See the new steamy dramas unfolding in the first page of Femdom Academy 15... how much worse will Megan, just discovering her dominant side, want to punish Ryan when she sees him flirting with a juicy redhead, Kylie!

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    Did I inspire you?

    When I first started writing my comics in 2015, there were virtually no comics combining forced-fem and forced-bi cuckolding. #Lustomic seems to be full of them now.  If my body of work had any influence on the amazing artists on that site, I would be so tickled to hear from them.

    Some of the story beats, camera angles and dialogue choices on a few of them feel straight out of an SWI comic, and I couldn’t be more pleased if they got it from me.

    A creative bunch

    One of the things that attracted me to the sissy/cuckold community to begin with is it's inherent creativity. I saw a genre full of people reinterpreting porn scenes and stock photos and giving them new erotic meaning. Y'all are inventive and intelligent, and that inspires me!

    New page added to Tilda #17! Tim and Frank must go to the salon to make Frank into the perfect stepford wife, but they may be in trouble when Mistress's card can't pay for the service. Read all of The Elegant and Sinful Mistress Tilda at now!


    Quick clarification, fans: The series are *slowing*, NOT STOPPING. 

     There's no way I'm gonna leave you all hanging right when Robert gets sissified again, Ryan is on the cusp of getting what he deserves, and Tilda and Aphra are about to turn the tables on Jorgenssen!

    Update on my status

    Lovely fans: Quick update on Safeword Ignored. So Jan and Feb were quite turbulent months with my (forced) move from Patreon. But I am finally settled at For the past two years, I have had the privilege of drawing full-time, thanks to all of you

    However, because of the steep drop in subscribers, I will have to take another job so the comics may slow for a bit. Loyalfans doesn't allow me to have multiple tiers, so I will be adding no set amount of pages to all comics per month, until things (if ever) return to as before.

    I will however, be adding new scenarios to the game monthly, which you can play at my site through loyalfans. Thank you so much for supporting me in the past, and I hope I can continue to earn your patronage in the future.

    Please also be aware that I am no longer receiving funds through Patreon if you are still subscribed there, and that PayPal forced me off as well, if you signed up directly through my site before. Loyalfans assures me I am welcome and safe with them, so please subscribe there if you wish to continue supporting me and reading my series. Thank you!