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    If I can get an adult version of something kinda like Tumblr up and running, would you guys be interested?

    Mostly same features but with extra features like…

    No bullying.

    No kids.

    No one under 18.

    Stronger blocking tools.

    All the female associated nipples you can handle.

    Please let me know and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!


    All genders and orientations would be welcomed.

    More like Tumblr and less like Fet.




    Go on…


    I’m interested


    Run with it! Sound idea


    Yes please!!


    Reblog this.


    More like Tumblr and less like Fet? Sign me up!


    Agreed! @crusoesampersand….. Tried Fet once, scared the beejeesus out of me…..


    Let us know how we can help


    For now, get the word out! I have the domain registered and the corporate site. I will reveal them here once they have propagated and I have something for you guys to see.


    For sure!!!




    Yes yes yes!




    Yesssssssssssssssss GO @dominantlife


    Eager to know….


    Pretty please!


    Hurry, hurry!!! The ship is sinking!!!


    Yes. Depending on ease of use and privacy. Thank you so much. I knew with our resources and education of platforms and social media sites someone could figure out an alternative!!!!!


    YES! Boost !!!!!


    I’m there…


    Yes! Get on it😉👏👏


    Say when👍


    We have a Discord server going for you IT folks who want to pitch in.



    Really hope this can happen before we are all gone! So anyone who is tech-savvy ! Please jump in !


    Yes yes we will..

    Sign the petition


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