At our close friends to spend Easter. Did a few haircuts for friends. Waiting on a seafood dinner. Probably having way to many drinks today. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter the best way they can , during this time. My prayers and love go out too you all.

    Keep Safe

    Want to wish everyone well and safety as the coronavirus takes it toll on the world. Some of you are on mandatory quarantine or voluntary lockdown. Since I work in an essential part of the transportation industry. Im doing my part to help keep the trucking industry and commercial vehicles on the road. Keep fighting the good fight my fellow Tumblrs.

    2020 - OUCH

    Just under 3 months in and ready for it to be over. In less than 4 weeks ; septic system , wedding dress , 2 wisdom teeth surgeries. All totally close to $26,000. Can you say no savings and emergency funds are spent. Time to buckle up and start the rebuild.