Slut Dating Tips
    After a long day at the beach hanging out with these young, dumb and dirty xmm sluts, you finally found the new cunt to bring home! But now what? Dating is a challenging process, and even more so with a young dumb cunt like Ting. Here’s some humble advice bros:

    ❤️️   First Date: Casual Toilet R@pe  🚽

    Just like training dogs, it’s important to establish dominance right from the start. No better way to let a bitch know you are interested in her by leaving your mark on/in her. Ting loves surprises, so feel free to ambush her as she takes horny Tiktoks in the toilet. Grab the bitch by her handle (ponytail), and pin the slut down. Rip her leggings and invade that pussy in one thrust. Ting naturally gets wet when mercilessly violated, so no lube’s fine. Remember to cum INSIDE, so she knows who she belongs to now. Don’t forget to help her take a couple of selfies after she is manhandled. First dates are always memorable!

    ❤️️ ❤️️   Second Date: Buttsex Surprise  🍑

    Getting to know each other on a deeper level is very important. Likewise, a well trained whore is one that takes it balls deep in the shit hole. Second date is a good time to let Ting know that all of her holes are your masturbation toys, including the brown one. After you’re done face-fucking Ting’s throat-cunt, use the sloppy mess as free lube to stretch out her asshole. Ting is no stranger to a good ass-r@ping, but might need a few bitch slaps before she stops complaining like a lil’ bitch. “No pain no gain” applies to dating xmm sluts as well!

    ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️  Third Date: ️DSM Gangb@ng  👥

    Dating is not just about her, but also letting your friends know her as well. Third date is a good time to show off Ting, your well trained trophy fuck doll. Since she loves to advertise her highly fuckable body, make her wear her tightest, thiccest clothes. Bitches like Ting are also best served tied up and blind folded. Bring her to the party and let your bros have a fun night socializing with her. If she can still stand after a night-long rough gangb@ng, she might be a keeper! Bro approval is important, so make sure every guy gets to try Ting’s every hole at least once!

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