Sorry, but i'm not born in seoul

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    What is your favorite emoji ?

    😂❤️ these two are the ones I use the most but this one 🐻 is the cutest!

    Best meal you have ever had?

    A Cheeseburger I suppose

    What do you like best, when it comes to music? Spotify or Youtube?


    How does home feel like for you?

    It’s calming and I feel relieved

    What is the reason you’re learning a specific language? it any.

    I’m studying English and Italian because it are subjects in my school and I would love to learn korean because it would be great to understand kpop and to talk with people from south korea because it seems to be a cool country!

    What’s your favorite subject in school ?

    English and Science

    Give me your top 5 of your most listened songs

    I don’t know I’m only listening to a Christmasplaylist at the moment.

    Do you eat pizza with or without pineapple

    Although I love pineapple, I don’t like it on my beloved pizza

    favorite fruit ?

    Mango and Bananas

    Do you play video games, if so which ones are your favorite ?


    your thoughts on snow? do you like or not?

    Not sure. It looks beautiful but it’s too cold and too wet

    MaoMi will be going for the eye surgery in 2 days time (this coming Wed, 6 Sep). The surgery now most likely to involve three procedures: (1) fix a torn jagged third eye lid, (2) surgical removal of sequestrum which has grown a bit bigger over the last two weeks, and (3) graft to patch the hole created by the removal of sequestrum. Cost of surgery expected to be S$3k to S$4k (donation received is S$730.69). Please help contribute to the surgery cost and/or share this post. Contributions can be via Paypal, or the funding link below. More background on MaoMi’s medical conditions also given in the link. Any amount is deeply appreciated. Thank you…