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    METH Learn the facts


    1. Meth doesn’t cause teeth to rot or people to ‘age’ prematurely. LACK OF SLEEP AND FLUIDS DO! So make sure to drink fluids and get sleep! Meth is no more dangerous to your sleep and dehydration than Adderall, it’s just stigmatized because it’s not sold by the government. In fact, Adderall and street meth are nearly identical and have the same ‘side effects’ of trouble sleeping, dry mouth, etc. This is due to the nature of amphetamines in general and not methamphetamine specifically. Stigmatizing those who’ve used meth as the scum of the Earth without recognizing the dozens of legal, prescribed versions of virtually the exact same thing handed out by MD’s every single day is ridiculous.

    2. Meth is no more addictive than Alcohol. Only 15% of people who try meth become addicted. If you’re prone to addiction, stay away from all substances. Meth is not going to magically turn you into a ‘junkie.’  Of the 12.3 million or so Americans who have tried it, less than half a million (3.6 percent) currently use it even as often as once a month. Again, ALL substances, in the hands of someone who is prone to addiction is a bad idea and everything including something as socially acceptable as alcohol can destroy your life. There is not anything specific to meth that turns people who are otherwise not prone to addiction into raving junkies living on the street and turning tricks to get a fix. If you’d like to dispute this, FOLLOW THE LINKS TO THE SOURCES. These are statistical FACTS and whether you like it or not, FACTS prove my point. Feel free to read and RE read the first few sentences of this paragraph as many times as it takes to comprehend.

    3. There have been no conclusive studies linking meth to brain damage in human beings.  “The brain imaging literature is replete with a general tendency to characterize any brain differences as dysfunction caused by methamphetamine, even if differences are within the normal range of human variability,”  Columbia neuropsychopharmacologist Carl Hart.

    LASTLY. I am not advocating people go do meth. I am providing these facts so that past and present users of meth can be understood as people who do not deserve to be targeted as scum and instantly vilified for choosing a drug that has an unfairly harsh and inaccurate public perception due to the continued misinformation being spread by people who believe a ‘FACES OF METH’ poster to be a fine replacement for statistical and scientific data. There is an effort to dehumanize people who do meth and those who truly DO need our help and understanding to pull themselves out of the sinking hole of addiction are often shunned due to being written off as human trash as soon as anyone hears the word ‘meth.’ This post is my small effort to educate in place of the hate.


    Know the Truth


    Safe Injecting 101

    I do not promote the use of illicit drugs.
    Please be safe and responsible.

    Please read my disclaimer.
    For further inquiry, click here.

    For information on how to prepare a needle, I have detailed, step by step instructions that contain tips + pointers + safe injection practices, as well as instructions on how to prepare a needle with meth, heroin, or morphine.

    Here you can read about Safe Injecting 101: How to Register a Needle or watch this Step-by-Step Video (credit to @officialnodsquad.) If you are unsure how to safely administer your shots, get help. Everyone starts somewhere.

    Do not share needles with anyone. It is not safe.

    Follow the 3-Poke Rule or 1 and Done Rule: Once you have used a needle 3 times, dispose of it. Open a new one. 1 and done meaning 1 use and then dispose of it. It’s safest to open a new sharp every time. Needles dull after every poke.

    Tools for sterile needle preparation:
    sterile syringe, tourniquet, sterile water, sterile alcohol wipes, sterile bandaids, sterile spoon (cooker/stericup), cottons, biohazard disposal.


  • Prepare. Clean. Sterilize.
  • Use a sterile alcohol swab to disinfect the area you plan on injecting in. Allow time for your arm to air dry. Be sure to wipe down the sharp end of the syringe every time, as there are almost always traces of substance left behind and can cause a burning sensation when you initially push the needle through your skin. 

  • Look for a vein.
  • If you are not sure where the major veins and arteries are in the arm, you can take a look at a map by clicking here. Veins are blue in colour and tend to slightly bulge out of the skin, although it is different on every person. 

    I’ve found the easiest way to come across a vein is by placing your index finger on your arm and gently feeling around, putting a slight amount of pressure on different points. This is called palpitating the vein. You will come across a vein eventually and you will know because you will be able to feel the way the underneath of the skin is raised. If you are sure you’ve found one, follow the course of the vein and make sure you are aware which direction it flows under the skin. It is necessary to remember the course of the vein because this is the only way you will be able to successfully register your needle. 

    If you are having trouble locating a vein, click here

  • Tie off your arm.
  • When you go to tie your tourniquet (or other form of band, belt, etc), leave about a forearms width between the tie and the injection spot. Don not tie it too tight. You need circulation in your arm.

    A good method for tying a tourniquet is to hold it in one hand while using the other hand to loop it around your arm. Tuck the looped end into the end held by your other arm, but don’t push it all the way through.. Push it through only half way, as if to create a “loop”. This will allow you to untie your arm easily post injection.

  • Push your needle in.
  • Always inject towards your heart. You want to shoot the direction of blood flow, which is towards your shoulders, not your hands. Never dig the needle around in your arm. It causes damage to veins. It is most efficient to push your syringe in at a 25° angle.

    Make sure the eye of the needle is facing up when you push your syringe into your arm. Once you are sure you have pushed the needle into the vein, pull the plunger back about a half an inch. If you see blood begin to draw even just slightly at the tip of your needle, you have successfully found a vein. If not, you could be off by just a bit. Try pulling the syringe back slowly, without leaving the skin, and change positions. You can use your fingers to search for a vein while the syringe is in your arm as well. 

    This step consists of a lot of trial and error. If it doesn’t seem to be working, and you see no blood, pull it out, search for another vein using your fingers, and put the needle back in at a different location. It may take some time but patience is key. You never want to rush. 

  • Register.
  • When a needle “registers” it means the needle has been placed in a way that it is perfectly aligned with the vein. Blood begins to pour in. You are ready to do your shot.

