Jihyo's stress relief

Few days goes by, as always Jihyo goes to practice her dance for latest comeback talk, all the other members go back before Jihyo leaves. Jihyo practiced very viciously. She is all sweaty so she goes to take a bath, the laundry machine is right next to the bathroom for convenience so all the members can just throw out the used clothes and take a bath. Then the staff member comes by to put the clothes in the laundry machine, as he saw almost all the twice members leave the room he thought he was alone, he couldn’t control his urge to smell all those panties and clothes, he took the clothes on the top of the pile of clothes and starts sniffing them and uses the panty to jerk off. As he feels good he starts to moan as he thinks no one is around, jihyo's as she baths hears it, she slowly opens her door to see him jerking off with her clothes and panty. He covered his whole face with jihyos top and bra, unable to see his surroundings and her panties on his dick. Jihyo takes her phone and takes a picture of him jerking of he heard the click sound of the camera, he removes all the clothes from the face and sees in shock jihyo standing there with her phone completely naked, due to shock his boner went down but as he saw jihyos body his boner went back rock hard, jihyo noticed it. She goes near him and threatens to leak the photo if he doesn’t obey her orders. Jihyo threatens him saying, you know what my once will do if they see you jerking off with my panties they would be in rage and will definitely make you regret your life for being alive. So if you don't want that to happen, jihyos slaps her hard cock with her hands he grunts in pain, shhhhh quiet you perv jihyo grabs his penis and slaps again jihyo squeezes his balls in one hand and slaps in another. She loved to see him in pain . Jihyos as asks what were you sniffing huh, you fucking perv you smelled my pussy huh. Wanna smell them pervy cunt huh? Wanna smell them? She makes him go down on his knee, plants his nose in her pussy, hmm you like that sick bastard, does it smell the same as you dog, she grinds on his face as she humiliates him.  jihyo turns around and shoves her ass in his face grabbing his hair in one hand, jihyo goes up and down with her ass rubbing his face, jihyo says stick your tongue out perv, you wanted to lick this ass don't you l huh, you want it don't you. How does my ass smell the same as my pussy or different answer it, he say they both smell delicious. Jihyo was impressed by the answer. Grinds on his face with her ass, jihyo turns around and kisses him bending over, 

he touches her boobs as he was tempted. Jihyo then squeezes both her boobs with her hand and says you wanna fondle with them dont you but you gotta earn them. Jihyo takes her pant in the pile and ties his hands behind his back, and says only if you make me cum with your mouth you will get those boobs. She puts one of her legs on the machine and grabs his face and puts his mouth on her pussy, jihyo's pisses on him and makes him drink some of it as he starts to lick her pussy. She gets all excited from that, he somehow finds that spot to make her cum, he keeps licking them and jihyo starts to cum moaning hard ahhhhhhhhhh. She then unties his arms and lets him squeeze her boobs and kiss and bite her boobs. Jihyo enjoys it moaning hard patting him on the head grabbing his back, hugging him. She stops and grabs him by his cock takes him to a free space and jihyo bends over and spreads her ass, he tempted by those pink tight little pussy puts his cock in her pussy, its so wet and tight he takes out his penis and sucks her pussy to get rid of those excess pussy juice, he slides it right back in her pussy and pounds as he looks at her enjoying it, ahh ahha ahha hha ahha hha screams jihyo as she is enjoying the dick in her pussy going deep, she turns around, he grabs her thighs lifts it up, slams her against a wall and starts to fuck her grabbing one of her ass cheeks and lifts the other leg up and pounds her in the air swinging against the wall, it hits jihyo differently, she gets so horny she says put them in the asshole. 

He starts to pound slowly as the waves of all that booty starts to happen, those jiggly ass on him makes him want to pound hard, he grabs jihyo by her hips and starts to give strong thrust jihyo moans to every thrust, she say him to go fast. Jihyo then sleeps on the floor and starts doing it in missionary, her lovely eyes coming in contact with his and boobs bouncing as he thrusts. Jihyo moans in pleasure, make him lie on the floor and rides him, you love this don't you fucking perv. She goes hard and fast on him, he fills jihyo's ass with all the thick cum. Jihyo stands up as all the cum starts dripping from her ass, she puts her fingers in her asshole and tastes it. Jihyo says it’s delicious, why don't you cum in my mouth. Even though he came Bonner never lost due to jihyos body he wanted to, again and again, jihyo kneels and starts to suck his cock. Jihyos goes deep and chokes on his cock and starts to again slowly, spitting on his cock and sucking them, she uses both her hands one to jerk his dick and the other to squeeze his balls, she goes faster and faster and he gives a hell load of cum in her mouth. Jihyo's mouth is filled with all the cum, he came so much jihyo can’t even speak, she swallows twice to drink all that cum. Jihyo with a smile says that’s enough protein for today’s workout. She makes out with him and slaps his ass as she says goodbye and goes out, she never deleted the photos as she knew she can put them up for some great use.

Thanks to SandhipKumar67