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    Cross-Dressing Cycles

    This page deals with the cycles of Cross-Dressing. It is VERY important for us to understand these cycles, so that we can deal with them better. Not just for ourselves, but for our spouses as well. In fact, I think it’s absolutely imperative that our S/O’s understand what we’re going through internally. I have never seen a chart describing these emotions, so I have tried to create my own version here. 

    Life is really about cycles. Our planet goes around the sun, the moon goes around the earth, etc.; everything moves in cycles. Our tides and women’s menstrual cycles are affected by the moon’s cycles. Internally, our bodies have cycles commonly called biorhythms.

    There are 3 distinct biorhythms; Emotional, Physical and Intellectual. The basic concept is that we all have our highs and lows, which can be charted similar to the image below.  Biorhythms are controlled by INTERNAL factors, not external. This means that they happen at set intervals, regardless of what is externally happening in our lives.
    The physical cycle is 23 days,
     the Emotional cycle is 28 days,
    and the Intellectual cycle is 33 days.
    A major point I want to make, is that our natural rhythms flow in a sine-wave type fashions, slowly going from minimum to maximum and back again. Notice the lack of acute angles in the changes.


    Unlike biorhythms, our cross-dressing cycles are EXTERNAL. This means that each cycle has a different duration and intensity, depending on circumstances in our life. We still have the cycles, but it could vary from weeks to months to years. Some people (myself included) have been able to abstain from cross-dressing for years at a time, when necessary. As stated, it depends on external factors. Each person is different, and their circumstances change continually.

    Our “normal” cross-dressing cycle is shown in the chart below. It has been labeled and color-coded to help explain what it represents. As we can see, these cycles do not naturally follow a sine-wave pattern, and include some sharp changes. These acute angles are where we experience emotional pain. By understanding these cycles, and the influencing factors, it is possible to make the patterns more sine-wave like, less acute, and therefore less painful for us all. Let’s take a look at how this works.


    A >> B

    This represents the normal (male) time period. As you can see, this accounts for most of the CD’s time. During this time, the CD/TV will be able to conceal his cross-dressing desires without too much effort, and appear as normal as any other man.  However, as time progresses, the desires will build. The line is drawn straight here, but will not be linear, depending on external factors.

    B >> C

    When the desire to cross-dress becomes prevalent (point B), the TV/CD will start thinking about dressing enfemme almost daily. At this time, he will start to seriously think of a plan to dress enfemme, and  address his issue. He will start to purchase items for the dress-up time, if he doesn’t have anything, or has purged them previously.

    C >> D

    If an opportunity to dress up has not presented itself, the CD/TV will reach point C. At this point, the CD/TV is probably being affected by a CONSTANT desire to dress-up, and may well be affecting his dreams. At this time, the CD may take adverse steps to ensure he has the opportunity to dress-up (skip school, work, etc.) At this time, the CD will probably be more emotional than usual, due to his having to hide this overwhelming desire.

    D >> E

    Once the CD/TV has been able to dress enfemme, and have “playtime”, there is an immense let-down (usually at the point of orgasm). The chart shows point E, which is the same as point A, only point E is on the downside, not the upside. Point E will become important later in this discussion.

    E >> F

    At this point, MOST CD/TV’s never even feel point E; they go straight from point D (release / orgasm) to point F (shame, guilt and depression).  The CD feels VERY ashamed, isolated, and depressed. At this point, many CD/TV’s vow to themselves to rid themselves of cross-dressing, and will purge wardrobes, magazines, blogs, etc..

    F >> A

    After purging, the CD/TV will still be ashamed, and below the “normal” threshold (point A). As time progresses, he will feel better about himself, because the urge to cross-dress has subsided. Soon he will be back at point A, and unfortunately, the cycle will start over again.

    As you can see, this can be a very destructive emotional cycle… for anyone. Yet, if left unchecked, this is the roller-coaster ride that the average transvestite takes. There are 3 main things which need to occur to help turn this from a destructive cycle, to a more natural cycle.

    • Remove the sharp angle at Point D.
    • Remove the sharp angle at Point F.
    • Don’t let the baseline drift upwards.

    You may be asking yourself, HOW can we actually change these cycles ? The answer lies within the fact that these cycles are influenced by EXTERNAL factors. Thus, by changing the external factors, we can change the cycle angles.

    The first thing we should do is evaluate our own cycle duration. Is it once a week, once a month, once a year, etc.. Personally, I think once a month is about right for my particular cycle. Once we understand our own cycle, we’re going to have to do some things to externally influence our chart.

    CrossDressing - Stage #2 - External


    Sharp Angle At Point D

    We want to make sure our desires are filled between point B & C, and NOT allow it to progress to point D. Many CD/TV’s already do this, but we all know it doesn’t always work out the way it should. The BEST way to avoid the problems at point D is simply this …. good planning !!! Once point B has been reached, you should start making plans, set an actual date when you’re going to dress-up. By making a solid plan, it will keep your emotions in the B >> C range, and avoiding the C >> D range. Of course, the timing from B >> C is important. If your cycle time is monthly, then obviously a 2 month waiting period is too long. In addition, if you do not set a firm date, the emotions get carried away and progress to the C >> D level quicker. This happens because your mind thinks you’re ignoring what it’s telling you, and thus it starts screaming that much louder at you to pay attention. Once a firm date has been set, the emotions can actually start leveling off a bit because you know you have a plan in place. At that point, you can actually enjoy the feelings between point B >> C..

