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2015-08-06 23:13:42

    Dear Anons

    Lol, thank you for creeping and stalking my page and Instagram. I’m so glad you find it amusing and fun to pick at my flaws. Just because you pressed “anon” it doesn’t mean I don’t know who sends these messages. (Technology is amazing, its 2013 dumb bitches) So the next time I do ever “run” into you in public places, please don’t hesitate to run the other way, or why don’t you try saying hi to me and see what happens ❤ bye you pussy bitches

    Tumblr is not a dating site

    I can appreciate nice messages from Anons and I do respect it when people message me from their blog directly.

    I try to answer most questions but I don't like to answer stupid questions from Anons, or any questions that already been answered. 

    I do not publish any direct messages from any tumblr users.

    I also do not answer to guys/gals who ask me out on a date thru tumblr. LOL

    Please understand messages can be entertaining but also fucking annoying. 

    So if you send me really gushy love messages, stop. You know who you are. ktnx