    You will see your syringe begin to slowly draw back blood. Pull the plunger back about an inch to be sure it is still filling with blood. If you pull the plunger back and your needle stops drawing blood, you need to readjust the direction of the needle because it may have slipped out of the vein or the vein may have rolled. 

  • Push the plunger forward.
  • Once the needle has registered, make sure you have a good grip on the needle and begin pushing the plunger forward. Keep doing so until all of the liquid in the syringe is gone. It is important, but not necessary, to pull the plunger back again when you have reached the halfway mark to ensure you haven’t slipped out of the vein. If it draws back blood, you have successfully double registered. If it does not draw back blood, you will have to adjust the syringe again and search for the vein. Even the slightest “tick” and it could move from the vein.

  • Protect yourself.
  • Immediately after you have finished your shot, untie the tourniquet. Grab a small piece of tissue and put pressure on the injection spot. Place a bandaid over the injection site to prevent infection.

    It is recommended you pull the tourniquet off before you complete your shot, but I’ve found the needle slips out of place almost every time. If you have someone there to pull it off before you finish, do so. That way you are able to hold the needle in place to make sure it doesn’t move while the other person unties and releases. If you don not have someone there to help, no problem. Remember to untie the tourniquet immediately after you are done your shot. 

  • Clean up.
  • Important: You should dispose of your supplies properly.Old syringes should always be placed in a BioHazard Disposal Bin or some form of hard-shelled storage container. 


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    Guide to Smoking Meth-WITH TORCH LIGHTER

    Why A Torch Lighter Is Ideal:-Your product liquifies, then smokes, almost instantly
    -It is MUCH easier to control the direction the meth flows, as well as what is receiving heat
    -You can get MUCH bigger hits
    -You can avoid burning it so much easier than with other flames
    -No flickering flame
    -Butane refills are cheap as fucking shit (I got a hairspray-sized bottle of Zippo butane for the price of 2 disposable lighters)
    -Don’t burn your thumb as much
    -Sessions can be initiated and/or finished faster

    es-If you don’t pay attention, you can burn the shit out of your product, or yourself. BE CAREFUL, PAY ATTENTION, AND BE PATIENT
    -Smoke through your stash quicker
    -Possibly worse burns because its hotter than a bic

    How to smoke meth with torch lighter for beginn
    1)First ensure that your pipe is clean.

    For the ice to smoke properly. DO NOT load fresh product in a pipe with product that has been smoked, burned, or otherwise heated. If you load fresh on top of a still smokable bowl, the new and old will melt/smoke at different speeds/temperatures (can’t remember which is which right now, but I think old smokes faster), ensuing that it is very difficult to evenly heat the product. Then you get spots where part of the crystalized mass liquifies and will move with the flame, but some of it needs more heat, and for me at least, some always gets burned or darkened, and has a bad taste. If you load fresh product in a pipe with burnt shit in there, IT WILL TASTE LIKE SHIT. It will often also not melt/smoke right, AND your new stuff will taste like burnt stuff, which is THE WORST taste in the world (IM0). (FYI-I’ve heard that blowing cigarette smoke through a oil pipe (like you were going to hit it, but exhaling smoke through it instead) removes the taste. I have tried with pot smoke and it didn’t work, but have read many people say that cigarettes work.

    How to Clean the Inside
    of A Pipe-If it is not clean, a very easy method is to fill a microwavable container (like a coffee mug) with 50% water, 50% bleach, and put the pipe (bowl facing downwards) in the water.
    -Put it in the microwave for 4 minutes (yes, seriously that long-I tried after 1, 2, and 3 minutes and it didn’t work. May even take 5.)
    -Let cool. Once cooled, remove from mug and drain all water.
    -Using Q-tips, insert through carb hole and “mop up” the stuff left in the bowl. This may take several qtips depending on the bowl. If there is still black/brown stuff in the bowl, apply more pressure
    (be careful not to break the bowl by pressing the q tip too hard on the sphere, OR accidentally pressing on the side of the carb when trying to reach around inside with q tip.) If there is still stuff in there, I have read that small bits of Magic Eraser stuffed in, and manipulated with a pole (like a q tip) work wonders, but also have not tried.

    How to Clean the O
    utside of a PiPE
    -Using a wet rag, or balled-up wet paper towels/toilet paper/napkins/etc, rub the outside of the bowl. This should cause the stuff on the outside to transfer onto the paper.
    -If this doesn’t work, steel wool may work.

    g/Prepping Product

    -Dont handle meth by hand. It’s bad for your skin, and little amounts will dissolve. Instead, use:
    Ideally: a 7/11 straw (this is a straw whose last inch or so is a scoop, sometimes used for slurpees or w/e those frozen drinks are; these straws I have found to be ideal for handling all sorts of drugs).
    Realistically: Normal Straw: Straw been sealed on one end (tape, seal it with flame), and on the other has a 45 degree angle (45 degree is diagonal; if you cut a square in half diagonally, the diagonal line is 45). This allows you to scoop small fragments out of a bag, tin, or other carrying device easily, as the angled mouth scoops up crumbs, especially in corners of bags; while the sealed back prevents any from accidentally spilling.

    -Make sure your product is all of the same consistency. I find it best to use one crystal, preferably large (but not to large). I find the size of a tic tac, or slightly larger, to be ideal. Also, cubic or rectangular is best possible shape IME. I will often break long, skinny crystals because they dont burn as well as more square ones, and broken into small squares, they will smoke more evenly.
    -While you can load bigger crystals with smaller bits/shake, I generally find it is best to load similar sized rocks. That is, load all shake, load two or three crystals of equal size, or put one crystal in there (usually a big one).
    -If you need to break a crystal into smaller bits to make equal sized crystals (or to make odd shaped crystal more square), place a sanitary, nonabsorbent material on top of/around the crystal (no dollars bills here, printer paper works great.) and either snap it in two, or push against a surface. If pressing, you can use a finger, debit card, whatever, just slowly apply more pressure so you can crush to consistency of your liking. If you crush it all the way, you have shake(aka powder).

    nces Between Methods
    Single Crystal (often large): Crystal will slowly lose mass as it melts, evenly becoming a pool (as long as you thoroughly spread it around the bowl).
    Multiple Little Ones: If you evenly heat them: Will slowly melt into each other. Will be left with a very spread-out puddle, possibly multiple spread out ones.
    If unevenly heated: There will be areas meth of varying thickness, accompanied by uneven melting and probable darkening/burning,.
    Shake: Will liquify very quickly; little bits that haven’t yet been heated may go to weird parts of the bowl when you begin twisting, so you end up with tiny blotches and a single large or a few smaller puddles.

