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    Feminine And Girly 💗


    Great look, especially with the high pony.

    July 2017 PDQ- 1079 - 7/2/17  Chris is flowering into full femininity in her gorgeous gown. And Miss Tina once again appears. Is her desire a dream come true for Chris? As it would be for many of us? Or is the feminized Chris now pining for Tom or another guy? When I create the Chris Hall of Fame, this will be a charter selection.

    kim1girl Classic #1 for 7/2/21 - The first of four July 2 anniversary Daily Chris posters, all from July issues of PDQ! Chris always imagined getting the girl of his dreams. He just never envisioned that he would be as feminine as she is and the one wearing the wedding gown.

    July 2019 PDQ- 1368- 7/2/19 The grown up Chris loves life as a lady and seeing another boy experience what will become sheer pleasure and delight as a petticoated miss in his ribbons and curls, and soon all girl.

    kim1girl Classic #3 for 7/2/21 - Now that Miss Chris is a Mademoiselle graduate and a lovely young lady, she appreciates that every feminized moment was worth it. It's the only way boys can fully develop into pretty girls.


    July 2020 PDQ Bonus- 1532 - It’s hard to imagine a pretty thing like Miss Chris ever being naughty or being a boy. At least, not anymore. Not when you wear lilac nighties dripping with lace holding your doll baby and your high pony is curled and adorned with a pretty bow. And judging from the wall portrait, Chrissie already is petticoated, literally as well as figuratively! What a good little girl Chris will be (and already is).


    kim1girl Classic #2 for 2/12/21 - kim1girl slipped and forgot to include the date this was posted, namely 7/2/20.  I hope this was a one time lapse and she doesn’t forget to wear her slip under her dress on Valentine’s Day! (125)


    kim1girl Classic #4 for 7/2/21 - Very few boys wearing cute little nighties with their hair in a ponytail and ribbon can remain bad boys, even when they try. Feminine reinforcement being told that he’s a good girl now makes such a difference to little Miss Chris. (163)


    Always smile when you twirl…


    There was a time in my young femboy life I would have died of embarrassment had my skirt blown up in front of somebody. Today, I kind of like the appreciative glance from an admirer.


    Serious question Kaylee - are you tucked, and does it matter? In other words, if your skirt blows up, and you are not tucked, and someone sees that you are not a girl, do you care?