Daddy came home in the morning to find me sleeping in a pull up. I could tell by the look on his face that he was angry 😤

    He put me in time out and I wasn’t allowed out until I leaked my pull up and messed. He forced me to drink a whole bottle of water mixed with laxatives. And It didn’t take long for my body to give in.

    After completing embarrassing myself while on full display, I started to cry. But then daddy said “shhh it’s okay, you’re cuter like this”

    Then he made me cum in all my mess 😰

    Afterwards he put me in a thick diaper and that’s all I’m allowed to wear today 👚

    Daddy says these plastic pants will help with my leaks...

    I’ve been having problems wetting the bed and so now I have to wear these 😖 just when I thought I was getting bigger, daddy showed me otherwise 👿

    Selling these soaked diapers w/pictures included! Message me if intrested!


    Another +1 on messy diaper content👌🏼 not too often we're able to run across a lady's personal blog into messy diapers. Usually it's all reblogs🙄 Look forward to seeing lots of messy stuff soon hopefully! 😍🤤😊