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2021-06-21 06:21:05

    twice has a new picture on their twitter and jihyo looks absolutely killer in it

    Yes I'm aware that this isn't the photo you're talking about but this has given me an excellent opportunity to post this anyway

    my god what a woman jihyo climbing the bias list through sheer force of will alone


    "Sheer force of will." That's not a nickname for tits that I've heard before.


    Disagree. Jihyo is more than just tits look at that smile and those eyes and those legs how dare you.


    I think boobies is a new jyp strat for twice. They abandoned the leggy microdress route and just go full boobies.

    I mean are we complaining tho

    In all seriousness I'm all for it. I never understood the intense taboo around cleavage in Korea. When I was there there were girls walking around downtown Seoul with shorts so short they may as well have been underwear - but show a flash of cleavage online and suddenly knetz be up in arms lol.