    Sharp Angle
    At Point F

    The most destructive part of the cycle is from point D >> F. Here the cross-dresser goes from ecstasy enfemme, to being absolutely miserable and ashamed, literally within a matter of minutes !!! Avoiding the shame, guilt and depression at point F is a little more complicated. Ultimately, we want to remove point F, and never let our emotions drop below point E.
    When this occurs, the Binging & Purging cycles will disappear. For those people trying to figure out how to get rid of the Binging & Purging cycle, this section is for you. I wish I had some magic words of wisdom here, but I have only found one sure-fire cure for this part of the cycle.

    That cure involves the Love & Acceptance by my wife (Mistress Marie) in addition
    to Bondage.

    Her love and acceptance is not just words, but conveyed through actually participating in my fantasy, as my Mistress. Again, at the point of release (climax / orgasm), my “male” brain immediately kicks back in and the guilt starts flooding my mind.

    By my Mistress keeping me bound & gagged, I am unable to get out of the clothes immediately or try to talk my way out of it, thus She slows down the emotional descent. At this point, KIND words of sissified encouragement further help me avoid that pit at point F. And ultimately, by sexually arousing me again, by whatever means She wants, helps me to get back into our dress-up ga
    me and have FUN.

    Don’t Let The Baseline Drift Upwards

    The last factor is the baseline at Point A & E. By not being able to express our cross-dressing desires in our relationships, the pent-up frustration will cause problems eventually. This is becoming more evident in older men who have hidden their desires from their S/O their entire life. If left unchecked long enough, it can cause serious problems.
    People who are cross-dressers may start to feel more like trans-sexuals … because their desires have been building for 20+ years. The fact is, cross-dressers (transvestites) do not “become” trans-sexuals… we are simply cross-dressers. If we never address the issue at point F (our shame, guilt and depression) with our mates, I think it will eventually lead to the baseline shifting, and thus causing problems later in life. Remember, we are denying a part of our psyche, and we will not be able to do that forever.

    Another important factor here is INTENSITY. If you only get ½ hour to dress-up (while our S/O runs to the store), then the intensity of that “dress-up” period is very small. Our dress-up time needs to be INTENSE to ensure the baseline doesn’t drift upwards !!!

    A last point to consider is frequency. If in doubt, it is better to play dress-up too often, rather than not enough. The cycle time may be shorter, but so will the intensity, thus avoiding the C >> D problem area.

    - Sissy Cheri`

    Basic Slave Rules

    Basic Slave Rules

    1. I will serve, obey and please my Master.

    2. Above all else, my primary focus shall be to please my Master, hoping that He finds me pleasing in all that I do, whether I am in His presence or not. My Master knows of my potential, learning more about me in each day I am with Him. He trusts that I will act in accordance with what He perceives of my potential – He knows what is best for me and how important it is that I set a good example for other females who may be present around me.

    3. I worship my Master.

    4. I worship my Master’s body.

    5. The power of my Master fills me with awe. Just the sheer thought of Him or the hearing of His voice gives me strength.

    6. To receive pleasure I must earn it.

    7. I worship my Master’s whip.

    8. I trust my Master: His responsibilities, His skills, His hunger and needs, and His concern for my safety, my emotional, psychological, social, sexual, and physical health.

    9. I am my Master’s love toy, which Master will use to draw out His pleasures.

    10. I will ask my Master for permission to satisfy whatever needs I may have before acting on it.

    11. My body and mind are the property of my Master.

    12. I must always give thanks to my Master for all I am given immediately after receiving what He has given me, for such things are gifts or privileges granted to me by Him.

    13. I must be both specific and explicit in my speech.

    14. I will not hesitate when responding to my Master. My focus is important to my growth.

    15. I will thank my Master for the discipline and punishments I receive, specifying what I received and expressing the reason as to why I was given them.

    16. I have no will of my own other than that which falls within the context of the rules I have selected and of that which is needed to pursue the ambitions I am allowed to seek out as according to the permissions I have received from my Master. I will report to Him my progress in such matters to receive His favors or His guidance in making whatever steps may be required to move ahead so that I am successful.

    17. I am always in submission to my Master whether He is present or not, ready to please Him at anytime, in any place, under any circumstances, regardless of who may be present. For the opportunity to submit and to please is by far more important and satisfying than any other pursuit. I trust my Master will keep me safe, protecting His reputation and mine in the presence of others, as He examines my ability to present myself to Him and to others in a subtle manner when required to protect our lifestyle from those who may not understand, nor support, as long as our behavior is not in any way misrepresented nor misinterpreted by those who may be afar. Within the lifestyle, I am to set, once again, a good example, ready to explain my position to others when required to do so. My lifestyle is a part of a growing culture for which I must never forget that I am an integral part.

