They were the heaviest pair of tits you had ever seen in person, each one of her round breasts were slightly bigger than her head. Your loins overflowed with lust as your eyes couldn't bring themselves to look away from her boobs.

    You studied from afar as her giant mounds sloshed and jiggled with her every step, your lust filled mind beckoning you to follow her. "Just one good look at those melons and then I'll be on my way," you told yourself.

    You suddenly found yourself inside a store that you had seen her walk into. Rows of women's bras and lingerie greeted your eyes, you suddenly felt out of place. A cashier called after you, "Can I help you sir?" they asked in an inquisitive tone. Before you could reply, a woman's voice answered for you, "He's with me."

    You stood speechless as the woman and her monumental assets stood right in front of you. Completely failing to make eye contact, you drank in the full frontal view of her huge milky tits.

    "It's not polite to stare you know, but these probably are the biggest set of breasts you've ever seen in the flesh aren't they?" Her voice was sultry, as if she reveled in your all too obvious weakness and desire. Before you could reply, she took you by the hand, leading you swiftly towards a changing room.

    Once inside she quickly made her demands clear, "You sure stare at them a lot," she said, taking each of your hands into her own, "How's about I help you with your little staring problem." Both your hands were now held clasped against her chest, you could feel hot, warm, boob embrace your palms.

    You needed no further invitation. Much bigger than a handful, you groped and kneaded each boob, your fingers sinking into the ample, spongey, tit flesh. She moaned softly as your hands became more and more animated, trying to explore every inch of her fat round tits.

    Your hands plunged underneath her top now as her hot skin and erect nipples met your greedy hands. The weight and heft of her tits was considerable, your palms overflowing with breast meat as you jostled and bounced her boobs, up and down, up and down.

    "Mmm fuuuck..." she moaned between raspy breaths, "You looove my huge tittie's don't you?"

    You answered by burying your face between her breasts. Completely smothered by her size, you squeezed either side of her boobs together, completely engulfing your head in steamy hot tit flesh. She whimpered out a moan as you lost yourself between her heavy mammaries.

    "Don't... Stop..." she panted, "I... I need... More..."

    You intended to do just that.

    "What's the point of going anywhere, or doing anything," she said to herself, "If I don't have the biggest pair of tits compared to everyone else."

    For as long as she could remember, she had been leeps and bounds ahead of all the other girls in the breast department. From an early age, her budding chest had never failed to be her most prominent feature. Even in high school, her boobs were noticeably bigger than even the most shapely of the female teachers.

    And things hadn't changed now that she was going to college. Far and away, she had the largest set of tits on campus. Secretly, she loved seeing the astonished faces of men and women alike gawking at the utter disparity between her breasts and the other females. But having realized that things were the same at university as they were in high school, she soon grew tired of her usual antics.

    "What choice do I have then," she told herself as she eyed up her ample bust in the mirror, "But to get even bigger."

    Her voice dripped with sultry lust, "I'll give the girls on campus something to really be jealous of." She had decided to purchase breast enhancement pills online. She could hardly contain her excitement when they arrived, "Finally!" she said, "It's time to have some real fun!"

    Throwing all caution to the wind, she immediately began taking nearly triple the recommended dosage, "I haven't got time to waste," she told herself, "I just can't wait to see looks on everyone's faces!"

    It was in class when she first noticed it, the buoyant soft tops of her breasts gently straining and stretching the fabric of her top. She had scarcely noticed her new developments, when it also came to her attention that her bra was beginning to struggle due to her increase in size as well.

    "I had better get myself some bigger clothes," she noted to herself, "I don't think my usual size is going to cut it anymore." It had scarcely been a week but already she was seeing the results of her breast enhancement pills.

    She went to the mall to be fitted with a bigger bra. It soon became apparent upon first being measured that she had already gained at least a cup size, if not more. "Something tells me I'll be seeing you soon," she remarked to the cashier as she made her purchase.

    Her new bras that she had bought after just a week, rapidly became inadequate to support her exponentially growing boobs. It took only two more weeks for her to grow completely out of the size she had been fitted for, in a rather embarrassing display.

    She sat in the middle of the lecture hall, her now noticeably heavier tits stretching her recently purchased bra's completely taught. Breast meat overflowed from the top, the sides, and even the underside of what had been her new bra, bulging heavily against the fabric of her shirt. As if on queue, as she stood up to leave class, her heavy laden straps creaked audibly as they attempted to support the weight of her engorged boobs.

    A sharp snap, sent heads turning in her direction, her bra straps finally giving way to the heft of her massive tits. They bucked and sloshed wildly as her breasts suddenly found themselves without support. Her shirt was now the only thing holding her tits in, and it was doing a rather poor job. The weighty undersides of her enormous chest dipped out from below, giving all the onlookers a healthy show of underboob. She drank in the scene of jealous faces and hardening crotches with pure gluttonous lust, "Stare as long as you like," she whispered to herself, "This is only the beginning."

    The following weeks brought on more and more growth. Starting off, her breasts had been as big as her head, but now they were more than double the size of full size beach balls. Her utterly massive tits now readily impeded her everyday life. She couldn't take notes in class because her boobies covered her entire desk. She had to look in a mirror to lace up her shoes because she couldn't see her feet beneath her mountainous breasts. Her boobs were so large now, that either side of her monster tits brushed the sides of most standardized doors, they were too big now to fit through. The sheer weight and mass of her humongous breasts caused her to have to routinely stop to catch her breath as she walked around campus.

    But did she care? Did she want to stop? She couldn't even if she tried. The attention that followed her and her unreal twin peaks was absolutely intoxicating. Drinking in the unbridled lust of men who found their eyes riveted to unending seas of tit flesh, reveling in the powerlessness of the women who could never dream of aspiring to her level of unequalled size and sex appeal.

    The word's curled from her lust filled brain from the edge of her subconscious, "Bigger..." she softly cooed, "Can't stop getting bigger..."