    Loading Product
    -Using straw, scoop your product into the chamber. Keeping upright, grab oil pipe and tilt at an angle so that the carb is pointing sideways, or angled down slightly. This will allow you to insert straw opening into carb before tipping the straw, ensuring you don’t miss the hole and lose any.
    -Once inserted, twist pipe (while holding onto straw of course) until carb is once again pointing up. Tap straw to get all the little bits into the pipe (if meth is still sticking, use a scraper of some kind).

    Now that you have a loaded pipe, ensure that
    you are ready to begin. Suggestions include
    (lots of it!!) Both meth and smoking dehydrate you, and the more dehydrated you are, the more you will suffer from dental damage and brain damage (neurotoxicity). A large amount of methamphetamine neurotoxicity (and most dopamine toxicity) is temperature-dependent, as it often induces hyperthermia (This is similar to MDMA, aka XTC, Molly, rolls, etc). Water cools your body.
    You should be urinating with irritating frequency, and should be voiding clear urine, otherwise you are already dehydrated (unless taking assloads of vitamins or something).
    I can’t even describe how much music enhances the experience of smoking meth. It synergizes well-the meth makes the music sound insane, and in turn the music intensifies the high, making me feel even more intelligent/strong/attractive/cool/special. This is the part of the high I crave, and it rarely occurs (at least with the intensity I like) without music.
    pare lighter/butane refill
    When smoking meth, you are always running out of fuel. The spare lighter is also useful because lighters get really hot when ignited for long periods of time (like when smoking meth) and you can swap them out.
    -Wet (but not sopping) rag or bundled tissues/pape
    r towels/toilet paper/etc
    This is to set the pipe on when not using it (a hot pipe will burn fabrics, fucking up whatever its on as well as the pipe), and to cool down the pipe after a hit. The pipe stays hot for a while, and if you don’t hit it, drugs are being lost/wasted. If you cool the pipe, it will stop heating the drugs faster (duh). Do not do this immediately after getting the pipe really hot-heat and cold on glass can break it. Wait for it to cool slightly, then use it.
    When you use the rag to cool underneath liquified dope, it will emit a lot
    of smoke while crystalizing I read somewhere that the meth actually vaporizes/produces smoke when it hits cooler surface, but I don’t know the validity of that. I do know that cold makes it smoke more though.
    -Salt Water
    Swishing and gargling salt water while smoking meth (ie after a hit, and definitely after a session) will help prevent canker sores, help kill bacteria (which will inhibit meth mouth) clear mucus in back of throat (which will build up from smoking ice, and may possibly absorb some of it), and prevent sore throat. Its really easy-just add table salt to water (not too much). Some people say to use hot water, but there is more bacteria in hot water pipes, so I use cold.
    -Biotene Products
    These are oral healthcare products designed to combat dry mouth. There is an oral gel that you kind of spread in your mouth and coats it to act like a artificial saliva. It tastes kinda bad (not awful) and feels weird, but it beats dry/cracking skin, and is good for oral health. They also make alcohol-free (alcohol makes dry mouth worse) mouthwash that I find makes me produce a bnch of saliva for like 10-30 minutes, which can be helpful. They have toothpaste, but that is only to not irritate dry mouth. Finally, they have oral mouthspray, which is apparently the best, but I have not tried yet.
    Weed makes meth smoking more fun I find. Its hard to describe. Go slow as you may have negative anxiety reaction


    The pipe will need to be twisted back and forth, so for me, I hold it in the middle of the stem between my middle finger and thumb. This allows me to easily roll the pipe back and forth. The carb is facing the sky/ceiling, and I have the pipe slanted, so the bowl is slightly closer to the floor than the mouthpiece. This allows me to put my index finger over the mouthpiece. so that when I first heat up the bowl all the initial smoke (that you will not yet inhale because it is not super thick and you want to build up a good hit) goes up the stem and is trapped by my finger rather than out through the little carb hole (which it will do when the stem is filled with smoke). Finally, it also allows me to use my pinky to cover the carb (I rarely do this because often the carb is hot).


    [Torch] Lighter is held in the other hand, underneath the dope in the bowl. Adjust your flame to lowest setting (if you can). While initially hitting the bowl, since your mouth is not on the mouthpiece, you can hold the pipe in front of you while you heat to gaug distance between flame and bowl, and make sure the flame is under the drugs. However, once you begin inhaling, you have a much worse view (through the bowl), and it is easy to hold the lighter too close (or far, but usually close), or to have it not even under the bowl. Due to poor depth perception (which I assume is from the drugs), or some visual warping from the curvature of the glass, its really easy to do this, and happens a lot. A mirror is helpful so you can see yourself. Another option is attaching flexible tubing (like aquarium tubing) to the mouthpiece so you can inhale through that while holding the pipe in front of you. This will also enable you to make meth bongs (search it).

    Philosophy of Smoking Meth
    Meth becomes a clear liquid when heated, then vaporizes into a white smoke. The idea is to heat whatever you placei n the pipe evenly so that it all melts down to liquid, then, by twisting the pipe, spread the liquid all around the bowl, so that it doesn’t stay in a hot place for too long and burn. Once liquified, the pipe can be twisted. This allows you to put your flame ahead of the liquid (think of the liquid chasing the flame), so that once the glass is heated, it will fall/roll down the curve towards your lighter and smoke. As you get close carb, you begin to twist the other way, keeping the liquid following your flame. However, with a torch lighter, you can soon twist the pipe without the flame and the liquid will still run for a while, and when it doesn’t is when you reapply the flame.