    18. All my choices shall be based upon whether or not they will please my Master.

    19. When I am not in the presence of my Master and I have choices to make – I will perform them to the best of my abilities and within the boundaries and guidance, He has allowed me.

    20. I shall wear the collar my Master gives me with pride for it signifies His ownership of me and my devotion to Him.

    21. I shall wear the chains my Master gives me as a symbol of my position in life – that of bondage to Him. I shall wear them, as required, around my neck, my wrists, and my ankles or around my waist.

    22. When He is ready – I shall wear His ring to signify my submission to Him

    23. When the cock of my Master is put into my mouth and I am directed to please Him - I will do so vigorously as long as I am required to do so. I will use my whole body to display my hunger to my Master.

    24. My Master’s seed must never go to waste – I will swallow all of it when Master releases into my mouth (and be punished should I spill any of it from my lips); licking it up if Master releases into my hands. I will clean His cock thoroughly squeezing out every last drop. In rare and privileged cases, I may wear my Master’s seed on my body, sometimes after massaging it into my skin. Seed is a gift from my Master and it is an honor to receive it.

    25. I worship my Master’s cock, its head and its shaft, especially when it is hard or when I am given the opportunity to make it hard for Him.

    26. PUNISHMENT ONLY: I will never look into the eyes of my Master without his permission. To do so would be inappropriate of my position, and doing so could be interpreted by Him that I am seeking His attention or expecting Him to act – when such things are up to Him and to Him alone.

    27. PUNISHMENT ONLY: My head must be bowed down in the presence of my Master unless I am given permission to do so otherwise. I honor the position of my Master and it is important that I am not distracted in my submission to Him.

    28. PUNISHMENT ONLY: My eyes must be cast down in the presence of my Master unless I am given permission to do so otherwise. I am to focus on my behavior, waiting to act appropriately and without hesitation when directed to do so by Him.

    29. I must always wear revealing and sexy clothing of good taste around my Master unless given permission to do so otherwise. The clothing I wear will allow easy access to my cove, ass and breasts. The clothing will emphasize and often exaggerate my assets. I will wear such clothing in any kind of weather. How I present my body to Him or in front of others is more important than my discomfort and insecurities.

    30. When other women show an interest in what I am wearing I must ask them if they would like to see more and then gladly show them what they would like to see – but only after I have received permission from my Master and in his presence- for I trust my Master’s judgment that such a display is not only reasonable but is safe to do.

    31. I must remove all of my clothing in the way I have been taught when Master commands of me to do so – regardless of who may be present and despite where it is I am – I trust my Master.

    32. When I remove clothing from my body it must be folded neatly and placed in a small pile in front of me just ahead of my feet or my knees if I should be required to be in my kneeling position after unclothing myself.

    33. My basic attire in the presence of my Master shall consist of a collar and my highest heels. The rings of my submission, if I have been pierced, must also be attached to my body, as should the chains He has given or allowed me to wear.

    34. My legs, underarms and cove must be kept completely shaved smooth and clean so that nothing of me is hidden from view.

    35. Whenever I need to pick something up or receive something from my Master, I must do so wherever possible by going into a kneeling position to show that I am honored to do so. I will perform this motion according to how Master has taught me.

    36. My cove and ass must be thoroughly washed and of a good aroma at all times, even perfumed, but especially before serving my Master.

    37. My “place” is on my knees before my Master, for it is a privilege and honor to be His slave.

    38. When in the presence of my Master, but not in use, I will sit at His feet or side until I am needed by Him.

    39. My greatest felt satisfaction is realized when I know I have pleased my Master.

    40. There can be no greater pain or suffering I can feel than when Master is not pleased with me. Naturally, I will feel depressed, saddened, empty, and lost. I can only hope He will show His mercy upon me and provide to me the guidance I will need to be put back on track so that I will be forgiven and once again be allowed His eyes upon my flesh, His touch upon my soul, and His warmth and love upon my heart.

    41. My submission is a natural inborn feeling, and at times a surging and powerful force inside me that only a respectable and knowledgeable Master can recognize, control and manage, for a He understands how my nature influences my behavior and how temptations to act outside of its drive can easily lead me astray and away from my primary focus: to please and to be found pleasing. He, too, manages and controls His Own natural state, sharing with me through a power exchange between us, bonding me tightly to Him, His needs with mine. My submission to such a Master allows for me to feel more aware and alive inside and out, bringing me to a feeling I cherish: “at home.”

    42. I fear no other power for my Master is always with me.

    43. I will not hesitate in my obedience to my Master.

    44. Whenever Master speaks, even when I am speaking, I am to immediately become silent so I may be able to listen intensely to what He has to say. I must never interrupt Him unless He has shown me how to communicate with Him, if I need to. I must ask first for His permission to speak, specifying to whom I would like to speak to, and whether or not I may be allowed to speak freely – then and only then, if granted, I may speak.

    45. The opportunity to please my Master is very important to me and I will take every chance to seek out such opportunities to do so to the best of my abilities and in accordance to how I have been taught or allowed to do so.

