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2020-09-19 09:02:42

    Not that this is anything new around here but:

    I love heartbeats. The way the heart moves, the way it sounds, feels, looks... everything. I love the way the heart is so deeply connected to affection and is the perfect analogy for life itself. The very life within us, embodied and sealed away inside one perfect, fist sized, pulsating vault.

    A heart is the most true a person can be. The minds thoughts can change, but the heart always beats. People can change the truth with their words but when you listen to a heart... that soft beat will always tell the truth. The heart is truly the most sacred and intimate part of the human body.

    Haha ignore my rambling. Hope everyone had a good week!


    "... the most intimate part of the human body". Couldn't agree more... 💓💓💓


    I finally get to go swimming again tomorrow for the first time since lockdown.... might have forgotten how to do it and need saving from drowning.... 😁😍


    Well, apparently my legs and arms can still remember how to keep me afloat, despite not swimming for 6 months. So my body remains un-limp and un-rescued and this chest remains un-pumped. 🤷‍♀️

    Nevermind, will have to try harder next time.... 😁


    I’ve been trying to notify individuals, but this may be quicker. If you’d reblog, I’d appreciate it.

    Our community has lost a kind heart and a gentle soul. He’s had a couple different screen names but most recently went by Defibcprm2m here on Tumblr. He was diagnosed with covid a while back and went to the hospital a few days ago. Last night he was intubated and coded about an hour later. Resuscitation was unsuccessful.

    We never talked about what to do if something bad happened to him. That conversation always ran the other way. He was the top of the phone tree that would have shared info if something had happened to me; it was unthinkable that it might run the other way. I hope that it was the right thing to do. I never wanted my friends to wonder if I disappeared abruptly, and I’m sure his would appreciate knowing too.


    This is a real shock to me, and I’m sure to anyone else in the community. He was a really really kind person. My condolences and prayers for his family. 😔❤️


    This is desperately sad news, he really was one of the most genuinely kind and friendly people on here.

    Reblogging as requested, with a very heavy heart.