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    Leaked Snapchat Nudes submission from another great individual!

    I don’t think much needs to be said about this lady. Her assets speak for themselves and the way her bras can barely cover her bulging tits makes me hard as a rock. Just look at the third picture, her bra is screaming for help as her gorgeously round breasts squeeze against the lacy fabric. You guys know I’m a sucker from good looks and my oh my, this girl has it all. Pretty face, perfect tits, and I’m sure her ass looks finer than china. 


    This bitxh just wanna be your cum dumpster


    That cleavage tho


    fucking nice cleavage


    Would be fucking this hot meat soon


    BJ - 7/10 (She was great to mouth-f*k, but probably need more f*k sessions to become more skillful in her BJ.)

    CIM - 7/10 (Hard to force her to swallow but still forced her to suck my d**k until my load is completely emptied onto her mouth. Awesome feeling… and seeing her in agony after swallowing my cum makes me high, and then cum again onto her face.)

    CIP*ssy - 10/10 (You can simply enjoy f**king her in all different positions. She was flexible and good in bed.)

    Anal - -/10 (Didn’t try, but will do that next time.)

    BoobF*ck - 10/10 (You can boobf*k her as many times as you like and cum on her boobs. Her boobs were able to make me cum just immediately after a few strokes inside her cleavage. Boobs were soft and very nice to rub and grab too. Great merchandise! )

    Moan Factor - 10/10 (Moans top the list here of every thing she has provided. Could be louder though but still good. Session was unforgettable and damn shiok!)


    Had another night with this cum dumpster. Similar rating but this time.. with my favourite OL outfits, standards have improved.

    BJ - 9/10 (did it in the handicapped toilet and as quiet as we wanted it to be, I could still hear her slurping and sucking my d**k pretty loudly… thankfully, it was late and not many passed by the area… and I cum real hard inside her mouth… like twice, before we had another round back at the nearby motel)

    CIM - 10/10 (she acts like she enjoyed it really much when my d**k shot cums after cums down her throat… I literally rolled. Y eyes everytime her mouth contracted and suck up every drop of my cum like vacuum cleaner…omfg)

    CIP*SSY - 10/10 (definitely a cum dumpster from the bottom as well… a great f**k for hours and hours just makes your night feels like heaven… so much cum and arousal that u don’t wanna pull out your d**k)

    Boobf*k - 10/10 (still the best.. standard still there… just like the same rating before… and my favourite color is also red… and I love f**long here in those mini shorts and tight office skirts in rotation the whole night under my command)

    Anal - 8/10 (tried anal this time and she did her best to satisfy… not a failure at all… and definitely worth every poke of your iron shaft behind her as you held her down for doggie position… best shit ever)

    Moan factor - 10/10 (her moans do not change… still the most musical and cute kind of moans that makes me cum faster than those I’ve f**ked)

    Nice t*ts and b*tt. And definitely a tight p**sy like hers is a rare find. You just don’t wanna pull out… staying inside for a whole time just feels like your cum can flow inside forever.

    Recommended f**k positions:









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