    46. I choose willingly to be treated as my Master’s property – as long as such treatment is safe and legal.

    47. When Master feels I am ready and our relationship has progressed to a lifelong commitment, I shall be specially prepared to receive His unique and permanent mark of ownership upon my flesh, in a place of His choosing, whether it is a piercing, a tattoo or a branding. Thereafter, I shall become His property and slave in the strictest sense – completely His.

    48. I am my Master’s greatest treasure.

    49. I will learn all the positions my Master wants to teach me to the best of my abilities and will be prepared to take such positions when required and to display myself in a manner through them that He, and others who may be present, will find most pleasing.

    50. The safe word given to me by my Master can be spoken at any time – even when I have been told to be silent. If I am not able to verbalize it – I trust my Master will show me how I can express it. Safe words are for my protection as well as His. I must be careful not to take more than I can handle, as He will need to know when to stop from getting carried away with His own passions – so that I may be prepared over time to endure more for Him.

    51. My safe word, verbal or otherwise, cannot be used when I am being punished. I must remember that punishment could never be very effective if I were able to control it – I must take it in full measure – so that I will focus on the correction of my behavior for the long term, for unlike discipline, punishment is not what I will want again. I should know better

    52. I must confess to my Master when I have been naughty so that He may decide if such violations require me to be disciplined or to be punished. I must accept whatever decisions He makes by thanking Him for His choice – if He allows it before or shortly thereafter, specifying as to why I will be or have been disciplined or punished. I must focus upon how sorry I am for not behaving in the way in which I have been taught - for I have brought defilement upon myself and to Him an unacceptable act which is displeasing to Him.

    53. I must never be concerned when I feel too much of my flesh is showing, in private or in the general public - however, I can ask my Master for permission as to how to handle my discomfort.

    54. I am a female slave – of worth and value to any Master who would find me useful. My role has been clearly brought into definition through my ability to recognize and to act accordingly with my true nature, enhanced through the teachings of my Master, and through the continued practice of my primary focus, and my search for every opportunity to do so.

    55. My Master will decide what my sexual orientation shall be. I will commit myself to His decision and perform as such only in His presence and only with His permission. I know my performance will be measured and corrected as He sees fit should I be required to attend to, provide myself to, and perform with upon another female slave.

    56. Pain and pleasure shall be with me always – in my thoughts and my fantasies – for the contrast strengthens me to behave in the manner my Master expects of me. Such thoughts and fantasies are tainted with the memories I have from the last time I was in the presence of my Master. He is with me always.

    57. My limits do not have to be respected – I trust my Master to take me past them when He expects that I am ready – for each side of the wall of my limitations is both pleasurable and a challenge – one side more intense than the other. My only hope in such transferences is that Master will be able to take me there again and again as my relationship to Him progresses through time that He too will need it as much as I will, and that He will not be afraid to increase the intensity while we are there.

    58. I have much to learn in order to become a well-trained and well-behaved slave.

    59. I will endure whatever discipline or punishment my Master gives me so I can become a better slave for Him.

    60. I will work on building up my tolerances to the level my Master needs me to have, being careful not to push myself further or faster than I am ready to endure for Him, so that I may be able to expand my limitations and increase my value to Him.

    61. Through discipline and punishment, I shall learn to behave.

    62. In bondage, I am made free.

    63. Only through submission can I find my true self.

    64. My life is empty without a Master to please – that lost feeling inside can be real and it can grow. I may be able to step away from the hunger of my nature, but not for long, for soon it could affect every part of my life

    65. I shall never think of myself as a weak person for it takes a strong female to commit to the drive inside me, to serve, to obey and to please a Master. I too have responsibilities and as natural as they may seem to me it is important that I use all of my faculties including my creative spirit to submit to a Master in a unique fashion personal to my relationship with Him. By doing so I hope to provide a good example to those females around me who may still be learning so they too are not led astray from their primary focus, that they are as true to their nature as I strive to continue to be to mine. I must remember that how I well I behave enlightens and empowers me to become even closer to whom I am – a devoted slave, of good rapport to a Master who truly understands my needs in relationship to His own.

    66. I will give all that I am to my Master in order to become free.

    67. I must never show disrespect towards my Master in any way – no matter where I am – in his presence or not.

    68. Crying and the shedding of tears at any time is good and expected for it softens my will and bonds me closer to my Master.

    69. Only in complete submission to my Master shall I realize the depth of the love I have for Him.

    70. The needs of my Master must always come first before mine own for they offer an opportunity to please Him.

    71. I must be attentive to the needs of my Master and always be ready to respond to them to the best of my abilities and in the unique ways in which I have chosen and have developed for Him.

    72. I am allowed to suggest ways to further my training or use of me, verbally or through my journal, as long as I address my Master properly first.

    73. I must always respond fully both physically and verbally to whatever my Master does with me. The expressions of my emotions and my physical responses are important to Him. I must never hold back any part of their display, regardless of how intense they may be, unless restricted to do so.

