Tell Me I'm an Angel, Take this to my Grave
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2023-01-28 23:15:44

    Top ten ways to smear honey on your face,
    cut your nails, do your makeup
    and wake up late.
    Fill a bottle up with water
    and a soggy piece of fruit,
    fill a workbook up with things you can do
    when you're stressed!
    When things are just a mess!
    When you're feeling kinda anxious,
    or like, maybe, depressed?

    I mean, maybe if you tried more.
    Maybe if you tried.
    Maybe if you took more vitamins,
    you would learn to live a fucking life!

    Do drugs, have sex
    tell your deepest, darkest secrets to your friends,
    post cringe, buy guns
    are you done yet?
    Fuck! Not enough!
    Cry a river, smash a cup,
    but it's never ever gonna be enough
    for the people in the back row,
    but you still choose to listen
    knowing damn well it's
    really not their decision!

    Maybe if you try more,
    then you would deserve it.
    Maybe if you fixed the whole world by yourself,
    then you'd earn it!


    background music from windows xp installation. few people actually heard it, because it was set to play before the audio drivers were configured.

    filepath: C:\Windows\system32\oobe\image­s\title.w­ma 


    Background music from the Windows XP installation (2001)


    peak windows is setting the smooth club hit of the millenium to play BEFORE THEY SET THE AUDIO DRIVERS TO CONFIGURE in their own installation


    This is just what all software sounded like back then.