A quick guide to Led Zeppelin: summaries of some of their songs

    White Summer: Drugs

    How Many More Times: Sex

    You Shook Me: Sex

    Whole Lotta Love: Anal sex

    Misty Mountain Hop: Drugs

    Heartbreaker: Sex

    The Lemon Song: Handjob

    Black Dog: Sex

    Ramble On: The Lord of the Rings

    Custard Pie: Oral Sex

    Candy Store Rock: Oral Sex

    Stairway to Heaven: The Lord of the Rings

    Trampled Under Foot: Sex

    John Frusciante: I think that what most people should do, if they want to lead happier lives, is tell themselves they're a worthless piece of shit and get involved with art. Artistic expression is the only thing that can make the world beautiful. It's the only thing that's really gonna matter when everything just burns down and the world comes to an end.

    Interviewer: But you can't eat art.

    John Frusciante: I don't think we're going to be able to do anything about those physical realities, honestly. I'm not saying art is going to solve those problems, but even if those people do find food, that's not beauty. Art is the only thing that can give the food beauty. If everyone ate, and everybody had a full stomach all over the world, the world still wouldn't be beautiful.

    Interviewer: How do we help people free their minds?

    John Frusciante: I gave up on that years ago, at a very young age. I just realized that there was nothing you could do to change anybody who didn't already have a natural free thinking way about them. You're fooling yourself if you think you're going to save the world. There's just too much shit against you when you're trying to change someone who is a sheltered, confused individual into somebody who thinks for themselves. That's the problem with human beings: they all think they're God.