    74. I am a sexual and sensual being.

    75. I must always remember how pleased my Master is when others delight in my sexiness as a result of my ability to show off my assets.

    76. The only clothing I will buy and wear will be those items, which my Master would find pleasing to Him: fitting to my figure and its assets, of good quality, of reasonable cost, and appropriate in His eyes and taste for the occasions I am allowed to attend with or without Him. I may ask if I may choose what to wear so I may be able take an opportunity to surprise Him to win His favor.

    77. I may, at times, offer various parts of my body to my Master in hopes He will take pleasure in using them in whatever ways He wishes. My only hope will be that my offering will please Him. If not, I want Him to punish me.

    78. It is important for me to be of a healthy and sound mind and body, free as possible of any personal limitations, when pleasing my Master.

    79. If I am required to be my Master’s toilet, into or onto which He chooses to release the watery juices of His cock, I shall position myself to receive His personal waters by kneeling for Him, tilting my head back, opening my mouth wide, and closing my eyes so that He will delight in the display and offering of my body and of one of my orifices for Him to choose upon which one to use. I shall remain still as He releases Himself, swallowing what I can of the waters He allows me. I shall play with myself during the release, as is instructed by Him, so that I am permitted to sexualize the experience as much as possible for His pleasure, thanking Him afterwards for allowing me the opportunity to honor Him in this most private way.

    80. I will not wear a pad or tampon when I am on my period without His permission whilst in His presence – my cove must be available for His use at all times. Should I be allowed to use a pad or tampon – it must be removed in His presence should He require my vagina to be emptied – regardless of where I am and who may be present. The use of a pad or tampon is a privilege that can be taken away from me at any time.

    81. If Master has chosen my sexual orientation to that of being bisexual, and He requires of me to receive the watery juices of a chosen female slave’s cove, I am to position myself, as I would for Master, to receive upon my flesh or into my mouth the slave’s juices, and if permitted to do so, either through His command or after receiving permission from Him to display for Him my hunger, I will cup my mouth tightly to the slave’s cove to feed from her, licking and sucking, if allowed to do so, as much as I can get from her remaining tightly cupped to her until Master allows me to release myself from her. Thereafter, I am to be thankful for what I have received and for the privilege He allowed me.

    82. If it is possible to practice my basic attire in my household, I will do so. I will remove my clothing immediately after entering my household putting my collar on first, then my ring and chains (if I have them), and my highest heels.

    83. I will always sleep nude – kneeling first before I enter my bed and kneeling first as soon as I get out of my bed – for it is a great privilege to have a bed to sleep on.

    84. I must never tighten my body when it is being whipped, caned, cropped, slapped, paddled, belted, strapped, spanked, bullwhipped, signal whipped, or anally or vaginally pumped. My Master likes it when my flesh jiggles and He knows that when I tighten my body it hurts more and inhibits my ability to display my expressions and emotions.

    85. I am proud to wear upon my body the marks given to me by my Master. I know that my Master will never mark me permanently – other than the mark of His ownership He will give me at the proper time, but I will gladly suffer for Him so he can mark me with the stripes he wishes to decorate my body with for His viewing pleasure.

    86. I will always listen with a strong interest in whatever my Master has to say during my training. I want to learn all that I can from Him so I can understand more about Him

    87. When I take a shower I can do so the way I like to, but when I have finished washing I must rinse my entire body with only cold water for not less than 1 full minute. I am not to try to cover my body with my arms and hands thereafter. I may use a towel to dry off, but in my Master’s house – only His whip shall be used to dry me.

    88. I must conduct myself at all times with confidence and pride hoping other females around me will feel my projection upon them, that my performance is found admirable, that they would seek to emulate me without any of their insecurities or self-conscious thoughts holding them back. I want to set the best example of proper female behavior – especially if Master or someone He has chosen is nearby to examine and monitor it. However, my goal must be to behave as naturally and freely as is possible as if without any effort on my part.

    89. The plug Master has provided me must be inserted deeply into my ass any time my Master’s directs. Failure to do so and I shall feel the punishment He will give upon my ass – for the plug was intended to provide me pleasure and prepare me for his use.

    90. I hope Master will choose to use my tongue as His towel after His shower so I may be able to worship His body.

    91. Until Master has chosen it is time for me to wear a more permanent mark of ownership upon my flesh, I shall proudly wear His temporary mark of ownership upon me wherever He chooses to place it.

    92. I will not speak to others within the lifestyle without my Master’s permission except to say to them that they will have to speak to my Master first.

    93. I shall learn to endure the whippings Master gives me by using the technique of saying ‘YES‘ through each of His strike brought down upon my flesh.

    94. Privacy is a privilege – even to have it when I need to use the bathroom. I must ask for it and accept my Master’s decision even when I am denied of it.

    95. As a helper slave, I shall assist my Master in the setting of a scene.

    96. As a cleaner slave I shall use my tongue to clean the seed of my Master from the body of a female slave He has put it upon, my mouth to suck it from a female slave’s cove my Master has used for His pleasure. For as a cleaner slave I am to lick up what semen I can find.