    Quick Info On Torch Lighters
    Torch lighters are very hot, much hotter than bics. Their flame is much more intense, and the heat above is much hotter than a bic. Therefore, you must keep much more distance between your lighter and pipe than with a bic. It will vary according to lighter type, pipe thickness, and especially flame size; but my flame is maybe between 1/3 and ½ of an inch, and my lighter stays 1-3 inches away from the pipe; with me increasing distance the longer its lit.
    -Also, you do not heat the bowl with a torch lighter for long
    periods of time like you do a bic. Once it begins to smoke, quit using the lighter, and only reapply once the liquid quits moving when you twist the pipe. Also, be sure to twist pipe while lighting the whole time with a torch lighter, even if it is slowly. You cannot really get away with heating in one spot for a short period of time like you can with a bic.


    -Keeping your flame 1-2 inches below the bowl, roll flame in a circle around the perimeter of your product, so the outermost portion begins to liquify. Remember to continue moving the flame.
    -As it begins to liquify, beg
    in twisting the pipe back and forth. You want to heat the edges of the product and then the glass adjacent to the edges to make it flow there. However, when reversing the direction of the twist, make sure to heat the inside/middle for a moment as well so that it will melt once the dope bordering it has melted.
    -Eventually you will have a puddle of liquid that is mobile-stop heating! COntinue to twist the pipe to spread the stuff around and wait for it to recrystalize (turn back into a liquid). You can speed this up by touching pipe with damp rag/paper towels/etc, but I like to let it cool by itself the first time. Wait for the pipe to cool down-its worth it.

    (this is assuming you are covering the mouthpiece and have the pipe angled like I mentioned in positioning)
    -Now you should have a thin puddle of clear crystals stuff. Once again, heat with flame around the perimeter (much bigger this time, but it will also melt faster now because its thinner). Once melted, it should soon begin to smoke. Cease lighting once it begins smoking a fair bit and continue to twist.
    -Because you have your finger over the mouthpiece and the pipe angled, the hot vapor will travel up the stem, and be trapped. Once vapor begins to emerge out of the carb hole, quickly take your finger off the stem and begin inhaling (do this quick because the stem is filled with vapor).
    To Inhale:
    You do not need to actually suck most of the time. With the pipe angled, simply forming a seal on the mouthpiece is usually enough, and if you have to inhale, do not suck like smoking. Instead, inhale like you are breathing but VERY slowly/softly. It takes very little pressure and the bigger hit you get, the better IMO.
    Use the torch for very brief periods of time. Once the liquid is moving and smoking agian, stop. You can also use more, but never use less once its burned.
    Finishing your hit:
    If your lungs are full and it is still smoking, cover the carb and mouthpiece and continue twisting. I like to hold my hits for 4-8 seconds, some say blow out right away, but I dont like that. You can also use a damp rag or damp paper towels/toilet paper/napkins/etc and wipe the bowl, to cool it down and make the liquid recrystalize faster (dont do this when the bowl is still super hot because it can break it). This will make it smoke a lot for a second so I like to do it while inhaling.

    For Experienced Users:I have found the torch lighter to be far superior to the bic. With the bic, I would experience uneven and slow heating/melting. Now, I have almost instantaneous liquification, followed by thick smoke, and as long as I use the torch sparingly, no darkening of product. The trick is to be patient and methodical:
    -Use the torch 1-3 inches away from the bowl
    -Move it quickly
    -“Encourage” the liquid to trael all over the bowl by leading it with the flame
    -Use inward swirling movements, especially during the melting phase
    -I recommend using single, squareish crystals for this.


    SO ALL:

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    Only this once...

    The first time I was offered meth. I said no, but I wanted to say yes. The second time it was offered to me I didn’t say no, but I didn’t say yes either. My hesitation gave me away. So there I was accepting my first line and what I swore would be my last. I knew once I did it I didn’t mean what I said. It burned as I snorted it at first, but it took no time at all for the high to hit me. Feeling my heart beat rapidly and my head spin I knew this wouldn’t be a one time thing. As I leaned back against the wall enjoying the sensations that just over took me I asked if I could have another line. All it took was the one time for me to be in for a ride of a life time.

    My story.

    I had some of the craziest dreams of my life. I had been awake for about 5 days. I love staying awake, i love the feeling I get watching the crystal shooting into my viens. I love that feeling more than anything. I love that feeling more than I care about myself or my health. Im an addict.

    Before I was an addicted to crystal meth I had only ever smoked pot and took adderall every once in a while.

    One night my boyfriend brought home some meth and it took me a while and him convincing me to try it. I finally tried it. And after that first time smoking it I knew I was in love with that feeling. After a few month of smoking and watching other shooting it I decided I wanted to try shooting it.

    I got a needle, water, cotton and spoon ready and starting looking up online how to shoot it because my boyfriend was against me trying it. I was going to do it with or without his help. I told myself and him just ONCE. I just wanted to see what it was like ONE time. He finally decided to help me. And he shot me up and that was the craziest feeling in the world. I vommited immediately, my body got so hot he had to put ice packs all over me, my eyes felt like they were vibrating, my heart rate was off the charts. I felt invincible. I felt amazing, I felt like i had never felt in my life. I was hallucinating, I was happy and thankfully he was there to babysit my crazy ass because I was all over the place. I went outside and the stars were every where, I was surrounded by lightning bugs everything was more beautiful than i had ever seen it. I had the time of my life.

    That was over a year ago. Would you believe it wasnt just once that I shot up. Would you believe from that first shot I was addicted. To this day I still inject meth. I can’t smoke it, I can’t hotrail or snort it. Its just not the same. Trust me when I say you’ll never feel as good as that first shot. Im not going to lie and say it doesnt feel amazing still because it does. I am in love with how it makes me feel. I hate myself though when I’m not high.

    When I’m not high I just think about getting high. I go days without eating and sleeping. When I do sleep I dream meth, when I’m not high my emotions are all over the place. If I could do it all over again would I? Probably would because I’m an expert in making poor decisions. Realistically I wish I would have stuck to smoking pot and living a normal life.

