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    Deceit Always Leads to Despair


    A/N: Here’s my first official fic for this blog, I don’t plan on all of my content being this dark. Thank you to my wonderful beta @spicykzumeknma​ and thank you @dymphnasprose​ for this amazing banner, both of them are incredible so definitely check them out! That all being said PLEASE heed the warnings – this fic gets relatively dark and this may not be for everyone.

    Warnings:noncon, forced sex, forced oral (m. & f. receiving), forced orgasm(s), coercion, kidnapping, use of restraints, breaking of mind/spirit, bodily harm/injury, themes of sadism & masochism, unprotected sex, creampie, unresolved angst, mentions of vomiting, mentions of Hawks trauma and the commission, mentions of blood, burning/body mutilation, spanking, humiliation, degradation, guilt, fuck or die, violence  

    Pairings: Hawks x reader & Dabi x reader

    Words: 6.4k

    It wasn’t supposed to be like this, you thought as you rounded corner after corner. You knew you stood no chance- after all, your pursuer was known for his speed, and he was too quick for even himself. A slideshow of images rolled behind your eyes, pictures of you at various ages expressing your desire to become a hero. Look at where that ambition had gotten you. You knew this was all wrong- you knew you deserved better. If you had just ignored seeing him, if you had listened to the feeling in your gut as you walked through the dank alleys, then you wouldn’t be here, running for your life. A life that you now knew had a time limit that was ticking away so rapidly, no matter how fast you ran, you could never truly beat. 

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    Blood of Zeus is great and all but WTF is Hades always the fucking villain. Like bitch he isn’t satan, hes just the god of the underworld. I mean if u really wanted to make a cool, death-based villain. WHY NOT JUST USE THANATOS.

    And let me tell you why GOD OF DEATH THANATOS WOULD MAKE A GOOD VILLAIN: 1. HIS MAIN MOTIVE CAN LITERALLY BE HOW HE IS A MINOR GOD DESPITE BEING THE GOD OF DEATH 2. Theres not much on him in Greek myths and no one has done much w his character so screen writers can take more creative license.  3. HIS SIBLINGS ARE WAAAAAYYYYYY COOLER THAN THE BIG 3 and WAAAYYYY more underappreciated. (imagine Eris Vs Hera and Eris taking over Hera’s throne). 4. HE IS JUST NOT GETTING ENOUGH RESPECT ALSO I REPEAT: Greek Gods are all neutrals. THERE ARE NO GOOD OR BAD GODS!! SO STOP TYPECASTING HADES AS THE VILLAIN



    Female Daoists during the Tang dynasty

    In Daoism, as in many other aspects of society, the Tang dynasty was an age of unparalleled opportunity and achievement for elite women. According to Du [Guangting (850–933)], his primary purpose was to record women saints neglected by other sources, to show their contributions to various religious lineages (above all his own Shangqing tradition), and to demonstrate the multiplicity of paths to the Way. Less explicit but clear is his desire to incorporate local cults (often devoted to women) into Daoism and to dramatize Daoism’s superiority to Buddhism, a theme in several of the women’s lives. 

    The most distinctively feminine aspect of Du’s biographies was his account of early life leading to religious practice. He wrote of childhood tensions between filial duty and a precocious religious vocation, sometimes featuring early displays of magical powers or the hidden performance of good works. A central theme was the marriage crisis, where the imperative to wed conflicted with an aspiration toward self-perfection through religious devotion. Some women avoided marriage by becoming hermits or wanderers, while others entered a Daoist convent. Concubines of deceased emperors or nobles were often forced to move to a convent, and female children were sometimes given to convents by their parents to save them from illness or starvation. For many women Daoists, entry into a convent was a way to pursue education and a literary career. 

    Consecration as a Daoist nun to evade an unwanted marriage or to provide a career outside the household also figured among women of the imperial family. The Taiping Princess temporarily became a Daoist nun to avoid a forced marriage to the king of Turfan, but the ordination of other princesses had a more religious aspect. The most celebrated was the ordination of two daughters of Emperor Ruizong in 711. This ceremony was celebrated at fabulous expense to the state, and each princess was given her own new monastery with easy access to the palace. In total, around a dozen Tang princesses were ordained, allowing them to escape the court but continue to participate in politics. They traveled extensively, devoted themselves to art and literature, and, according to hostile Confucian sources, led lives of sexual license and self-indulgence. Being ordained as a Daoist nun could also serve to purge the taint of a previous imperial marriage, as in the case of Yang Guifei, whose ordination was an intermediate step between the end of her marriage to a prince and her entry into the emperor’s harem. 

