The Clouds

35 male, Ut. Just looking for real friends, having fun & hanging out.

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2020-11-23 22:58:53

    Finally got to get spun again and I’m higher than i think I’ve ever been so I’m posting my first video to introduce myself to the wonderful #tweakernation ♥
    Dedicating this to wstarr for your magical tutorials, methicalunicorn my role model of positivity, is-meth-a-carb & xtragically-beautifulx for creating this glory and I’d love to get to know better, iceinhalation who im proud of no matter what (and I love your accent!), mermaidpuss who is stunning and reminds me of everything i wanna be, crystalmethdragoness cause dragons are amazing, and the rest of you that I’m too on to tag, I’ve been stuck on this for like an hour lolol.

    Oh and get-the-yayo-please cause you’re still all i can think of sober or high and I love you and if Mckayla hurts you I will end her.

    Have a marvelous night everyone ♥


    Aren’t you just a sweetheart?


    I REALLY approve of you posting videos. You are VERY sexy smoking. Thanks. :)