Disclaimer: Hey everyone.  The Mayor here.  For years now, I’ve herded a deep fetish for Asian women, which doesn’t ever peek itself into my previous story, “Becoming Cupcake.”  No, this is a fetish that sort of rules me.  And its one that I’ve always wanted to explore in fiction.  But the way I wanted to explore it has only been done once… that I’ve seen at least.  And that’s in the story “Race Queen” written by Toxis.  (link here: http://www.mcstories.com/RaceQueen/).  Reading this story, years back, just kicked the doors open for me.  It tells the story of an American woman swallowed up by the perverted culture of Japan and turned into a giggling, silly little bimbo for a giant Japanese corporation named OTII.  The American woman is literally transformed into a marketing product for the company, and the thing they have her marketing the best, obviously, is her body and new lack of intelligence. With this in mind, I contacted TOXIS about possibly writing or collaborating on a story idea I had, with these same above themes of an American girl being transformed into a hybrid Japanese bimbo.  By hybrid, I mean that the girl would remain American of course, but would become molded into the perverted ideal that currently dominates the excessive Japanese sex market.  All the things that make this country just so unique in its sex culture… from the tasty, giggling girls with permanent toothy smiles plastered on their faces, to the slutty “race queens” that promote car racing teams and products of their company on street corners, dressed in tight spandex outfits… to the JPop idols with their pigtails, lollipops and Hello Kitty backpacks on… to the EGL (elegant gothic lolita) craze sweeping the fashion culture, whereby young Japanese girls dress in adult sized Alice In Wonderland style dresses, with ribbons, bows and lace… to the Cosplay fetish of Sailor Moon school girl outfits and exaggerated French maid uniforms... Japan was just dying to be exploited in a story of bimbo transformation by yours truly. And so this is why I wrote this story.  It’s a continuing tale that fans of “Becoming Cupcake” will enjoy.  For while the first three parts unveil slowly, I can assure you, I’ve got some terrible things planned for young Melody Williams.  The mental anguish she undergoes is going to make Cupcake’s transformation look like a walk in the park. Last, I want to truly thank the writer TOXIS and his story “Race Queen” for his inspiration for this tale.  The company, OTTI, that I use in this story was borrowed from his story. YOU MUST BE 18 or OVER IN AGE TO READ THESE STORIES.  THEY CONTAIN ADULT MATTERS INCLUDING SEXUAL ACTS, BONDAGE, TORTURE, AND OTHER FETISHISTIC ELEMENTS.  PLEASE BE WARNED THESE STORIES ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED.  AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THESE STORIES ARE NOT FOR MINORS.

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