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    They sure seem to be in big trouble, hard to believe this company could drop out of the sky so quickly. Would be interesting down the road to see a dramatization of what went down between Musk and the company. I’m surprised he paid so much for it.


    Twitter is being sued by its landlord for ducking out on rent for its downtown San Francisco headquarters, where the platform reportedly went through heavy cost-cutting under new CEO Elon Musk.


    Twitter closed its Seattle offices, the Times reported Friday, cutting janitorial and security services. Remaining employees were left to bring their own toilet paper to work, according to the report.


    The company is also being sued for failing to pay almost $200,000 for private charter flights made the week Musk took over.

    There’s… A bunch going on here… This whole article feels like


    iron man! transformers! king kong, star trek, the silence of the lambs! dozens of shameless war propaganda films barely disguising themselves as sci-fi or horror that were obvious enough even without this list! there aren’t any real surprises here but its worth a read


    David L. Robb wrote a book called Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes and Censors Movies. This Film is Not Yet Rated featured a little bit of an interview with him:

    “The military and the film studios have colluded for more than 50 years. Anytime filmmakers want military assets - ships or tanks or planes - they have to give the Pentagon five copies of their script. And, if there’s anything in the script that’s negative, the Pentagon wants them to take it out. And so they negotiate, and take out any war crimes or foul language, or drinking. Anything that would make the military look bad. And than, after the agreement is made, the military sends a minder onto the set, when the film is being shot, to make sure it’s shot just the way they agreed. And then, once the film is completed, it has to be shown to the Pentagon, admirals and generals, before it’s shown to the public. Dozens of films have not been made because they couldn’t get military assistance. So, people have no idea what they’re not seeing.” 


    [ID: a screencap from that ‘70s show showing one of the characters counting on his fingers as he says: “the three true branches of the government are military, corporate, and hollywood”. /end ID.]


    Dude this is so f*cking briliant.  To basically get Congress to realize how f*cked up data privacy laws are. He did data mining, targeted men over 45 that are within 5 miles of the US capital, and put ads out including “do you want to read Ted Cruise fanfiction”. it looks like 100s clicked it including 3 that seemed to be in the capital building while doing so, which then means he has their device info, ip address etc. which he can then mine even more. 


    How can you mention the ted cruz ad and not include what the ad they clicked on looks like? Anyways, here it is:


    “If you’re thinking, ‘How on Earth is any of this legal?’ I totally agree with you. It shouldn’t be,” he said. “And if you happen to be a legislator who is feeling a little nervous right now about whether your information is in this envelope, and if you’re terrified about what I might do with it, you might want to channel that worry into making sure that I can’t do anything.” Then, he cheerfully concluded: “Anyway, sleep well!”

    Not sure what whitewashing is or why it's such a big deal? Here is a great article explaining both.


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    In the recorded message to the Boston doctor Lindner said, “you’re all gonna burn,” according to prosecutors. He added, “a group of people on their way to handle” the doctor and “You signed your own warrant.” Lindner named the doctor in the voicemail and ended the message by saying, “You’ve woken up enough people. And upset enough of us. And you signed your own ticket.”

    Hospitals and doctors across the country have received death threats over the health care they offer transgender children.


    As a doc that does transgender care this is our ACTUAL reality now. Like even advertising that we do this care can get our patients, selves AND families in a lot of trouble. This shit has got to stop.


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    this is... surprisingly accurate

    and yes, I will kill god (if she exists)


    I might have to add that this character is ace and brazilian


    Like me! Hooray!


    Hey i made a quiz

    Try it. Maybe it will be fun

    @rlydsntmttr @faggotfaggotfaggotfaggotfaggot @not-a-shortie @dont-hug-me-im-a-fander @official-megumin @aqueerembrace @distinguished-coffee-grounds @triangles-dont-do-art @the-cooler-anon

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    this is... surprisingly accurate

    and yes, I will kill god (if she exists)


    While this bill doesn’t require states to allow same-sex marriage, it does require them to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

    So anyone wanting to get married can travel to another state, get married, come back, and the state has to recognize their marriage as valid.


    The new Respect for Marriage Act would also protect interracial marriages by requiring states to recognize legal marriages regardless of “sex, race, ethnicity, or national origin."

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    Me; Hurrah for Tumblr where we do not market or sell anything hurray!

    Also me: Look there is a Humble Bundle of all the comics I've ever done published by Dark Horse where you can get so many pages of comics for practically nothing and also do good by raising money for Refugees.


    The government will submit a bill for a new law aimed at providing relief to people who have been financially exploited by religious groups during the current session of parliament, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Tuesday.[...]

    Kishida said he agreed with Yamaguchi that the new law would ban religious groups from soliciting donations in a “socially unacceptable and malicious” manner, as well as allow people to cancel donations to – and demand compensation for the damage incurred by – religious groups.

    The law would also enable children and spouses of followers to get relief for their financial suffering, he said.

    8 Nov 22


    Most successful assassination of our time


    This ABSOLUTELY works.

    I have used this for many years. Definitely b do it.


    This article was super long-winded so I screenshat the important part


    the fact we’re responsible for getting doctors to “lower their defenses” in order to literally just do their jobs is ✨INFURIATING✨