    I am an addict, I don’t plan on stopping either. I don’t plan on getting better. I assume I’ll live the life of an addict until it kills me. I’ve had come downs so badly I’ve tried and almost successfully taken my own life. I don’t recommend anyone ever try hard drugs. Be smart and stay away from the temptation. Its not glamorous, its only fun until its not. It is a way of life. Its the life of an addict. I’ll never forget i said i was only going to try it once. I should have known that was bullshit from the moment those words left my mouth.

    Now I’m going to go do another shot, my second for the day and I’ve only been awake for a couple hours.

    Once you focus on and channel your high in such a way, you can control it.

    Rather than letting yourself be consumed by the drug and be unable to control yourself, take a moment to work with your high.

    Once you figure out how you are when you are a little high, decently high and completely spun, you can take that and turn it into positive energy.

    Sure it takes a while.

    Becoming one with your high is the ultimate achievement.

    Figure out what triggers you into a flail, even, and be able to stop yourself from flailing in 3 seconds. Like, catch yourself in the act and stop. Stand still for a second and then restart and slowly keep yourself composed.

    Working while high is a task in itself. Pay attention to how you work while high. If you can focus hard enough you can work like you’re completely normal.

    What i do is I stare ahead when I walk around so I don’t get distracted. And then if I’m talking to someone I listen to how I sound and if I start stuttering, I catch it and stop and switch to another subject. Channel your high into your work, but slowly, so you aren’t doing it at an incredibly fast, noticeable pace.

    If you feel yourself about to severely flail, go do a task you normally do that takes up a lot of time and let it go. It keeps you busy.

    As for a comedown, pay attention to what happens to you 5 minutes before you come down.

    As for my come down, I’ve picked up on my mind going completely blank, even while talking to someone. If I’m in the middle of answering someone and I cannot for the life of me come up with a single thought, and have a deer in the headlights look, I know to go lay down or if I’m in public and find a bathroom.

    Rather than crying aggressively, I’m calming myself down by taking deep breathes and closing my eyes while avoiding taking to my boyfriend which is my target for comedown anger.

    It worked last time. It was the most enjoyable high and comedian experience I’ve had in the almost 2 years of doing this.

    All you tweakers out there who have trouble keeping your tweak chill and coming down nicely, pay attention to yourself.

    Guide To Proper Meth Use

    Meth is the holy grail of tweakers, a great drug, a great time, but it comes with a lot of other aspects that any user, especially a newbie, should be well aware of before getting into this world.  I am writing this post to spread and encourage the safe and proper use of meth, because the right way is fantastic and the wrong way sucks.

    ROA: there are 4 actual ways to ingest meth, some people prefer certain ways, but i intend for my readers to at least try three of the four ways.


    A sack of meth usually comes in the form of many very small crystals (almost powder), with bigger crystals among them. When it comes to smoking, you want the bigger crystals, because they don’t burn as quick, therefore you waste less. Put a crystal in your pookie, make sure its at the bottom, and slowly (but with rhythm) twist it with your fingers back and forth, (not even that much) while keeping the flame under, but barely or not touching the glass. Just put the flame close while to get a crystal burning (if it’s powdery, don’t let the flame touch at all that would burn the shit.) Then slowly suck in the smoke. People who lack tolerance should exhale immediately after their done hitting.  Basically, you never want to end up with soot on your pipe, that means you went too close.  Now, one fat hit is a pretty recreational dose, a newbie would be just fine with one, maybe two spread out hits.  IMPORTANT: the thing about smoking is that it takes about 10 minutes to realize how high you are, so it’s very easy to overdo it.   Take ten-fifteen minutes between hits if your doing a lot.  



    This is personally my favorite way.  You can use the powdery shit for this. I usually will snort half a dimebag at once, but a newbie can simply pull out a mid sized crystal out of their 20 sack and snort that, or do a keybump.    You must crush it completely into powder to snort it, or it’s gonna fuck your nose up.   Take a credit card and crush the desired amount into powder.  I find that meth gets stuck in most surfaces, so i usually just crush it between two cards.  After. put it on the table and make a line.  If your doing a fat line, you can split it in two and suck up one right after the other to minimize burn.    Remember to wait at least five minutes to redose, so you don’t overdo it. Snorting gives a great head change, and yeah, it burns, but it’s a great burn.



    This form of ingesting is the most intense, however, you come down faster and harder! Not to mention it is the only sure fire way to feel withdrawals quickly. It’s something i recommend doing once a week max, it can get risky if you surpass that.  I’m going to leave preparation out of this atm, but if you decide to shoot up, make sure you got someone who knows what they are doing, and make sure you’ve seen them successfully shoot (not missing, no cotton fever, good confidence, and still hands) before having them do it to you.   Anyway, injecting usually (depending on the quality) will give you an intense rush involving the “bell”, a distinct buzzing, a unique type of nausea and intense euphoria. Every 10 mills. is a benchmark.  A newbie would be fine with a “dime” (10 mills.), then after shooting two or three times (CLOSE TOGETHER, WITHIN THE SAME WEEK), the newbie can graduate to a “dub” (20 mills.)   I highly discourage going past 30 mills. as more would just raise your tolerance and cause addiction. Personally, i do not enjoy injecting by itself, it’s too short lived.  However, if you smoke 20-30 minutes after the shot, you won’t come down so fast, and your high will be amazing!!  Always be careful though, it is very easy to OD on meth while shooting up, so don’t try to overdo it. If you OD, you will get awful withdrawal like side effects, or you’ll just pass out, or die.


    The most medical method to use meth, you can either get vitamin capsules from a store (just dump the vitamin out and put the shit in) or just wrap a dose in tissue or toilet paper (make sure its completely covered, or it could burn your stomach, which isn;t bad, but hurts) and just swallow it.  I’d suggest a newbie go with a five sack at once. It will take around 30 minutes to kick in, but will last much longer.  


