Rod Harden
Last update
2021-07-30 15:17:19


    Tumblr has introduced a new setting called ‘Best Stuff First’ that uses some messed up algorithm to decide what you see on your Tumblr feed. This setting is turned ON by default which means the posts that you view on your feed are no longer in chronological order. If you follow any NSFW blogs then you will see  less of their posts as with this ‘Best Stuff First’ setting turned ON then Tumblr will choose any ‘non adult’ posts as the ‘Best Stuff’ for your feed and any ‘adult’ content will be placed near the bottom of your tumblr feed. How do I know this is what’s happening? Well my blog is 99% NSFW and since this new setting was introduced my daily new follower count has dropped from an average of 250 per day to around 5 per day as you can see below.

    Also my ‘likes and reblogs’ average count has dropped from around 3500 per day to around 300 per day as you can see below.

    So obviously this new ‘Best Stuff First’ setting is hiding my posts from a hell of a lot of people who would have normally been able to see NSFW posts in the order they were posted and not have them hidden at the very bottom of tumblr feeds. 

    If you want to keep seeing posts from any NSFW blogs that you follow you should turn off this new setting. Go to your Global Settings, then Dashboard Preferences, then turn off the new setting. 

    Turn ‘Best Stuff First’ off so tumblr will stop deciding what you see on your tumblr feed. It is making people who take the time to create original content (including myself) extremely frustrated that our stuff is being hidden away. 

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