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    The three stages of Mr. B’s courting a girl!

    Step one: “I know my clothing got dirty but that doesn’t mean we can do anything! *Giggle!* What do you think you’re doing? Put that thing away!”

    Step two: “Oh that does feel good… But we shouldn’t…. Oh Mr. B you’re fingers are like magic… Okay we can do this but don’t try to put that thing in me okay? I’m not on the pill…”

    Step three: “Oh fuck! Oh god! Mr. B! This is so wrong! But if feels so good! Just don’t forget to pull out okay? Please don’t forget! Oh fuck! Fuck! oh god I can feel you tensing up inside me! Please just pull out okay? Oh NO! I can feel it pumping in me! NOoo… How could you?!”

    “Morning, beautiful,” he says, pressing his lips to your temple.

    You smile, still half-asleep. You can tell what he wants, as his excitement is pressing against your butt. “Gorgeous..”, he murmurs, lips travelling across the back of your neck. You giggle as his hot breath tickles the sensitive skin there. He rolls you over and you arch your back so that your lips meet in a slow, languid kiss, full of desire.

    He pulls down the neckline of your sleeping top, exposing one of your tits. He palms it lovingly as your tongues make love to each other. “I’m ovulating, honey,” you tell him softly. He groans and presses his hips against your behind. “Let’s make a baby,” he says calmly. You pull away and see the intention in his eyes, the need making his pupils dark with lust.

    “You’d be a great dad,” you chuckle and he laughs, pressing his lips to your neck. “Let’s get you ready for me,” he whispers, kissing down your neck and chest, stopping to suck ferociously at the hollow of your neck. You moan in response, “I’m already ready for you,” you pant, lifting your hips to press against his. Your panties are already soaked with the juices of your arousal, and you’re desperate for more of his touch.

    He moves down so that his head is between your thighs and you eagerly part your legs for him. He presses his fingers against the wet spot in your white panties and you hum happily. As he strokes you through your panties, you rock your hips against his hand, wanting more. He plants kisses on the skin just above the waistband of your panties, before peeling them off your legs in one smooth motion.

    When his tongue flicks across your clit, you groan loudly. “Fuck, you’re so wet, baby,” he whispers, as his callused fingers enter your pussy. He finger-fucks you at an agonisingly slow pace, as his tongue makes lazy circles around your clit. You’re panting and moaning at his touch, begging him to go faster, pleading for more, but he is merciless. His other arm is holding your pelvis down, preventing you from grinding on his face. Your fingers thread through his hair and you press his face to your sex, but still he denies you what you need.

    He pulls his face away and you can see how your juices have covered his chin. You sit up and press your lips to his, tasting yourself on his mouth. You moan as you drink in your juices and he chuckles at your arousal. You motion toward the bed and he lies down, crossing his arms behind his head.

    Slowly, you slide down his body, so that you’re lying between his legs. Then, you wrap your hand around his engorged member, slowly jerking him off. He closes his eyes and moans softly at your touch. When your tongue licks him leisurely, from balls to tip, he grips the pillow tightly. He watches you intently as you engulf his hard cock in one fluid motion, grunting when you wiggle your tongue around it. You suck him slowly, but not for too long, your pussy having other needs.

    He pulls you up toward him, and your lips lock on each other once more as you sink down on his dick. He fucks you passionately, lovingly, as you squeeze your eyes shut, moaning and panting as he stretches you open. Your hands run all over his face, before you kiss him lustfully. Your hips are grinding on his dick, eager to take more of him in. “Fuck me, honey,” you moan, “Fuck me good, baby,”.

    He grips your hips tightly, as his thrusts start speeding up. You groan loudly and grip onto the headboard for support. “Fuck, you’re so tight,” he grunts, “Gonna make me cum in your pussy,”. You gasp when he says that, your pussy spasming at the thought.

    “Cum inside me!” you cry, your back arching as you bounce on his cock, edging both of you closer to orgasm, “Fill me with your seed! Give me a baby honey, make me a mum,” you pant, “Ohhh, fuck…fuck me with your fat prick and shoot that seed in me, honey…..ohhhh…fuuuuck…cum for me, baby,” you moan, as you feel your orgasm building in your groin.

    “You’re so sexy,” he growls, “So fucking hot like that,”. As his hips thrust into you, your grip his shoulders and press your bare chest against him. “How badly d’you want my cum, beautiful?” he asks.

    “Soooooo bad…” you moan. Your eyes open and you hold him in a deep stare, “I want you to fill my pussy with your cum and make me a mummy,” you whisper.

    That was all it took. With a guttural growl, he grips you tightly, thrusts frantically into you and roars as he unloads the contents of his balls into your pussy. You moan as you feel his cum splash against your cervix. Your hand creeps down to your clit and rubs it furiously; you cum with a shriek on his cock. The sensation of your pussy walls clenching around his erupting member only heightens the sensation for him. Your greedy pussy drinks up all his cum, milking his dick for all its worth.

    “Do you think we did it, baby?” you ask breathlessly, as your orgasms subside. He laughs weakly, “Let’s go again, just to be sure,” he says, kissing your neck again. You sigh happily at the idea.