    97. As a domestic slave, I shall perform chores about my Master’s house, and those of others He allows, acting in a sexual and enticing manner in all that I do.

    98. As a sex slave I shall incorporate a sexual attitude and hunger in everything I do, being eager to sexually perform at the best of my abilities for my Master. My hunger must be such that I would feel as if I could never be satiated until Master allows me to be.

    99. The beginning and the ending of a day shall always be with a whipping and a cock feeding to remind me of my place or to provide myself to my Master for His first and last use.

    100. Should Master ever wish to cage me for display, I will gladly crawl into it and proudly position myself in it in ways He finds pleasing, in solitude and quiet, so that if He chooses, others may delight in what they see without any interruption from me, seeing that I am well-behaved and humbled that I am Master’s property and slave. I can only hope that Master would never put me into a cage to confine me for my misbehavior, that I could never come that close to displease Him so much that I would have to suffer such humiliation, begging with my tears and my cries for his forgiveness, for I want the cage to be my safe haven from my fears, a place I can crawl into of my own free will, locked into it because Master granted my request to be locked in it.

    101. I will periodically examine my whole life and look for how it has changed as a result of my relationship to my Master. I will speak to my Master about those areas where there have been improvements and those areas where I feel uncomfortable, insecure, or unsure of what direction I should take, how I should behave, or how I can behave in a manner that is different from how I have been behaving in the past.

    102. I want to suffer for my Master in ways that please Him and that are safe for me to do so.

    103. I will not be passive in serving my Master. I will eagerly participate in my exchange with Him.

    104. Should Master wish for my breasts to be suckled by Him or a female slave of His choice, I will do my best to keep my milk up so that they may feed from me, that my breasts will be full, tight and extra sensitive as much as possible, for however long Master wants my breasts to produce milk for them.

    105. I will not date other women or form a relationship with other women without permission and approval from my Master. If I should have sex with other women, I will have it safely and will always tell my Master in detail what I have done so that no part of me is a secret and that I am laid bare for his inspection and approval. I am excluded from seeking any relationship of any kind with any other Men other than my Master.

    106. The money I earn, should I be allowed a career, or put to work, where I am paid for my responsibilities, is my Master’s. I may present ways to Him for His approval regarding how to spend it. I will accept the responsibilities He gives me in the handling of our finances. It is important to my Master that I learn to handle money wisely so, if needed, I can reach my goals or be ready for any emergency where finances may be required for resolution.

    107. Except whilst at work or at relatives, if I am wearing a dress or skirt and no panties and I am going to sit down – I must sit on my bare skin – and do so gracefully whether I am in private or in public. If I feel that I am not as clean as I should be, I will tell my Master, so that He can decide what should be done.

    108. When I wear nylons I will wear them only with high heels. I will never wear panty hose – such items of clothing shall be thrown out.

    109. When I am in the presence of my Master and I am free to move about I will do so in seductive and enticing ways.

    110. I will give to Master my body, mind and spirit, in faith of His knowledge of the skills, safety and first aid measures necessary to put me through painfully ecstatic and euphoric edge play; the use of scoring tools to make drawings upon my body; aromatherapy where He will throw me into higher states of consciousness with the scents of oils and incense; to intensify my awareness of my sexual desires; and other such uses. Through these activities I shall learn to ride on the top edge of my fears and the bottom edge of my perception of utter terror – for it is there I shall come to know my greatest fear of all: that I will want to go there again and again.

    Hypnos to make you feel extra proud, girly and positive about being a sissy!

    Here is a list of a few Hypnos videos that I believe stand out for being geared towards a more feminine and inspiring vibes. This is for those girls who want to feel positive and indulge in their femininity without the completely degrading aspects. This is just a start, be sure to return for more links to sissy Hypnos to truly make you feel like the princess you are x

    AmberSis - Becoming a Woman

    Beautiful and immersive, it truly makes you embrace you inner girl

    AmberSis - Amateur Sissy Fucksluts

    Finally a Hypnos that is truly real you can easily put yourself in their shoes and your mouth in their cocks. This is sissygasm worthy.

    AmberSis - Beautiful Sissy

    Embrace your femininity and feel beautiful

    Hypnocypher - Pschedelic Sissy

    Super trippy and insanely sexy. Poppers and weed recommended. This will make you squirm in your panties.


    Learn to love your sissy side!

    Now go and ride your dildo slut!

