Okay, you know what? Can we talk about Alice White for a hot second? I cannot tell you how much I love Alice White.

    Alice White is an alias Hardison set up for Parker in 2008. It was Parker’s first time asking for help, her first time making a friend, and it was her first time every really grifting. (I mean, anyone can put on an aggressive face and shout, or pretend to be drunk, but actually convincing people to be on her side, an actual grift.)

    And it was most certainly burned.

    Alice’s mail was coming to the offices, there’s no doubt Sterling didn’t find it. IYS was looking into all of Nate’s activities. Sterling had given all the information over to the staties. Heck, Sterling joined Interpol the next year, took all of his information about the team back with him to monitor them. The cover name “Alice White” would have been a disaster to maintain, a liability the team just couldn’t afford.

    But Parker still used it. She used it in 3.13 and 4.13, and, sure, those weren’t jobs that needed verification, but no way Hardison would have sent her out without full IDs, credit cards, etc. in case she needed to pay for something or if the police stopped her and the mark (or Peggy) were to catch a different name than “Alice.”

    But 5.11. That one gets me. Because the FBI and Interpol were on them. They knew about Alice White, who would have been dragged out in court when Mark Vector started babbling about dead girls, who had been linked to Nate’s nefarious crimes in Chicago. Who’d been involved in an international terrorist incident (not that the FBI or the CIA was letting anyone else onto that). Alice White was burned to the moon and back.

    Yet Hardison still used it for Parker in 5.11. Hardison would have had to create a new identity for Parker, with the same name and the same physical description as old Alice White yet somehow disconnected enough to not flag on any Alphabet Bureau’s radar. The hacker bots he’d have to spend on making sure that Alice wasn’t caught would have had to be more than the rest of their aliases combined. And considering Hardison couldn’t throw together a regular alias that stood up to scrutiny in a few days, this one must have taken weeks - if not months - to create.

    But Alice White was Parker’s first. Her first real grift, her first real friend, her first real time as part of the team. So it was worth it for Hardison. Because it was for Parker.

    <>Eliot: Where the hell's he at?

    <>Hardison: Maybe he overslept.

    <>Eliot: No, he doesn't oversleep. This guy sets an alarm to set his alarm.

    <>Parker: A man with one watch knows the time, a man with two is never sure. ...I had fortune cookies for breakfast.

    <>Hardison: So... what, you had leftover Chinese for breakfast?

    <>Parker: No. Just the cookies.

    <>Hardison: Do you put milk on the fortune cookies or...?

    <>Parker: It's not cereal. It's a fortune cookie.

    -<>Eliot: (about Nate) Where the hell is he at?
    -<>Hardison: Maybe he overslept.
    -<>Eliot: No. He doesn’t overslept. This guy sets an alarm to set his alarm.<>
    -Parker: A man with one watch knows the time. A man with two is never sure.<>
    -Parker: I had fortune cookies for breakfast.
    Nate arriv<>es
    -Nate: Okay, run i<>t.
    -Hardison: So, what, you had leftover Chinese for dinne<>r?
    -Parker: No, just the cookie<>s.
    -Hardison: Do you put milk on the fortune cookie<>s?
    -Parker: It’s not cereal. It’s a fortune c<>ookie.
    -Hardison: It’s common.<> I just-
    -Nate: Whoa, no chatter today.