He told me to come close so he could tell me a secret. I should have known not to trust my ex.

    He whipped up my skirt exposing me to his buddies. My boyfriend who assured me he would protect me if my ex tried anything at the party was somehow distracted on another room.

    The door closed, locked.

    After they took several pictures of me leaned into my ex, looking like I was willingly in his arms, while he helped himself to my as$ I had no choice but to give all his buddies whatever they wanted.


    When he threw your wife over his lap you were stunned. Frozen. It wasn’t until several slaps on her as$ that you stood up in protest.

    As soon as you stood you felt wildly dizzy, you looked over at your drink. He smiled at you while he pulled your wife’s dress all the way over her head.

    Your head spun and you crumbled back in your chair. Unable to move as the perspective new client made your wife his whOre

    My wife actually got jealous when her friend got more attention at the beach. She always secretly thought she was much hotter than her friend.

    I noticed my wife trying real hard later to get her friends younger bf attention. I know she wants to prove to herself that she could get him if she wanted it. Not that she does.

    But now her friend is pissed, her friends bf is certain he can have my wife since it seems like she has been throwing herself at him.

    Even later I received a pic of him holding those RedWhite&Blue bottoms. Dangling from his finger. The message:

    “She tried a little too hard and got carried away, I taught her a lesson, but if you say anything to her I’ll spread the other pics I took, and trust me, you don’t want that 😉😈”

    I was out of town. Our AC went out so she stayed at her friends house. It made me a little uneasy because I never trusted her friends husband. We’ve never gotten along.

    He sent me this.

    “Your little wifey is asleep on my couch. She’s a very deep sleeper. My wife is asleep upstairs. Don’t worry a out calling her, I turned her phone off, gonna see how deep she sleeps and how deep I can go.”



    I was nervous to go over there, but told myself I could do it. Things were different now. I was about to be married. But he had something that I needed back and I have avoided getting it for so long, I finally had to face my fears and get it back.

    I worked up enough courage. He didn’t have any control over me anymore. I am happy with my new life.

    But something happened, he said the only way I was leaving was after giving my body up again. I melted and suddenly realized that he still did have control. Full control.