    More to be added x

    Erotic Imprinting (Deeper exploration of the sissy condition)

    Hey, today I’m going to share an article which I believe provides an invaluable insight into the complex world of the sissy condition. It concerns ‘Erotic Imprinting’ a sort of innateness which draws us to this feminine pulse. Whilst the article is written more in regards to transitioning, it addresses the thing which most sissies wonder at an early period; “is this sissy thing a real part of who I am” by exploring the way in which our sexual ideals are developed at an early age known as “Imprinting”. This may give you a real reason as to why you’re drawn to being a sissy, and in turn help you in which direction to go. The link to the article is here: https://thirdwaytrans.com/2014/07/23/erotic-imprinting-overview/ My thoughts: I’ve been able to quit sissy porn for over over 2 years, but in the end it returned. The fact that it still turns me on tells me that this is part of my sexuality. Whether this is because of porn or natural affinity (I believe a mixture of both) has become irrelevant. I think we shouldnt ignore the fact that this sissy fetish, for many people, CAN easily become incredibly toxic and damaging to oneself, easily feeding of your self-loathing and exacerbates lack of self-esteem, confidence and happiness. Note that I said 'very easily’, if you master your self-discipline, realise truly what your sexuality is and in a sense 'know thyself’ then you can enjoy your sexuality, whatever it may be, without any toxicity and self-loathing. So in terms of having my erotic ideals imprinted? I’m sure many factors of early age played a key role in why I like to indulge as a sissy here and there, but this is a subject very advanced and complex to delve into right now. Whats important is that you come into terms with your sissyhood, as it is extremely likely that being a sissy is not just a fetish, but something innate or “imprinted” into our identity. This knowledge alone shows that it is not being a sissy which is toxic, but the way we practice it which could make it toxic. Therefore, here are the things every curious sissy should practice in order to stay positive and mentally healthy: -Know yourself and have your shit together, otherwise this will be toxic instead of healthy, and you’ll never know if this is truly a part of you or not. More detail on this HERE -Do not indulge unhealthily. Do not “feed” your alternate erotic side. I like to say that “feeding” and “expressing” your sissy side are two different things. Not feeding does not mean “do not masturbate” but simply treat your sexuality in a way in which it is balanced, this is what I’d like to call “expressing”. If you are overly indulging in porn, being addicted to porn, and seeking out more and more ways to get yourself off simply because the things you did previously no longer work - then you are FEEDING and not expressing.

     Feeding is seeking out ever increasingly intense porn or enacting the fantasies in compulsive ways with others. This will strengthen the fantasies and lead to the dopamine-based escalation we see in all porn addictions. Porn is like alcohol, gambling, or any vice, okay in moderation, but unhealthy if it fits a pattern of escalation. Unfortunately, today’s porn is very powerful and is more like meth than alcohol. Not only can it lead to wasting lots of time, it can shift sexual tastes.

    Porn is not inherently bad, I love sissy porn and I even view some sissy hypnos out there to be a work of art. But it CAN be harmful, and just like drugs and alcohol, it could become detrimental without moderation. Treat porn as you would drugs and alcohol, do not overly indulge and abuse. -At the same time, only indulge as much as you’re comfortable with and do not overstep if you know you will regret it. If you’re at peace with sucking numerous cocks from craigslist or getting spitroasted by two strangers, then by all means carpe diem. But if you know that your normal self will regret it as soon as you’re no longer horny, then turn off the porn, cancel those Craigslist emails and maintain self-control. Numerous amounts of sissies went to meet men and chickened out in the last minute, or they just didn’t enjoy the experience at all (or were even traumatised by it). This is because they are fundamentally uncomfortable with it despite being horny about it at a certain point in time. This leads to a downward spiral of depression and self-loathing. Know what your personal limits are and do not over-step them. -To clarify the above point, over-stepping your personal boundaries and exploring new experiences are different things. If you are going to explore a new experience, assess the ways in which this experience will benefit you and open your mind. Make sure you are truly comfortable with the idea and ascertain whether your future self will be comfortable with it too. Of course, it is difficult to ascertain what your future self would feel about something - but we all have an innate understanding of what will please us in the long run so make sure this is a part of it. This is what seperates sissies who “regret” their first experience and sissies who absolutely loved them, they simply knew it was something that they truly wanted! I hope this was an eye-opening and informative read for some. I understand this may not apply to all so please do not get offended if you feel this doesn’t resonate with you and feel free to share your own understandings on the matter. Take care x

    Be a sissy productively - Exercise!

    One great thing about feminisation is that it could only ever improve with exercising, so why not incorporate the two. This way you can turn being a sissy girl into a productive exercise, and improve your life on all front!

    Exercise is also a vital way to make your body more feminine, or even taking the right steps give yourself an amazing booty will do you wonders. (Fact: big girly booties on men is a huge turn for girl too, so even if you aren’t a sissy full time you’ll still reap the benefits in your normal day to day life).

    A fun way to go about doing this is with FapRoulettes. The idea is that you roll a dice and follow the instructions on the list. It’s super fun and extremely sexy. There’s plenty more to be found here https://www.faproulette.co/. If none of these exercises tittilates you, there’s plenty more under their ‘exercise’ category.

    I’ve also featured some infographs in achieving trap mode aesthetics to give you some guidance in how exactly you can get the dream body.

    Have fun girls!

