Fuck boi-ification: Jack-Off

Matthew awoke in the messy bed calmly, as the morning rays of light illuminated the dark empty room. As he got up memories of the party he had last night returned to him. He had been invited out by his friends to a house party. At first, Matthew was hesitant to go to the party. He wasn't fond of them and didn't feel like he would fit in due to his body and age. Matthew was 24 and about to turn 25, making him older than nearly everyone there. He was also a smallish bear. He had a bulging beer belly and thick arms and legs, which were covered in forests of light brown hairs. Matthews' head was also covered in a sizeable hairy beard with a short messy top. He was also hesitant to come because it wasn't his thing, he enjoyed looking at video games and social politics. He was deep into Zelda and Pokemon, but also a fiery activist online, fighting misogynists and homophobes alike.  

However recently he felt he had become less sociable and with his tedious office job consuming his life, he decided to come to his friend Sarah's house party. It was usually an open invitation to college frats and sororities, but some younger people also came from schools came as long as they were over 18.  

Memories of the night slowly came back to him as he got up and changed into cargo shorts and then put his plain white T-shirt on. He remembered having a blast at the party, he got drunk with some frat bro's and then started flirting with some guy which went nowhere. After that, he remembered feeling awkward as he saw some shitty little fuck boys about. There must have been 5 or 6, and they had all just turned 18. They all wore trendy clothes and accessories, paid of course by their parents. Matthew swore he heard the leader of the group, "Jacob," call him a faggot but he couldn't remember.  

Matthew stood up and looked over at the chest of draws to get his phone which was charging as he touched the screen to check its power. Zero percent it showed.  

'Fuck' thought Matthew.

'Its gonna be a couple of hours until I can leave and get on with things' He continued irritated by his situation.  

Matthew put the charger back in and made sure the phone was charging. Once it was, he decided to look over the chest draws. There was a digital clock that had many different functions to play about with, some photos of cities from around the world and a small box.  

'Odd, wonder who left this here.'  

Matthew decided to open to the box and see what was in it. He opened the lid and a poorly folded sticky note popped out. Matthew took it out and unfolded to read the poorly written message.

‘To Jack

These might look better on you  

'From Jacob '

So this was left by that damn fuck boy, but why was it addressed to Jack. Maybe he thought one of his friends was staying in here. Matthew put the note down and looked to see two flashy studs in the box. He took them both out and looked at them. They were just some cheap knock-offs, usually worn by fuck boys or internet personalities and such.  

'Heh such a stupid and worthless thing' Matthew joked, thinking how dumb they looked. A silly thought arose within Matthew. He took one stud in each hand and then held them up to his ears to see how stupid he looked. He slowly brought them closer to his ears and then looked at how bad they were on him. However, there was a sudden jolt, and the earrings magnetized themselves to his earlobe. They shot into his ears giving him a sharp pain but not producing any blood.  

'The fuck is this?!' Matthew thought angrily as the sharp pain echoed through his body.

Matthew's head started getting dizzy and his eyes got blurry as they watered up. He stumbled back two steps before falling back onto the bed and wriggling about as his body started tingling all over.  He lay in the bed and moved about as his body mass shriveled up, shrinking quickly. His arms and legs became twigs, though remained slightly toned. His body then deflated, his beer gut flattening down into a fit torso with vague lines of abs.

Further up Matthews once floppy man boobs sucked in forming pecs. Matthew opened his eyes as his blurriness left him. He looked in shock as his body had become thinner and fitter, but also smaller. He started at 6'5, and suddenly he went to 6 foot, he was shrinking fast. He stopped shrinking at 5'7, where he was tiny.  Once Matthew felt his body finish shrinking, another ticklish sensation came over his body, and he looked down over to see his hair recede back into his skin to disappear. Matthew was confused at what had just happened.  

He jumped off the bed only to have his shorts and underwear fall off him as they were now way too big for him. This unveiled his new smaller cock as well before it had been 10", but now it had been reduced to a mear 5". Matthew walked over to the mirror now feeling his face tickle. He looked to see his facial hair receding back into his face and his hair on top changing. Once it was finished, Matthew was scared at what he saw in the mirror. He looked at the younger figure which was now him. His large body had been reduced drastically, and now he was fit but he didn’t have too much muscle. His skin was hairless now as well, and this made him look youthful like he was in his late teens. His face had been readjusted as well. His facial hair had receded so much it looked as if he couldn't grow and facial hair. His hair on top had changed as well, he had had long sides with a short top. But now it was the opposite, he had very short faded sides into a long top which was all gelled to the side, in a trendy style.

