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    Going insane reading this wikipedia quote about the real life Cocaine Bear, which is taxidermied and kept in a mall in Kentucky (though it may actually be a different, unrelated, taxidermied bear)

    According to the bear's owners, the Cocaine Bear has the authority to officiate legally binding weddings in the mall where it is kept due to Kentucky's marriage laws. This claim is only partly true; the bear does not have the authority to solemnize weddings, but the state of Kentucky cannot invalidate marriages performed by unqualified persons if the parties believe that the person marrying them has the authority to do so. As such, it is a belief in the Cocaine Bear's authority that allows it to officiate legally binding weddings in Kentucky.

    You have to BELIEVE in the power of your Cocaine Bear Marriage for it to take effect. Fucking magical.


    “Trans women obviously don’t benefit much from male privilege because the majority live in poverty due to large scale job and housing discrimination. If transgender women are assertive and declare themselves as equals, they try to push them into a docile role or otherwise question their womanhood (‘because [real] women are docile and non-assertive’). They police the gender expressions of trans women and claim if transgender women present feminine, that they’re pushing patriarchal gender roles. If they present as masculine or aren’t attracted to men, they’re “fake transgender” and “don’t really identify as women” (‘because the criteria for womanhood is dressing a certain way and liking a certain gender’). When trans women are victims of male violence, the first thought is that it’s her fault and that she tricked someone into having sex with her (which time and time again have been shown to be false despite the assumptions and stereotype). These same people also participate in rape culture by hyper-sexualizing trans women, claiming that most transgender women are prostitutes and thus are responsible for their own rapes when the 50% statistic is pointed out (victim blaming, anyone?). That also goes further to portray all transgender women as rapists, waiting in the dark corners of bathrooms to rape poor, defenseless little girls. So in addition to denying them victimhood when raped, they also cast them into the antagonist role of their rapists with nothing to base that on besides their own phobia. The anti transgender- or rather, anti trans woman movement is misogyny, rape culture, and patriarchy with a fresh new coat of paint- the anti-thesis of feminism masquerading in a Trojan horse purporting to represent women’s best interests. That’s why all these chants about trans women pushing patriarchy and gender roles are so hilarious. You just really have to sit back and observe the hypocrisy.”

    — Konjo Monroe, Lipstickalley on the double standards of viewing trans women through bias. (via scorpiquarius)


    “Bilinguals overwhelmingly report that they feel like different people in different languages. It is often assumed that the mother tongue is the language of the true self. (…) But, if first languages are reservoirs of emotion, second languages can be rivers undammed, freeing their speakers to ride different currents.”

    Love in Translation by Lauren Collins from the New Yorker, August 8 & 15, 2016   (via waltzingwithmidnight)


    in a swamp


    or in a bog


    there’s nothing finer


    than a frog


    in the mud


    or by the road


    there’s nothing slicker


    than a toad!!


    in a shoe


    or in a boot


    there’s nothing neater


    than a newt!


    in the moss


    or in a pail


    there’s nothing dearer


    than a snail 🐌


    By the lamp


    Or on a cloth


    There’s nothing sweeter


    than a Moth!


    In the grass


    By the lake


    There is nothing sneakier


    Than a snake 🐍


    [ID: A small drawing of a fuzzy bee with a smiley face. End ID.]


    There’s nothing buzzier


    On a Rock

    saw a very weird post urging people to Reblog Everything so as to fight the potential algorithmification of Tumblr and I'm like

    have you literally never unfollowed someone because they post so much it drowns out everything else on your dash? what are you talking about?

    and so that this isn't just a subtumbl allow me to suggest a more effective way to increase reblogs on here:

    Hey Tumblr newbies

    did you know

    you can make multiple blogs under the same account on here!

    it's really easy!

  • you still just have the one dash for reading
  • and one login obviously
  • you can pick which of your blogs any given post or reblog goes to!
  • there's a little dropdown in the notifications tab to switch between the notifications on each blog
  • you can link your various side blogs in your bio if you want or leave them out, up to you!
  • so if you have a couple Special Interests that you don't want to flood the uninterested with (thank you for that)

    you do not have to restrain yourself!

  • you can literally create as many themed side blogs as you want
  • just reblog all spider content to your arachnid sideblog and all Star Wars content to your Star Wars sideblog!
  • and obviously if all you want to do is give OP a thumbs up you can still just like the post, you don't have to reblog everything
  • bonus: a sideblog is much easier to go to when you're looking for a specific thing you remember reblogging one time than a tag or search in your main blog. that shit clunky
  • this has been a spontaneous midnight PSA you're welcome etc



    Conservation status: Least Concern

    Classification: Non-native, non-invasive

    The Ea-Nasir meme was believed by experts to be extinct since 1750 BCE until a live population was uncovered in 1953 CE. The meme remained critically endangered until introduction to the tumblr ecosystem circa 2015. Ea-Nasir is now a thriving meme and we are proud to classify this species as Least Concern thanks to your conservation efforts.

    A tag reading

    Thank you for your interest! We here at the TACM are happy to receive questions from the public.

    In 1953, the surviving population of Ea-Nasir memes were found in Ur. The memes, having endured for thousands of years in the absence of internet users, were subsisting entirely on clay tablets.


    Now, ironically, this meme survives on the internet due to high quality copper wires.