    [gallery ids=“58,53,51,54,52,56,55” type=“rectangular” link=“file”]

    Get that girly body that you dream of x

    [gallery ids=“60,59” type=“rectangular”]

    Top 10 Reasons to Become a Sissy Today (Condensed Version)

    Become a Sissy Today… Don’t Miss Out.

    by Sissy Girl Sanctuary

    1. Being a sissy is a healthy form of escapism

    2) Masochistic Emasculation is a Healthy Emotional Outlet

    3) Sissies Get to Experience a Broad World of Sexuality, And Get To Discover the Pleasures of Sex Throughout its Spectrum

    4) Get in Touch With Your Feminine Side

    5) Learn About Yourself

      6) Sissies Are Encouraged to Exercise and Keep Fit

      7) Crossdressing is a Creative Process and Teaches You About Womens Fashion

      8) Develop a Sissy Alter Ego

      9) Sissies Prioritise Personal Grooming and Hygiene

      10) Experience a Vivid Lifestyle Which Will Have an Invaluable Impact on Your Wellbeing!



    1. If you had 5 mins alone to get yourself off right now, without your phone, what would you do and what would you imagine?

    2. If you had 5 mins alone to get yourself off with porn right now, what would you type in the search bar?

    3. Have you ever had your own underwear in your mouth?

    4. Have you ever had someone else’s underwear in your mouth?

    5. Has your underwear ever been in someone else’s mouth?

    6. Have you ever masturbated to any of your friends? If yes, when was the last time? Who was it?

    7. Do you think any of your friends have ever masturbated to you?

    8. Have you ever masturbated to someone’s selfies before?

    9. Have you ever masturbated to a mutual’s blog before? If yes, who do you masturbate to most? Tag them if you dare.

    10. Do you have sex dreams? If yes, when was the last one?

    11. What’s the most surprising discovery you’ve made about your own body?

    12. Has a neighbour ever seen you naked? Did you like it?

    13. Have you ever seen a neighbour naked? Did you like it?

    14. Put your hand into your underwear and type a reply to this with your other hand. Say whatever you want, so long as you’re touching yourself as you type.

    15. Do you have any of your own nudes on your phone right now?

    16. Do you have anyone else’s nudes on your phone right now?

    17. Do you have anyone from Tumblr’s nudes on your phone right now?

    18. Have you ever posted a nude to your own blog?

    19. Have you ever sent a nude via DM here?

    20. What’s your go-to nude pic to send to someone. Describe the angle, lighting, body part etc.

    21. When did you last have an orgasm? How did it happen?

    22. How often do you masturbate?

    23. Have you ever been caught masturbating or having sex?

    24. Where’s the most unusual place you’ve masturbated?

    25. People who like pussy - what’s your fingering technique?

    26. People who like dicks - where’s your favourite place for your partner to cum?

    27. Have you ever gotten…sex juices…on your clothes before? That can mean anything you think it does! Tell us about it.

    28. Have you tasted yourself? If so, then what did you think?

    29. People with dicks - have you ever tried to suck your own dick? Did you manage to? How was it?

    30. How long do you usually masturbate before you cum?

    31. What’s the best orgasm you’ve had in the past few months?

    32. What are your top five favourite blogs to masturbate to? Tag them!

    33. Do you have a blog that you wake up hoping to have a notification from? Do they know? Tag them if you dare!

    34. What are your top five favourite blogs to reblog porn from? Tag them!

    35. Describe your nipples. What colour are they? What size are they?

    36. What is your pubic hair like right now?

    37. What sex toys do you own?

    38. Have you ever worn lingerie?

    39. Which mutual would you most like to fuck right now? Do they know? Tag them if you dare!

    40. Where’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex? Did you cum?

    41. What underwear do you have on right now? Do they make you feel sexy?

    42. Have you showered since you last had an orgasm?

    43. What’s the most embarrassing porn you like to watch?

    44. Have you ever put your finger in your own ass?

    45. What’s the last object you put into your own body for sexual reasons?

    46. Would you say you’re more of a top or a bottom? Or are you somewhere in between?

    47. Do you have a sideblog? Is it more or less NSFW than this one? Is it secret or can we see it?

    48. Have you ever slid into someone’s DMs? Did it work? If yes, what was your technique?

    49. Have you ever fucked in public? Where was it? Did you get caught?

    50. Would you ever fuck a couple?

    51. Are you a good kisser? How do you know?

    52. Do you have a crush on a barista or bar staff you see regularly? Have you ever fantasised about them?

    53. What dirty talk actually turns you on? Is there anything that makes you cringe?

    54. Have you ever had sex with more than one person at once? If yes, tell us all about it.

    55. If you were tied up on my bed and blindfolded right now, what would you wish I would to do to you?

    56. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever asked someone to do in real life?

    57. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever asked someone to do while sexting?

    58. Do you have any recurring fantasies you keep coming back to? Do you think they’ll ever happen?

    59. What was your most shame-filled orgasm? Why?

    60. What’s the messiest you’ve ever gotten during sex?

    61. What’s the messiest you’ve ever got when masturbating on your own?

    62. Have you ever paid for porn?

    63. Have you ever paid for sex?

    64. Do you eat ass?

    65. Have you ever had your ass eaten?

    66. Have you ever ejaculated onto someone’s face? Was it deliberate?

    67. If you could fuck anyone at all right now, who would it be? Do you know them in real life? Do they know you like them?

    68. Admit something sexual that you’ve never told anyone else before.

    69. Are you masturbating right now?

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