    From China’s Cosmopolitan Empire. The Tang Dynasty by Mark Edward Lewis

    When we reflect on Marie-Antoinette’s life, we are struck by a paradox. For in the end, what she is criticized for is striving for what all of her contemporaries dreamed of. She was very much in step with the times. Her desire for freedom, her appetite for life, her will to be herself, were all typical of a generation that was challenging the values of yesteryear. … It was a time when the individual, refusing to be a mere link in the generational chain, aspired to personal fulfillment.

    … More generally, Marie Antoinette can be described as modern, provided we attach no moral judgement to the word. She was infinitely closer to us than her immediate predecessors, Marie Leszczynska or Marie-Josephe of Saxony for example. In the history of ideas, of tastes, of sensibility, she shared little with the classical centuries; she was on the other side, the one that has led to today’s world.

    But this modernity, which would prove her downfall, contributed to the fascination she has never ceased to exercise over us. As Chantal Thomas pointed out, “Her charm reaches beyond the grave, amplified if not rendered sacred by the tragic story of her death.

    –Simone Bertière, The Indomitable Marie-Antoinette

    Earlier today @dettiot​ and I were recasting the batfam around the idea that John Boyega is Jason Todd (off that amazing fanart that I will likely never find again), and we came up with the following: 







    And we talked about Idris Elba for Bruce, but I’ve kinda changed my mind, because like…


    Y’know. Mahershala Ali exists and does so amazingly and would make a really stellar and interesting Bruce. 

    We didn’t get any further than this, really. But I feel like just these guys would make an amazing batman film. 

    Thoughts on other characters? 


    Chinese emperor Ai of Han, fell in love with a minor official, a man named Dong Xian, and bestowed upon him great political power and a magnificent palace. Legend has it that one day while the two men were sleeping in the same bed, the emperor was roused from his sleep by pressing business. Dong Xian had fallen asleep across the emperor’s robe, but rather than awaken his peaceful lover, the Emperor cut his robe free at the sleeve. Thus “the passion of the cut sleeve” became a euphemism for same-sex love in China. R.G.L.


    get you a dude who will fuck up his own clothing for you


    NO OKAY THIS IS REALLY COOL SO SHUT UP AND LISTEN KIDS. Ancient China was super chill about homosexuality okay. Like we have gay emperors and feudal lords, lesbian princesses who were girlfriends with their serving maids, gay ass poets who wrote lots of poems about that one courtesan who played the guzheng so well.

    In fact homosexuality was so okay that in Shiji, which is basically the Bible of Ancient Chinese history, there is an entire section dedicated to the gay lovers of emperors. What’s the best part? All the laws and criticism about homosexuality in Ancient China were all about shit like prostitution and rape. These laws were  outlawing homosexual stuff were all very specific.

    For example, there were laws banning male prostitution, but no laws against homosexuality. These laws were passed to stop the spread of prostitution and laws targeting prostitution in general were pretty common in Chinese history. There were also really strict laws about male rape. Rape was punishable by death, regardless of the gender of the victim. Rape a girl, you die. Rape a guy, you die. Have sex with a minor, you die regardless of whether it was consensual. The lightest sentence you could get was slavery where you were bound to the army.

    Also scholars wrote essays criticising the boyfriends of emperors, saying that they distracted the emperor from work blah blah blah but THEY ALSO DID THE SAME FOR THE CONCUBINES. That’s right - the issue wasn’t homosexuality but rather the hormones of the emperor. They didn’t care about the gender of the emperor’s favourite lover but rather the fact that the emperor was too horny to get shit done.

    “But WAIT, Modern China is a hardass about homosexuality!!!! How do you explain that!”

    Yes. That. That’s because of the late Qing years where Western influences entered the country and brought their gross ass homophobic attitudes with them. And the Qing government was so anxious to seem modern and be seen as equals to their Western counterparts. So they adopted Western ways and discarded their previous attitudes about homosexuality. Hence you have Modern China.

    So the next time someone tries to tell you that being LGBT is wrong because it goes against traditional Chinese values, tell them to go fuck themselves with 3000 years of Chinese queerness. 


    This is one of the best things I have ever read.


    WOAH!! I DIDN’T KNOW HALF (MOST) OF THE THINGS…..this is truly remarkable, yeah one of the BEST post ever

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    pretty please? these are so cool


    Oooh I never get asks but I reaaally want those!!


    This sounds fun, go ahead and send me those asks!


    Tbh I’m surprised that Gotham hasn’t killed the Joker as a mob or something. Didn’t he kill one of the Robins? Considering how protective y’all are about your city and heroes, I can’t believe no one tried to get revenge.


    Hey, you try and kill a manically face paint enthusiast.


    Surely a maniacal clown is no match for all of Gotham’s combined rage over the dead Robin


    Hav-have met the man?