he looks so shocked dismayed offended and suspicious

    ali-in-fandom replied to your photoset“Does anyone else have a favorite bit or high…”

    The last gif. It’s like Hardison looks betrayed and shocked and like their is some alien living in Parker’s head. He can handle any of her Parker-ish stuff but liking CGI Yoda. That’s just beyond comprehension.

    The 15 Minutes Job

    Here are a few of my favorite things about T15MJ

    Reed: "Only our heroes fall."

    The entire briefing scene

    Hardison being terribly offended by CGI Yoda

    Nate: "Was that sarcasm?"

    Sophie: "A mild amount."

    The $3 banana

    The slow clap from the "construction workers"

    Parker: "Squee."

    Hardison: "Problem?"

    Nate: "Apparently not."

    Eliot and Parker going over the brochures

    ELIOT'S CAR (I cannot stress this one enough)

    Hardison: "That's Pardison. It's Swahili."

    The look Eliot gives Reed's henchman when he says, "Gimme the keys" and the guy takes a swing instead

    Parker: "It was worth it."

    Eliot: "Yeah, this time."


    Leverage Season 4 Episode 3

    The 15 Minutes Job

    I have to say I really liked this one.

    I mean the first episode of Season 4 was fantastic, but the second episode for me just fell through, it had great moments, but overall just wasn’t as good as I thought it could be.

    This episode I loved though, I was laughing so much with their one liners and cute conversations.

    Parker likes CGI Yoda, Hardison is appalled

    When it comes to Nate’s weakness, everyone is thinking Booze, but only Parker say it.

    Their target lets Parker get robbed by eliot, doesn’t save Sophie’s baby, let’s Hardison choke, and of course offers Sophie as the hostage for Hardison’s ‘robbery’.

    I also have to say I love when the old lady was hitting Eliot


    Also Eliot & Parker and their brochures-I love their Bother/sister relationship

    I also love that Parker is so proud that she didn’t stab the target, see she’s improving, YAY to No Stabbing Wednesday.


    Overall I love this episode

    It was funny, it was dramatic, it hit some major points, it hit home for Nate and his honest man/thief complex and it brought the mystery listener into light.