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2020-10-10 15:30:30

    To All My Followers

    Due to massive re-posts by some of my followers (now blocked) I have removed all of my previous pictures recently.

    I have a massive archive collected over many years and understand that everything posted on the internet and certainly on tumblr can be saved and may be re-posted or shown somewhere else. I do not have a problem with that, it goes with the territory. 

    What I do have a problem with, however, is to see each and every picture re-posted but some lazy jerk and when asked to please not do that I get back attitude (at best).  

    That said, I will re-post all those pictures and more (as tumblr permits due to restrictive policies, see below) in due time and clearly tagged.  I do not claim ownership to those pictures (unless marked “Owned by Seniorspace”) but I do take exception to spending my time to post while internet pirates take en masse, re-post and cuss me out. 

    About all those censored pictures:  I only do that because tumblr makes me do it!  I think it looks ugly to have red hearts and such on some pictures.  I tried to blur the “offensive parts” but the tumblr Police does not even like that.  So, sorry, it’s not me, it’s them.  PS: Please do not ask me to send you the original.