Matthew couldn't comprehend how this had happened. Then he saw the earrings. They were shining now like they were playing with him.

"Ah fuck, get out of me!" Matthew shouted in a higher, youthful voice.  

He didn't care for his new voice, he shot his hands up to his to try and get them out. However, when his hands tried to grab them, it was as if they were controlled by something else and they moved away. Matthew was now breathing faster and heavier as he began panicking. A sharp pain then hit his head as his mind went fuzzy. He fell back onto the bed wriggling about again. Immense pains started erupting all over his brain. He began remembering the night, then his last week. As each pain hit, he felt the memories disappear. All his education, work, money, and prized childhood memories all dissipated into nothingness. Next, he felt his friends and family disappear from his mind. He tried to reach out and save them, but it was as if they were never there.  

'My name is Matthew. My name is Matthew. I was born... some time ago, I am in someone's house at the moment... but I'm here because, because... My mom and dad are...? Oh God, I can't remember' Matthew tried to go over facts about him to try and bring back memories, but it was hopeless.  

Suddenly an immense pain hit the back of his head, and he felt memories flood his head.  

'My name is Jack... no, it's not. It's Matthew! I go to High school and study some useless shit, wait this isn't like me? My parents are rich as fuck and pay for all of my stuff, what this isn't my memories? I'm at some cool, party with my Boi's on pussy patrol, lookin for some hot stuff, But I'm gay? Why would want to be looking for women? And I don't treat women with disrespect?' Matthew started battling the new memories in his head, as he knew they were different. In fact, they weren't just different they were wrong. Or were they, Jack loved big boobed brunette girls, he loved pussy, and he could have it whenever due to his fit body and sexy hair. He treated them like shit because why bang one when you can bang them all. Wait no Matthew was gay and into big chubby gay guy... no fuck that gay shit, who is this guy Matthew sounds like a faggot. Why would anyone be into banging dudes when you can have big boobs and pussy. Yeah now Jack, remembered the girl he banged last night. She had thin bod, with two bouncy boobs. Her make up was perfect, and it was a great ending to his 18th birthday. Yeah, he had just turned 18, and he was out he with his boi's Jacob, Ryan, and the other guys.  

The memory of Matthew was slowly forced out of his brain as he became Jack. The last of Matthew was forced down into his growing member. Jack started thinking about fucking that girl last night and began rubbing his dick. He was almost about to explode until the last trace of Matthew’s memory came back and took control again. He stopped what he was doing and sat up, trying to think of a plan but his head was too stupid now, filled with jacks memories and little knowledge. He also knew it wouldn’t be long before those memories became fact and squeezed out Matthew’s memories for good.

'No I can't let this fuck boi with dumb hair, take over again' He screamed.

"Hey baby, wanna fuck again," came an innocent and feminine voice.

Matthew looked down and saw the same big boobed woman Jack remembered banging last night.

"Come on Jack you know you want it," She said seductively pulling down her pants.

Matthew tried to resist but Jacks personality overrode him and took over again. He moved on top of her, put his dick in her pussy and began humping her, which drained the last memories of Matthew from his head. Matthew’s memories screamed as they were sucked down into Jacks hard dick, with each hump more went down the drain, first his homosexuality and then the Name Matthew went. Once Matthews memories were gone, his conscience would be assimilated with Jack and his memories, turning Matthew into Jack fully. Eventually, all of Matthew’s memories were finally gone and swimming about in Jacks balls.  

'Boobs, so big, so bouncy, so good' Jack thought as the rest of Matthews conscience was absorbed into him.

"Don't worry Jacky, Matthew's nearly gone now. Just cum, cum for me, cum that faggot out, cum NOW!" she screamed in pleasure and as she did Jack came all in her pussy.  

"Good boy Jack, now go find some other women to go fuck you dumb fuck boi," she whispered as her body, voice and memory faded from Jack, like a ghost.  

Jack got up and went get his phone. It was newer and fully charged. He put on some grey sweat pants and then went to the mirror to look himself over.  He spent 20 minutes to make himself look sexy. He took a selfie for a snap chat, Instagram and all his other social media's. Within 5 minutes he was flooded with thirsty messages from his hundreds of thousands of women and girls who desired to be fucked by him. Jack smirked knowing he could have anything and any girl he wanted.