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2021-01-29 06:38:13

    The Fever Halloween special! Made with love for my friends!

    *the flashlight is turned on Fuzz’s face*

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the Fever Halloween 🎃 special. (Actually it’s a summer halloween special, but with my speed of making videos it’s already autumn, so whatever)


    Let me introduce you a spin-off of the Fever project, where these fandoms are included: Nu pogodi!xZootopiaxSingXTom&Jerry.

    Starring: Clara Hare, Anatoly Wolf.

    Back vocals at the karaoke party: Johnny the Gorilla, Ash the Porcupine, Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Tom the Cat, Jerry the Mouse.

    Important cameo: Finnick the Fenneck as a deadly zombie. (He is very important!)

    And traditionally…

    NOTE: The Fever characters are transforming into humans, when it comes for their true feelings of love and adore. They are transforming back to animals, when they feel basic instincts like fear, anger, sexual appetence etc. In this video some of the transformations are done because of the lyrics text, and it feel random, so that’s why it’s not the actual Fever story. The story you may found with tags #fever fanfic, #Fever, #The Fever at my blog :D

    WARNING: The Fever fanfic is rated +16, but this video is rated +14 XD somewhere at the future the Fever will be rated +18… so…whatever! Just watch it! XD


    Like and reblog for the Halloween party begin :D


    imagine dragons appreciation post


    Because you are NA-TU-RAL!

    Because they let me ride a bike while listening to this song and I can’t help it, I am just…

    That’s the price you pay

    Leave behind your heartache, cast away

    Just another product of today

    Rather be the hunter than the prey

    And you’re standing on the edge, face up ‘cause youre a


    A beating heart of stone

    You gotta be so cold

    To make it in this world

    Yeah, you’re a natural

    Living your life cutthroat

    You gotta be so cold

    Yeah, you’re a natural…

    Because, this song suits them so well, because they have faced so many things, because they need to be strong to survive.

    And they need to be together to be more stronger, buuuuuut they need to defeat their ego. Ahhh I can’t wait to tell you more about the Fever fanfic, guys…

    Hope you’ll enjoy the music!

    P.s. And now for something completely different. The horoscope.

    Have I ever told you, that Libra drives gently, peacefully, elegant, while Scorpio drives also gently, peacefully and elegant, because they are autumn signs?



    Scorpio is just… f…freaking awesome! *-* If you’re ready to forget about tomorrow, cause you will be dead today…


    @fuzzywuzzylittletail I love Imagine Dragons so much and am currently obsessed with that new single 😍

    Have you also heard “Born to be Yours”???


    @ragingwerewolfdude me? Brave? No… me is just crazy enough to dare to try *___* but it’s true that sport motorcycles are much crazier and much dangerous than Harleys… cause it’s just so super fast, you need to be a real profi to hold that beast… Cause the only thing I was thinking about while holding him from behind - THIS IS SO AWRSOOOOOMEEEEEEE BUT I DONT WANT TO DIEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! Interesting, but I want to go for the ride again *____* ahahhhaa xD

    @yoshifan30 yeas!!!!!! Yeeeaaasss and yes ^___^

    @nekomimiranger that’s not quite the right gif xD xD much more like this … but with me screaming from behind the rider xD xD xD