Fantasy Escort girl Series #1: Halloween whore

    Damage:$450/night, Raw only on the 15th-20th of the month (Extra $300)

    Fuck Review

    Looks - Her looks are 10/10, her sexy costume is a cock riser and you will be pleasantly surprised when you fondle her tits, its way bigger than she lets on. Reaching under her skirt you can also feel how wet she is, her soaked panties shows just how excited she is to fuck you.

    Blowjob -  Her blowjobs are fucking sensual and can you imagine that beautiful face as she slurps on your cock? It didn’t take long for me to blow my load in her mouth and she continued sucking! She swallowed my cum whole and kept going till my cock went limp! 11/10 best blowjob ever.

    Fuckjob - Peeling away her clothes and seeing her nude has got to be the best thing ever, her large C cup breasts as she bounce up and down your cock is a sight to behold. Sadly I didn’t catch her when she allowed raw fucking so I couldn’t feel much, although her pussy was really wet, shes not as tight as I’d liked but with how enthusiastic and sexy she is as we fucked it was still an easy cum. 7/10

    Special - I will surely be back to try her out raw maybe shes a real tight girl after all!

    Hehe let me know what you guys think of my new series, send me your own FR of Halloween Whore and I might let you guys choose who will be on our next fantasy escort series


    Sg Slut Showdown

    Nothing like kicking off the new year by showing some appreciation for local talent, and by that I mean local sluts. We’re gonna play a game with three sexy influenzas which I’m sure y’all have had a jizz to. You’ve heard shoot shag marry, but for these bitchez were playing anal-deepthroat-creampie. The rules are simple- its time to feeed the sluts and you have to make decisions:

    Choose the slut you will anal.  🍑
    Choose the slut you will deepthroat.  💋
    Choose the slut you
    will creampie.  🥧

    ——– Slut #1: Jade  ——–


    Jade needs no introduction- our very own home grown local slut DJ! Big duck lips and firm fake tits, she’s like a barbie doll you can cum into. “You can brush her hair, fuck her everywhere!”

    ——–  Slut #2: Naomi  ——–


    Ms Preggo Naomi must have a thing for getting knocked up. This cumslut is thicc in all the right places, and while she aint no DJ like Jade, the soundtrack when you fuck her is PIAKPIAKPIAK as you smash this bitch from behind. She knows you truly love her when you slap her tits and squeeze them hard.

    ——– Slut #3: Novita  ——–


    Babe on the streets, bitch in the sheets. Baby faced Novita may look like an angel, but that to me that just screams “r*pe me daddy please!”. I love tight fit body con clothes on my whore, and Novita does it so well! She may act innocent but her dream is to be roughly fucked and manhandled at the staircase like a dirty cunt.

    So what’s your choice? Here’s my two-cents! 


    ANAL 🍑 - Novita

    Nothing beats giving the cute girl a nasty surprise😈

       Plus her tight toned body just makes her asshole tighter, more satisfying to break open. She’s asking to be defiled and destroyed in her forbidden hole.


    DEEPTHROAT   - Jade

    This bitch’s thicc lupcheong lips feel great on the tip, but even better when they reach your balls. And that’s what she’s getting down her throat. If you fuck her mouth-pussy deep and hard enough you might see a bulge on her neck  👀


    CREAMPIE - Naomi

    Baby machine Naomi is a community breeding dog. Its duty to creampie this whore… and maybe make her drink her pussy creampie back down her throat as well. 

    So whats your choice?

    Choose the slut you will anal.  🍑
    Choose the slut you will deepthroat.  💋
    Choose the slut you will crea
    mpie.  🥧

    Reblog and share your replies ;) Happy new slutty year!


    Anal: Naomi. Her pussy may not be the tightest after having kids but slapping her thicc ass while pounding her tight asshole ruthlessly is still very much an option. Lick her asshole to get some lubrication then shove your cock straight in. Spank her as she screams like a slut and begs you to go deeper and harder while manhandling her huge tits. Finish off in her most forbidden hole where no one has gone before.

    Deepthroat: Jade’s bee-stung lips would look great wrapped around your cock while you thrust hard and fast into her throat. Periodically holding her there when balls deep in her mouth makes her petite frame shake as she chokes and struggles for air. Mess up her well made up face with tears and drool.

    Creampie: Novita works out to keep her body tight and toned. Likewise her pussy would be the tightest of the bunch here. Fucking her just after a workout would be a treat as you rip off her tight leggings and go straight for her wet, sweaty pussy. Post-workout her muscles are tensed up and her pussy squeezes your dick. Fuck her hard as she screams and her sweaty bod writhes then leave her with a nice present. Maybe she’ll let you use her tight ass too.


    Just sharing some replies from my fellow slut masters!

