This young girl has an innocent & pure look in school she was my crush in school, Madeleine had a great figure and big boobs compared to her petite frame. I could only fantasize dating and fucking a girl like her.

    One day, as I was browsing tumblr, I found a strange tumblr page, this page was filled with pictures of a girl that looked awfully similar to Madeleine. This girl didn’t wore glasses like Madeleine did but she looked so similar. I came across this girl’s bikini tumblr post and it was hot. I quickly came to the conclusion that this was indeed Madeleine after browsing a few more posts. I had discovered Madeleine’s secret life, running a lewd tumblr page.

    I immediately followed this tumblr page and browsed even further, seeking to find out more about Madeleine’s secret life. To my shock, I even found a masturbation video, where Madeleine was only wearing her school skirt, fingering herself to an orgasm.

    I saved all these tumblr posts and began to message Madeleine about this. Madeleine replied saying how she was impressed that someone from school actually recognised her, and requested for me to keep it a secret. In exchange for my silence, I requested to be featured on her tumblr as her first ever sex video. Surprisingly, Madeleine agreed, calling it an opportunity for her to move on the next stage.

    I met up with Madeleine at her house the following weekend, preparing a mask to use during the film. The moment I closed her room door and started the camera, we immediately lusted for each other, stripping each other of her clothing, I prepared the condom, but Madeleine grabbed my hand firmly and stopped me. She said “I want my first time, to feel as good as possible, don’t worry I have my sister’s pills”. Fuck, she got me hard I didn’t know she was a virgin.

    Of course I obliged and started to push Madeleine on the bed positioning her on her fours. I slowly pushed my dick into Madeleine’s already wet pussy and she moaned loudly. I had just taken Madeleine’s virginity, her tight cunt didn’t bleed as Madeleine had already broke her hymen masturbating countless times on tumblr. I could feel Madeleine’s vaginal walls wrapping around my shaft as I started to move my hips.

    I kept pushing for Madeleine’s deepness and soon I was fucking her deep and hard. We went rougher and rougher and I grabbed Madeleine’s ample boobs. I pinched Madeleine’s nipples and that caused Madeleine to cum. Her vaginal walls tightened and I pulled my dick out, allowing Madeleine to squirt herself, soaking the bed sheets with her love juices in the process. I bid Madeleine to get down from the bed, onto her knees to finish me off with a blowjob.

    Madeleine gave me a tight, sensual blowjob even though she could not deep throat my dick. As I reached my peak, I pulled out my dick and proceeded to cum all over Madeleine’s face, giving this pretty slut a facial. We ended our recording here and proceeded to upload our first sex session onto tumblr.

    From here on out, both Madeleine and I continued to film sex videos to upload onto her tumblr page.

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    Disclaimer: All stories are fictional


    The school idol, Annabelle is known around the school as someone who studies hard and play hard. In class, she’s the top scorer and in netball she’s the best defender. This gave Annabelle all sorts of attention in school, envy from the girls and lust from the guys. Especially those from the Scouts CCA.

    Jealous of all the attention Annabelle got, one of Annabelle’s netball friend couldn’t take it anymore and decided to set her up. Annabelle’s friend thought “this will teach that perfect bitch a lesson, turning down all those confessions and always smiling at those Scout boys during training”.

    On one of the training days, she decided to spike Annabelle’s water bottle with sleeping pills. Slowly, Annabelle grew tired during training and the friend volunteered to help Annabelle back home. However, the friend instead took the sleepy Annabelle to the scout’s club room while the teachers were not back yet. Since all the scouts were still having training no one was at the room yet.

    The friend carefully stowed Annabelle away at the corner of club room behind all the wooden camp craft logs and ropes and proceeded to strip Annabelle completely of all her clothes leaving just her house keys and wallet.

    Annabelle lay naked and exposed, too tired and sleepy to even move while her friend proceeded to pass an anonymous message to her good friend in the Scouts CCA “when training is done, and the teachers leave, pick a few of your good friends and check behind the stack of wood, have fun”

    What proceeded next scarred Annabelle for a long time, the Scout boys whom Annabelle constantly teased found themselves with a rare treat. A naked and defenseless Annabelle alone in a room. They proceeded to tie Annabelle up and gave her a good gang rape session, stealing away Annabelle’s virginity they proceeded to cum in all of Annabelle’s holes.

    Annabelle went home naked after that, under the shadow of night, with cum still leaking from her pussy, she never spoke about that night ever again.

    Disclaimer: all stories are fictitious