They'd been making love all afternoon, slowly at first, enjoying the sensual feeling of sheer nylon on nylon as they caressed and kissed in their own private heaven. Their tempo increased with the passion they were releasing until Gail reached for the strapless dildo and carefully inserted it as Heidi lay back down in feverish anticipation, looking even sexier than she had when she first arrived in her long leather coat. There was no need for lubrication, both girls were excited enough already and Gail slid it in immediately to its fullest extent making Heidi groan with ecstasy.


    "You're avoiding me, aren't you. You can't avoid your feelings, your desires, honey... you have to admit it to yourself. You think of me a lot, don't you... think of us, what it would be like, together... how your body would feel pressed against mine, what it would feel like to have me hold you, touch you, kiss your breasts with my mouth, feel my hand on your inner thigh caressing higher..... Do you see my face when your husband makes love to you. Do you wish it was me making you cum?"

    "Oh God Katrina, stop it.... YES! YES!"