    Deepthroat  : Jade, her succulent lips and seductive face looks best with a dick all the way down her throat, gagging and slobbering all over your cock. Her tongue twirling and wrapping around your shaft, as your bulge stretch out her throat while you facefuck her. Cumming down her throat she would dilligently gulp down all of your seed. Never letting go she would continue to suck your cock with vacuum-like suction until your cock is completely dry

    Creampie 🥧 :
    Novita, fit and tight like how Naomi was before she was pregnant, all those exercises made her pussy extremely tight and ripe for the taking, plow that beautiful body of hers and change it permanently by pumping a baby in her, her tight cunt parting for your cock as you fill up her fertile womb 

    Anal  : Naomi, the gem of Singapore’s babes with a killer body, no man has been able to resist her body, her pussy was a trophy for many and savoured by some lucky few with none of them managing to last in her, ultimately leading to her becoming a baby machine. While you cant fuck her and experience her tight pussy like she was in the past, her ass is still as tight as ever. The perfect place to experience Naomi at her peak, fucking her ass and bringing her to new orgasmic heights, never another accident when you fill up her ass!  

    Quite the slut connoisseur we have here. Jade may be a well trained whore already, but it never hurts to give the bitch a rough balls deep throatfuck keep your slut in

    Credit: @sgfiction2​ 


    Deepthroat: Jade. Obviously it must be the deepthroat queen herself, Jade. Her seductive face and her mellow sweet talking voice will bring you to heaven as she take in all of your cock, sucking your cock like its a lolipop. Fondle her boobs as you pull her head in, watching her give you the sloppiest blowjob you ever had. She won’t stop till you cum buckets down her throat. Most girls would stop here, but our blowjob queen knows best. She will continue to slurp on your cock even with your cum in her mouth. Only once you become limp in her mouth will her lips finally part with your cock with a *pop* at the end. She would then open her mouth wide showing you your cum in her mouth as she twirl it about with her tongue, savoring it. Finally she will gulp it all down like the good girl she is.

    Creampie: Naomi. She has taken a creampie before and damn is she perfect for more to come. Her perfect body just became even more perfect after her first child. Our creampie-loving influencer just loves taking it in the womb, tightening her cunt each time your dick pulses in her. Leg-locking you as she pull you in, forcing your cock as deeply as possible for when you finally inseminate her.

    Anal: Novita. While I would love to creampie this fitness queen, it would be a shame if I couldn’t see her in her tight sexy workout clothes for 9 months. Fret not however as I can cum in her as much as I want if I do her ass. Her tight pussy has drained many balls dry but her ass is a level above, you would struggle to even penetrate her fully. Once you do, her bubble butt as she does squats on your cock will make you dizzy. This baby-faced gym fanatic will go to town on your cock, putting all that endurance training to good use. Her sexy moans and screams put all other girls to shame as she allows you to cum over and over in her ass.


    Her tits are huge in person

    Pm to trade/buy ig


    I’d fuck the shit out of her in that skimpy bikini, she will be a screamer from all that pent up sexual tension she got from her conservative family. She’d crave getting dicked and have explosive orgasms from being stretched out. Her pussy would contract and milk you of your semen the deeper you push into her. Hitting her g spot would make her shriek in pleasure, convulsing as your cum flow into her.

    PM me to tell me how’d you fuck her


    I would take her and fuck her so hard


    Look at this whore’s face, it screams take me and fuck me right now, HARD. She wants it deep inside of her, raw and hard as a rock where she can feel stretched out as you pound her deepest parts. She will lock her legs around you when you try to pull out and make sure that you fill her up to the brim where she will then scoop up the leaking cum to savour it’s taste. Fucking slut

    What a cock tease I thought as I watched her take pictures of herself at the common washing area. A quick glance revealed that no one else was around and my crazed horniness overtook me. In one swift motion, I grabbed her by the neck and slammed her to the wall, choking her as I held back her arms. Just as she was about to lose consciousness, I loosened my grip on her and watched her slump down, semi-conscious.

    Holding her by the waist, I groped her as I carried her back into the ladies room and into a toilet cubicle. Locking the cubicle, I immediately stripped her of her skimpy bikini and stuffed them into her mouth. Shortly after, she regained consciousness but failed to shout for help as my mouth covered her gag-filled mouth. Using my saliva as lubricant, I spat on my cock as I forced myself into my new found cock sleeve. Her struggles continued but I felt it, she was getting wetter on her own accord. I taunted her as I fondled her huge tits, watching her struggle less and less. Her flaying arms soon died down when I felt her pussy clench tightly around my cock, inviting me to continue taunting her.

    Her tight pussy was too much for me and I came just as she did, filling her womb up with me seed. I finally let go of her mouth and watched as she spat out her saliva-soaked swimwear. Instead of screaming for help, she was panting erotically, with one of her hands reaching for her cum filled vagina, fingering her now creamy pussy.

