Jia had fallen into a boring rut. Every day was basically the same. Every week was the exact same routine. Shopping on this day. Cleaning on these days. Laundry on this one. Once she had reached into her forties everything became dull. How had she allowed herself to get so boring?

Wanting to add a little bit of excitement back into her life, Jia decided to get back into the dating game. That was when she met him.

He was perfect. He was big, he was strong, he was handsome, he was rich, he was witty, he was charming; everything about him was perfect and he treated her just like a princess. Jia was completely smitten.

Her routine was thrown away as she spent every day on dates with him, going back to his place and kissing him all night long. There was just one issue, despite going out for weeks they still hadn’t slept together.

Maybe he just wanted to take it slow, she thought, but the more time that passed the hornier she got, the more she craved him. Despite all the time they spent together and all the affection he showed her he didn’t make a move on her. Even when she tried to instigate and tried to seduce him it never ended up with a romp in the sheets.

In the end her lust was too great and she confronted him after another failed attempt.

“Why won’t you sleep with me?” she whined, “You know I want it, what’s wrong with me?”

“I like you Jia, you know I do it’s just...”

“Just what!?”

“You’re not my type.”

“Not your...” the words were baffling. They’d been going out for months and she wasn’t his type?

“You’re a great woman but the kind of girls I’m attracted to are dumb. You’re a little too smart for my tastes.”

She was too smart for him? She didn’t care, she loved him! She just wanted to be his!

“I’ll act dumb! I’ll become stupid! Just please!”

“It’s not just that... I like my girls younger. You’re much too old for me.”

“I can’t help how old I am...”

“Well what if you could? If you could change your age for me and make yourself dumber for me, would you?”

Sharply she nodded her head, “I’d do anything for you!”

A grin crept across his lips as he pulled a vial from his pocket and handed it over to her, “Then drink that and become the woman of my dreams.”

How could she say no to him? Without haste she drunk it down.

The potion began to work in an instant. Her body was engulfed in heat as she began to change, both physically and mentally.

Her wrinkles began to smooth down and all of the age was drained away from her body. A good looking woman in her mid forties was replaced with a cutie, bubbly, girl of just eighteen years old.

As for her mind it was melted away into the state he wanted it, she was turned dumb, really done. She was given the mind of a bimbo girl, an empty headed little thing that wouldn’t be able to outsmart anybody.

“So like how do I look now?” Jia giggled, her voice high pitched and utterly girly, “Like am I sexy for you now daddy?”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her away to the bedroom. He had a cute Asian delight to break in.