You absolutely blew up, it's amazing seeing the contrast from before, and you have sooooooo much tummy now 😍 Keep on rocking on lovely! And hopefully I can send some treats your way soon 🧁

    Awwwww baby doll I only just saw this. Thank you 🥺 I’ll have to make a good before and now post to really hammer in the difference


    You got this Charity! It's going to be hard, but you'll be so proud when you're done! Just be sure to take your time, take breaks, and stay hydrated!

    Having such a hard time again. I’ve still got a bit to go and less than a week left 🥺😭 that’s energy and hope is slipping

    i have a weird appreciation for Baroque artists, in particular Francois Boucher and Peter Paul Rubens, for depicting the human body in lush detail at a time that predates the standards for bodies to be thin and airbrushed with no wrinkles or cellulite

    it’s just really interesting to me

    so many the things women are taught to hate about their bodies—pudgy bellies, fat rolls, double chins, and cellulite—used to be ideals of beauty shown in depictions of goddesses


    I’m Greysexual and you are literally one of the few people I’ve ever been sexually attracted to. Like I could count the amount of people I’ve ever been attracted to on five fingers and two of them are.

    Oh! Oh my gosh this made me feel some type of way 🥺👀. I’m honored to say the least! ❤️


    Hello I recently saw your baked goods popular post and was wondering where you get your bra/underwear/lingerie/other clothes bc I have the same body type as you and rolls in the same places and can never find anything thank you!!

    Hello! Seems to be a popular set I get asked a fair bit. Shein is one of the only places I’ve found cute plus size clothing that actually fits. I got it there probably a year and a half ago


    Hey miss I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I think that you might be a little more than soft. You know with all that blubber on you making you look like a marshmallow...

    Marshmallow is definitely my favorite pet name 😭🥺🥺🥺🥺