    Meth is a very unpredictable drug, which means that anyone who is new to it needs to do it right to not risk disaster. Here are some simple steps to guide anyone the right way.


    If you are new to this drug, you will want to do it around good, trustworthy friends, preferably in a house where no one would care. Remember to not overdo it if your by yourself. Don’t be in a position where you would have to get emotionally involved in anything. BE HAPPY!  that is very important, being optimistic can turn the comedown into something decent and keep you from looking like a tweaker. Also, GUM, you will want gum for two reasons: because tweaking makes your jaw shake, (a telltale tweaker sign) and tweaking makes you chew the fuck out of your tongue. Gum will resolve both these issues.  Most people don’t seem to get dialated eyes on speed for very long, but if that makes you sketch, sunglasses will do the trick. If you cannot find friends to tweak around, just make sure you have something to do, that will keep you well busy.  I’m talking like, making music or working on a computer, nothing extra physical.



    Here’s where it’s very important to be careful.  The decent (euphoria, confidence, ect.) effects of meth only last two consecutive days.  Going past that is very unhealthy and basically pointless, but, i’ve done it, so i have advice to all the all week tweakers as well.  First off, WATER!  if you are binging (or just doing meth at all) you NEED water.  Since Meth dehydrates you by using water as energy, water is your second fuel, especially if your binging!  Keep a water bottle at all times while tweaking, and sip it at least every ten-fifteen minutes.  You will feel much better. Secondly, is SLEEP.  People have a tendency to neglect sleep while tweaking.  Thats fine on a normal day or a 1-2 day binge, but if your regularly using Shit, you NEED to teach your body to sleep while high.  You can do it, it’s not hard.  Sleeping during a binge is far healthier for your heart and it prevents psychosis.  Thirdly, FOOD!  You may not know it, but going a day spun out, not hungry, not eating is hard on your body.  Just like sleeping, on a binge, or with regular use, you NEED to teach yourself to eat while on Meth.  I know, it’s hard, you don’t feel like it, but your body needs it, and it will make your trip a world better than what it could be.      IMPORTANT!!: DO NOT BINGE MORE THAN FIVE-SIX DAYS!,  you are risking serious damage to your body (heart) and even death if you go that far. 1-2 days, perfect. Also, KEEP BINGING TO ONCE A MONTH AT MOST!   Lastly, moderate your Shit use.   Don’t use more than a half gram total when binging.   If your binge is longer than 2 days, the same rule applies, half gram. DON’T SHOOT UP after the first day of your binge, if at all.   It’s risky, and either way, you’ll pay for it after. On a binge, you want to spread out your hits as much as you can.  Binging is not about getting as spun as you can in a matter of minutes, it’s about staying up for a lengthy period of time, the better you understand that, the funner time you’ll have and healthier you will be.



    Now, the comedown is a very integral part of tweaking. How bad it is depends on your use. It is when your brain is coping with the loss dopamine and regeneration. Symptoms are depression, anger, irritability, anxiety, and insomnia. The good and bad parts come in waves, however, so you will feel bad, then euphoric, until you are sober. Meth, in my opinion, has a very light and controllable comedown IF you’ve only done a normal dose.   Propylhexedrine (Benzedrex) is farrr worse, the worst amphetamine comedown.  Anyway, theres no real need to worry if you only snorted a line or took a couple hits. However, if        you’ve been doing it all day, shot up, or are binging, you will want a  benzo for the comedown. Xanax, ativan, ambien, valium or klonopin will do.  I suggest taking a Xanny bar as soon as you decide the comedown sucks.   Weed and alcohol work amazing for the comedown as well if you don’t have benzos.   IMPORTANT!!: Remember to not give in to the temptation of using more when you feel the comedown.   Just remember that it really isn’t bad, and focus on getting downers. A comedown off a binge will be much worse than a day sesh, obviously, but as long as you don’t shoot up, the comedown should be mellow.


    The crash is the intense part of any binge.  Not as bad as comedown or withdrawal, you just feel extremely tired and burnt. This is when all the loss of energy, sleep, ect. catches up.   You can use benzos if you want, alcohol would work too, but weed is by far the best substance to use on a crash, it provides a unique high that isn’t bad at all. You can take melatonin pills and camamille tea to help with your crash. Just make sure you sleep as soon as you feel that super tired, dead feeling hits, staying up or doing shit during the crash is a very bad idea.  

    TIP–One sure fire thing that has worked for my crashes is my friend’s psych meds, Clozapine.  YOU ONLY NEED 1/8 OF THE PILL!!!  That will knock you the fuck out fast, that shit is strong.   Don’t go past that, Clozapine is extremely easy to OD on.


    Once you get past the crash of a binge (or go cold turkey off heavy use), you will feel withdrawal. Your body has gotten very used to having Meth in it’s system and it wants more.  This is the real test of will for most tweakers.  Withdrawals are no big deal if you just went hard the day before, but if you have been binging, that is quite a different story. They are non lethal, but symptoms include anxiety, despair, depression, sleeplessness, hypertension, compulsive twitching, HEAVY heartbeat and heavy breathing.  A benzo is your best bet.  Weed works too, BUT make sure it is SATIVA, not indica. Indica will fuck with your hypertension, sativa is prime for withdrawals though. They will last 1 to 3 days depending on how hard you were going.   IMPORTANT!! NEVER LET YOUR BODY GO INTO WITHDRAWALS AND THEN HIT METH!!   THIS WILL BRING THE WITHDRAWALS BACK WAYYYY WORSE!!  Opiates, hands down are the best for curing meth withdrawal. If you get dope, opi pills or some flip, you’ll be just fine.    

    TIP–NEVER SMOKE CIGARETTES DURING WITHDRAWAL!!  They will fuck with your hypertension BIG TIME!  


    After coming off a binge, you’ll have to decide if your going to stop doing shit for awhile, or keep going.  That is up to you if you came off a one or two day binge, but any longer than that, TAKE A BREAK.   The issues i’m addressing in this paragraph are the long term and stereotypical values people hold to meth.


