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hi!! I'm roxy and I'm a 21 year old bimbo from the US~ trying to stay dumb and pretty for you!! this blog is where I put all the things that turn me on💖 feel free to send me a message. please don't be rude or send dick pics it will get you blocked

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2021-10-16 22:40:45

    To tell the truth, at first she hated you for that. You complained about her boobs. You kissed her passionately, grabbed her fiercely but wanted more in your hands, more fun, more curves, more voluptuous femininity in your palms. So, one day, she gave in, sighed, nodded, said 'okay', and you made an appointment but didn't tell her the size. She just trusted your reasonable demeanor. The moment she woke up, she screamed. A week later, she still didn't look at you without scorn and deviance but stopped crying. Four weeks later, her back got used to the implants. She started to enjoy the looks, your hands, your proud glance, the way you put her on display in front of your friends. Now, after a couple months, she is full of gratitude, a changed woman, a bimbo of choice, feminine in attitude and proud of you to have known her better than she knew herself. Now, she even has started to refer to herself as 'Boobs' and has become the real deal, a perfectly suitable marriage material.


    Me and who ?


    I initially reblogged this without a caption but I need to point out the reasons I can’t stop watching this:

  • She’s bimbofied;
  • She’s feminized to the extreme: pink eyeshadow, long hair, pink baby bottle;
  • She’s being humiliated with cutesy regression that’s not explicitly sexual but the subtext💀;
  • It’s sweet and loving as all hell;
  • She’s actively trying to look sexy, pouting her lips and making eyes with slow, exaggerated suckles, which makes it all the more ridiculous and humiliating;
  • I like to imagine that she’s being forced to record it and post it on her socials;
  • The way he’s holding her and kissing her is the PERFECT mix of genuine tenderness and love but also vague condescension and possessiveness. Like, listen to how soft and lulling those kisses are: there’s something strangely dark and controlling about them, like he’s affirming her docility with every peck;