Don't ask a guy what he likes during any form of sexual encounter. Don't ask a guy if something feels good or he likes it that way. Trust me, if you are doing it well you won't need to ask. . Checking in constantly is inexperienced insecure speak for "i dont know what i am doing, please tell me". Not attractive, and definitely not sexy or hot. Have that chat BEFORE you get that far. If he wants something different, he will tell you.

    If his eyes aren't rolling back in his head, try harder.

    Think of all the porn you have ever seen, and be better than it. Guarantee his wank feels better than your mouth unless you commit. Its why most guys prefer masturbation to bothering to hit on girls who will just disappoint anyway.

    Men have been raised on hardcore porn. You think your timid or insecure blowjob is what he wants? Or laying there silent like you are watching tv whilst he tries to cum to an underperforming girl? He wants to her you moaning like the world's biggest whore, thats what he'll bless you with his cum to.

    Be his full on porn star, no matter if it's your first time with him or your 200th. Hold back and so will he. He'll struggle to cum and you will be just another disappointment.