    Watching her succumb to her rapist got me hard again, as I readied myself for round two. Her eyes were filled with surprise and joy when she saw me hard again, and she pushed her hips towards my cock in anticipation. She didn’t expect it however, when my cock started to enter her ass. She yelped as she felt her other hole being stretched but surprisingly, didn’t oppose it. She soon found herself enjoying it. Seeing how she enjoyed herself, I reached for both her arms and pulled her back as I continued to fuck her doggy, she arched her back as she continued to grind her ass on my cock. The next wave of euphoria soon came and I erupted once again, this time in her ass. Her body soon collapsed onto the floor as she lay exhausted, panting, having the best sex of her life. After snapping a picture of her sprawled naked body with both holes creamed and saving my contact on her phone, I left her in the stall as I exited the toilet.

    If you see this girl you wouldn’t think that she’s cut out for an office job right? Sadly, her internship put her in a office job.

    However, the boss could see that she was not interested in the job. He took her in anyways so that she could fulfill another role, the role of The Office Slut.

    Everyday she would come into work fully clothed and by the time it’s lunch time she would already have been naked and dripping cum all over her body. It took her some time to get used to it but she had no choice and eventually she got used to it. Her company had a lot of guys working inside. The boss told the guys that she would be the company’s cum dumpster. Use her whenever you want to destress. You can use her mouth, ask her for a handjob, use her pussy etc. But no cumming inside of her and no using of her ass just yet.

    After a month past of internship and she was getting used to her job as the office slut, she started allowing guys to creampie her. The first day she allowed it, all the guys queued up just to blow their load into her. At the end of that day her pussy was really sore. The next day, she allowed them to use her ass and they did. Again, at the end of the day her pussy was really sore. The next day was the best. She allowed orgys, as such all her usuable holes were filled at once and she loved it. She loved her job as the office slut. She couldnt do anything in the office so this was the best job for her.

    Feel free to submit and i’ll do my best to write a fantasy for you.


    Those legs and body is something to die for... Have fun fapping to her


    She loves to show off in the changing room, those shots with her face hidden was perfect just for her needs, to advertise herself as a prostitute. Late at night she would offer herself to the needy old men of Singapore, fucking their brains out. Always use protection her pimp has said but she didn’t care. She would rip them out and take it in her raw, letting them cream inside of her. Her pimp would then sigh as he passes her yet another batch of pills to keep her from getting pregnant


    No captions needed.


    Such a busty girl, don’t you just wanna buy her a drink at the casino bar? Watch as she down countless number of shots till shes out for the count. Bring her back to your room and pound her to your heart’s content. With her friends out of the picture, slide those shorts of hers off and fuck her hard on the bed, fondle those tits as you release your cum inside of her. Carefully slide her panties back to its place and pull her shorts up making sure your cum is resting inside of her.

    Now, bring her back to her friends and let her discover once shes sober the surprise she has right inside her nethers.


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    sexy as fuck, would totally smash her while shes in the fitting room in that white dress. Barge into the cubicle and cover her mouth with my hands, drugging her with a sedative to calm her down. Rape her in her weakened state, pulling her dress up and sliding her shorts and panties to the side, I would stick my dick in her. Pound her virgin pussy as she let out weakened moans. Cum into her and make her moan loudly when the shop staff walk by.



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    Nuts blown on this hottie


    Looking dam fine in the last pic, would love to fuck her brains out in those tight jeans. Slowly pull those jeans down to expose her pussy and watch how it sticks to her figure. Plunge your dick down into her pussy and feel those heavenly lips gripping tightly onto your member. Cup those busty tits of hers as you start pounding her. As you reach your limit you pull out and push her down on her knees and stuff your dick down her throat. You release your week’s worth of cum right down her throat as she skillfully blows and twirls her tongue all over your dick. To finish it off, she gave one last big gulp, swallowing the whole load of sticky cum.


    Wow the black shirt girl fucked her at the stairs before


    They are fuckin cute! Fuckable


    I wanna fuck the black girl .


    good body 


    What a figure, look at her showing herself off with all those tight clothes that complements her curves. Looks so fuckable in those shorts and in that cleavage showing dress. I would fuck her from behind while standing, slowly stripping her top and shorts off and letting her see herself nude. Slowly fucking her from behind, pleasuring her till she moves her hips on her own. Once I am close, I would take things up a notch and shove her body up against the mirror. Holding her arms behind her back, I would fuck her hard and rough and make her lick her own face in the mirror. Make her watch herself devolve into a cum loving slut before I fill her up with a nice creampie


    I love how dignified she looks, with such a pretty face. Imagine her part time job as a masseur where she gives customers hand jobs and blow jobs. One day you went to the massage studio and see her, your classmate as the masseur. She was shocked but in order to shut you up, she gave you a special service where blew you intently and swallowed your load. Just to make sure you will shut up, she did a taboo service and gave you a fuck job where she rode you while you are lying on the massage bed. Her tight vaginal walls squeezing on your penis got you close to your 2nd shot. You pulled out in time as you could not imagine getting your classmate pregnant like this. And came all over her beautifully shaped ass.