    Meth can be used on a regular basis healthily if certain rules are followed. I don’t recommend any sort of consistancy with meth use, but it can be used medicinally, therupedicly, and as a work tool, so it’s not a big deal.  If using regularly (or if in the middle of a binge) watch your hygiene.  It’s easy to forget to shower or change your clothes when spun out. Also, BRUSH YOUR TEETH if you smoke it.  Meth is a chemical, it will wear at your teeth if used too much, but good oral hygiene will offset that. Another important rule is CHANGE UP THE ROA. Smoke it one day, snort it the next, parachute the next, shoot the next, for example.  Meth is a chemical, whatever orefice you use it a lot on, it will wear at, (teeth, nose, veins, ect.) but if you change it up, your body will thank you.  Below are examples of healthy ways to use regularly. And for the record, the below recommendations are far healthier with no shooting at all, but some people gotta shoot, so i’m putting in my healthiest recommendation.

    LIGHT USE(20 sack a week or less NO SHOOTING)

    This would be for newbies, or people who stick to the drug medicinally (i am not counting recreational users as regular users)  Smoking a bowl or two every day is perfect for those who lack tolerance.  Veteran users may not realize this, but a single decent hit of meth will get a person spun out for hours. A light user should spread thier dime bag or dub every other day through the week, unless they have scheduled work or something, but a couple days off a week are important.  After a MONTH of use, there should be a two week to month session of sobriety before coming back.

    MODERATE USE(20-40 sack a week OCCASIONAL SHOT, once a week AT MOST) People who buy this much are more into it, usually have jobs they want to get through, or are just plain habitual users. This amount should not be used to binge AT ALL, but used every other day, BEFORE the evening, so you can sleep every night.  After a month or two of use, there should be AT LEAST 2 weeks off, preferrably a month or two off, but a short break is just fine.

    RECOMMENDED HEAVY USE(60 sack or more a week, SHOT LIMIT TWICE IN A WEEK, WITH SOME WEEKS OFF)  As far as my opinion goes, this is way to much to fuck with on a regular basis, so it’s not too healthy, but there’s no reason you can’t be a heavy user and get the most out of it.  DON’T use every day.   Take at least one day off a week, two days every other week.  With use this heavy, a given user should keep benzos around just in case they have an off day and need to chill or sleep.   Try never to use in the evening unless you can sleep through your high. After two months, take as much time off as possible, it is a good idea to find another drug to fuck with while your body recovers, minimum 2 weeks. Keep in mind, i am assuming that a “heavy” user can handle his shit (life, emotions, ect.) while high. If yout going past light use and at the same time you notice people being hostile or different,   and things just aren’t going right, that is a sign to cut back or quit.  Keep an eye on how the drug affects you.


    Meth has a fat stigma attatched to it, and while it is an exaggerated stigma, part of it is very much legit. Just follow the basics of this guide and there is nothing to worry about, but in any case, time to address these issues.    Yes, people can and do lead normal lives being meth users. It’s all moderation, additionally, contrary to popular belief, meth itself doesn’t do SHIT to your brain cells, not directly.  People lose brain cells from not sleeping, not using meth, so make sure to get some z’s on an overnight tweak sesh. Other than that, make sure you have decent hygiene and aren’t an asshole to your friends while tweaking.  And that’s that, it really isn’t some super drug, its simply a dopamine releaser, a marvel of science


    More so than ritalin or adderall, a conveniant side effect of meth is that is destroys adhd, and makes people focus. It can be used at school or work at low doses (non-recreational).  Smoking and snorting while at a public place can be a pain, so parachute that shit, that is the most medicinal form, as it takes 30 to kick in and the high is light but long lasting. Meth is also a great replacement for coffee if your reallyyy tired, or not even!



    Meth users are a whole community of people who have one thing in common; Meth! Tweakers i know are usually very chill, and anyone who really digs Shit will have to amass a group of tweaker homies eventually. While they can be moochers, you will recieve good things when you least expect them if you are cool or shoot them an occasional bowl or shot. Just mind the ones who are having thier comedown or crash days and be a pal, they could always use some handouts or someone just to chill with.


    Now, there is something that gets difficult to realize once your in the meth game,  and it’s that most people and cops HATE tweakers and HATE meth. Getting caught with some shit in your pocket will get your ass locked up, so don’t hide it in your shitty weed hiding spot, HIDE THAT SHIT GOOOOOOOD! You readers are gonna have to find your own amazing hidey holes, but just make sure they are nearly impossible to uncover without knowing. Also, for anyone who doesn’t realize, meth is not a game, no matter how recreational it is.  Don’t pick up a sack from your dealer and then tell people you have meth, thats how fools get caught up.   NO ONE should know you have Shit unless their tweaking out with you.    And remember kids, SLC Mike is your local legit Meth Man. Sip Flip every day, fools

    Anyone know the plug with the number

    ‭+1 (917) 580-8766‬

    He’s a scammer and will take your money. He pretends to be your friend first to get you comfortable and gets you to trust him. He’s sneaky. And blocked me on here once I finally got angry at him. If someone could hook me up with his blog that would mean a lot. Looks like the average “meth plug” on here and meth is in the blog name I’m pretty sure. So yeah if anyone can link his blog or send me a message with the link that would mean a lot. I want to add him to the fake plugs post. Just because someone needs to call these people out for kicking people while they’re desperate and down. The lowest time to steal from someone is when you know they’re desperate for it. I just want to be able to warn people on here so if they look them up they see my post and know not to send them money.

    Also, just so you guys know the legit plugs on here will send you a sample no charge. Which means no shipping or insurance fee either. Free as in basically a gift to you to say hey let’s be buds. I’m trusting you now you trust me. Like a dealer next door would let you try his product first before you buy a ball. So ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask them to send a sample. If they say they can’t for any reason they’re just trying to take money from you. Tell them to fuck off and then spread the word about these people.

