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    what is it about capybaras that attracts groups of small animals to them? Its not just mammals either its like birds and turtles and frogs too


    look at this shit

    They radiate peace


    capybaras are friend shaped


    I love this post


    This is actually a cool thing I know about!

    In the wild capybaras live in large groups so naturally a female capybara will take care of not only her own offspring, but all of the other offspring in the group. So capybaras are super great mothers who will adopt pretty much anything and take care of it.

    Lots of places that rescue different animals will give a group of baby animals to a capybara to raise if they have one.

    Like puppies




    They are just super calm animals so they’re naturally great at mothering or just existing in a group!

    reasons you should watch Trese on netflix:

    - you know those monster of the week shows? like lucifer, teen wolf, and yeah supernatural™️?

    imagine that but with a filipino woman as the lead, and her sidekicks are two himbos.

    - there are so many unique southeast asian monsters and magic rituals you probably haven’t seen before

    - compelling plot, interesting characters, gorgeous animation

    - cast actual filipinos for the english dub like dante basco (zuko from avatar: the last airbender, jake from american dragon: jake long), manny jacinto (jason from the good place), dee dee magno hall (pearl from steven universe), and so many more

    - short. it has SIX EPISODES and each ep is only half an hour long

    - actual southeast asian representation written for and by southeast asians!! please watch Trese on netflix so we can have more diverse and interesting stories told by people of color salamat 🙏🏼