    I just wanna point out

    That the .39 I smoked from 8pm-12:30am Thursday night. Finished it during that time frame. I have been awake since then. Lol I take night meds to sleep and I still haven’t been able to fall asleep no matter how hard I tried. Every other stuff I’ve had before I could fall asleep. Not this stuff though.

    Rewind, I’ve been sick for two weeks with a cold and because I have asthma it turned into acute viral bronchitis. My body gave myself the virus lol. So I should be a little tired no matter what.

    Aright back to now it’s Saturday night almost exactly 48 hours since I took my first hit. I’ve been able to sleep two hours, I feel happy and content still though. I have like no anxiety, add issues, depression or extreme fatigue. Meth levels those things out for me.

    This is the best stuff I’ve ever had. Highly recommend.

    My Addiction

    I remember being 16 and thinking smoking weed was bad enough for me. I was your traditional pothead. Smoking made me chill, relaxed, but deep inside.. Everything I so desperately needed too run away from still managed too run circles in my head. It wasn’t enough. I had heard of hard drugs, but always reassured myself that I wasn’t going too become one of those “mentally unstable junkies that society looked down upon.”

    But here I am, I’m 19 and I’m addicted too shooting meth. I wish I could retrace my steps and get an idea of how I ended up being something that was never an option. Maybe life was just at the point of where you no longer want too live, but dying isn’t something you’d want too put on the ones closest too you. I had no interest in myself. Terrible decision making was strongly in the process.

    I didn’t hesitate when asked if I wanted too snort a line. I felt for the first time in what seemed like forever, that my mind and soul were clear. No negative thoughts, but unfortunately no positive ones either. I snorted maybe 2 or 3 over the next few days, and I could feel myself potentially having the desire for more and more. I stopped.

    I’ll never forget the night my childhood bestfriend introduced me into rolling bowls. And once again, I had the mindset of a selfless individual. 2 months later, I had traded all my loved ones in for dope heads, and traded my home in for the dope houses. I still cannot recall when my entire life began revolving around chasing the smoke. The only thing I was sure of was that I was finally okay inside. I didn’t even notice the world I had once knew no longer existed. I changed. Mentally, physically, emotionally. I didn’t care about anyone or anything. Genuine feelings seem too escape from my reach.

    Over the next few months, I had lost all the dope heads I had called my “bestfriends”, my family, including my sisters disowned me. Seems everyone thought I was too far gone. I was way too spun off. I thought I couldn’t feel anymore, but God let me you, every piece of me hurt, I had never felt so alone and broken in all my years. That was my biggest breaking point. Out of 20 people, ONE person stayed. Wanna know the funny part? I barely knew him, and he took care of me like he had known me for decades. He talked me out of suicide and let me vent for literally hours upon hours. We were so much alike. He fortunately knocked some sense into me. I slowly but surely gained my family back. They weren’t going too leave my side as long as I let the drug go. I agreed.

    But I lied. Getting clean wasn’t something I was strong enough too do. Meth is what made me okay. Eventually, the stranger that saved my life became my significant other. We were two of the same, only difference is that he shoots it, rather than smoke it. My curiosity is what turned my happily ever after upside down. He constantly reassured me that the needle isn’t a temporary loss of your world, it’s an eternity of being a lost soul. But seeing him use, watching how it made him feel wasn’t something I could drive myself away from. I so desperately wanted too just once feel anything bigger than what I had already endured. Smoking wasn’t doing it for me much anymore. My tolerance was through the roof. Although, I knew I couldn’t go through the process myself. I knew nothing about it. But time after time again he refused too be the one too completely ruin me. I became selfish. I took advantage of the love and care he had for me. The one time he was unable too think straight, I conned him into sticking that needle into my vein for the first time.

    I’ve never felt anything so powerful before. I instantly felt this warm ness in the back of my throat, like hot soup making its way down, but so potent I started coughing. My heart began too speed up. Thumping so fucking hard against my chest as if it was about too explode. For a split second, I began too panic. My anxiety wanted too take over, but then all together, all at once, my entire body became weak, my eyes went heavy, they wanted nothing more than too close. This rush is something you can never even begin too explain.

    After it was over, the only thought I could process was that I was utterly in love. The feeling of blankness. So, calm and relaxed. But only if you choose too be. Thoughts certainly don’t make it’s way too the heart. You’re empty. Completely. But that’s okay. Because at that moment, when you feel the high after the weakness, no one, and I mean absolutely no one can hurt you. No matter what the actions or what has been said, in that very second, they don’t exist. You’re alone within your lacking heart. Your soulless corpse.

    Since that night, smoking isn’t my main priority anymore. I crave and desire that painful needle that seems too kill me way down deep. Up until now, my significant other has been forced too feed my addiction and also be the one too constantly hit me. That’s something I’ve always depended on him for. But now that I have the ability too do it myself, I don’t see myself ever finding a way out of my safe haven.

    I’m seriously disappointed in knowing who I use too be and who I’ve become. But I think I’m more disappointed that the woman looking back at me in the mirror is me, she’s not going anywhere. This drug will always be my sanity.

    I’m less than a human.

    I’m a mentally unstable junkie that society looks down upon.


    (based on personal experiences)

    Aries: the biggest softies? they trust wayyy too easily & often become hardened due to bad experiences w friends/lovers. act angry & tough but many are just hurt.

    Taurus: they’re not as good at reading people as they like to think. they ignore at the evidence in front of them in favor of their own opinions. they deal with a lot of rude awakenings when it comes to people.

    Keep reading

    How do you deal with feelings for someone that you've known for over 15 years. That you have been a good friend for the whole time. That has just ended her marriage because her husband cheated on her twice and is ready to move on. I have told her some of how I feel about her, that's all I had time to tell her and I was a nervous wreck telling her. But she was getting interested in someone else before I knew. She told me to give her some time to think about it and process it. I would really like to talk to her more about how I feel, but she told me to give you some time to think about it. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid that if I don't talk to her about it, I'm going to lose my chance and I'm afraid if I do talk to her about it, I'm going to lose my chance. What do I do?